Oscars by The Numbers: MGM Lands First Best Picture Nom

Tuesday, February 8, 2022
author picture Raphael Thomas
Video/image : YouTube , Sz1x1cp9 Rrdrm
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In a year where international films are making headlines, MGM has secured its first Best Picture nod. While West Side Story is widely considered the best film of the year, it failed to break the $230 million mark. The studio's success will make it harder for other movies to crack the top 10. In other words, MGM should be congratulated on landing the first Best Picture nod since 2006. Besides its first Best Picture nomination since 2005, MGM has a strong showing in the Best Picture category, with the studio's Birdman expected to crack the top 10 this year. But the company will need to contend with a long list of movies for the award. Its Machetes in the Closet and Machetes in the Closet, which both earned a Best Picture nomination, could also land in the top ten. The studio has also received several best director nods and first-time Best Picture noms.

The company's Crazy Rich Asians won eight and landed three Oscar nominations. Its first Best Picture nomination came from director Ava Duvernay. Despite its modest box office performance, Madridah earned five nominations.