Packers sign WR Sammy Watkins

Friday, April 15, 2022
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Green Bay Packers Sign WR Sammy Watkins

Green Bay Packers have signed wide receiver Sammy Watkins to a one-year deal. Watkins has only played one full season in the NFL‚ but he has already surpassed 40 catches three times. He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2014 and has 348 catches for 5‚059 yards (14.5 average) and 34 touchdowns. The Packers are a move that will boost the offense in 2018.

Watkins caught 129 passes for 1‚613 receiving yards and 8 touchdowns in 2015

Sammy Watkins was a top wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs for three seasons. He caught 129 passes for 1‚613 yards and eight touchdowns in 34 games. In the offseason‚ Watkins signed with the Ravens‚ where he caught 129 passes for 1‚613 yards and eight touchdowns. In his first season with the Ravens‚ Watkins was listed as an active player for Super Bowl LV‚ but he hasn't played since week sixteen against the Atlanta Falcons. Watkins was a limited participant in the game‚ but he has been optimistic about returning to the field. The Ravens were looking for a veteran wide receiver. While they did not sign a top receiver‚ they did sign a veteran to be their backup. Although Watkins isn't the best wide receiver‚ he excels in the role he plays for the Ravens. He signed a one-year deal worth $6 million with $5 million guaranteed. Watkins made the Chiefs' playoff run in 2015‚ reaching the AFC Championship Game each season. He caught 14 passes for 288 yards in three playoff games and caught five passes for 98 yards in Super Bowl LIV. Watkins set career highs for receiving yards and touchdowns in his NFL debut‚ and he is expected to continue his impressive streak.

He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2014

After three seasons with the Buffalo Bills‚ wide receiver Sammy Watkins was traded to the Los Angeles Rams. During his time in Buffalo‚ Watkins showed flashes of soft hands and a steady trajectory. In addition to moving up in the draft‚ the Bills also added playmakers around E.J. Manuel. In 2013‚ the Bills drafted Marquise Goodwin and Robert Woods. Last year‚ they drafted Mike Williams‚ Anthony Dixon‚ and Bryce Brown. Watkins‚ a former Clemson wide receiver‚ was viewed as a top-10 pick prior to being drafted by the Bills. He then went on to become a crucial cog in the offensive system. He posted two seasons with over 1‚200 yards and twelve touchdowns while at Clemson. He is widely regarded as one of the top NFL prospects of the 2014 class. Though Watkins did not play a major role in the Bills' playoff run‚ he still earned praise and was a top pick for the team. In January of 2015‚ the Bills traded up three spots and acquired a fourth-rounder from the Cleveland Browns. In return‚ the Bills traded their first-round pick and fourth-rounder to the Cleveland Browns. This allowed Cleveland to move up five spots and take Sammy Watkins.

He has 348 catches for 5‚059 yards (14.5 average) and 34 touchdowns in NFL career

The wide receiver has played for the Baltimore Ravens‚ Buffalo Bills‚ Kansas City Chiefs‚ and Los Angeles Rams. He has 348 career catches and has totaled over five thousand yards and 34 receiving touchdowns. Sammy Watkins has a career receiving yardage total of over five thousand yards‚ which is well above the average of all wide receivers. The Packers have not used a first-round pick on a wide receiver since 2002. Now‚ with two first-round picks in the first and second rounds after acquiring Adams‚ they can choose between Sammy Watkins or a wide receiver in the second round. Watkins‚ a former high school star‚ is a good fit for the Packers as his quarterback is Aaron Rodgers. The Packers are in the market to add a veteran wide receiver after Davante Adams was traded earlier this offseason. Watkins was drafted fourth overall by the Buffalo Bills in 2014 and spent three seasons with the team. He then spent the next four seasons with the Rams and Chiefs and last season with the Ravens.

He played for the Kansas City Packers from 2014-15

Wide receiver Sammy Watkins is a versatile player who played college football at Clemson University. In the 2014 NFL Draft‚ he was the fourth overall pick and was subsequently selected by the Buffalo Bills. After bouncing around for a few years‚ Watkins finally ended up in Kansas City in 2018. Since then‚ he has become a reliable target for Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs are a great match for Watkins because he has a lot of chemistry with quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Sammy Watkins has played for five teams since being drafted in 2014. He spent three seasons in Kansas City‚ starting 31 games. In the first season with the Packers‚ he recorded one touchdown‚ but otherwise was a key part of every offense. In his career‚ Watkins caught 129 passes for over 1‚600 yards and eight touchdowns. In 2015‚ he had one touchdown in the playoffs‚ but he has played well in every game since joining the Packers. After spending a season with the Baltimore Ravens‚ Watkins visited the Green Bay Packers. He later signed a one-year contract with the Packers worth $4 million. Before joining the Packers‚ he spent two seasons with the Buffalo Bills before joining the Chiefs and winning Super Bowl LIV. This is the most impressive year of his career. The Chiefs and Packers have been at the top of the game for Watkins' versatility.

He is a mentor to high draft picks

Former wide receiver Sammy Watkins is helping a new crop of NFL rookies. The second-round pick was a mentor to the former high school standout. The talented athlete texted Watkins in frustration and offered advice. Having worked with the legendary Andre Johnson‚ the former Texans star‚ Hopkins learned the game from Watkins. He was able to run through tackles‚ grab the ball in the air‚ and show off his speed in practice. The Chiefs were extremely fortunate to sign Watkins last year and he's already being mentored by other young wide receivers. He has helped develop young wide receivers such as Devin Duvernay and James Proche‚ who were selected by the team in the 2020 NFL Draft. He has also helped mentor young wide receivers like Dez Bryant and Rashod Bateman. In addition‚ the Chiefs have been an offensive machine all season‚ and the offense has taken it to new heights in the playoffs. The Chiefs have averaged 43 points per game in their two wins‚ including the AFC Championship Game. Sammy Watkins made seven catches for 114 yards against the Titans in the AFC championship game. Last year‚ he had 10 catches for 176 yards. At 26‚ Watkins is already comfortable being a complementary piece to the offense. His success has helped him stay healthy and happy. The Ravens are a run-first team and they will need a physically imposing wide receiver. The Ravens will have to find a quarterback who can get the ball to Sammy Watkins. Watkins‚ a mentor to high draft picks‚ is a top-notch wide receiver.

He is a former wide receiver with the Buffalo Bills

Sammy Watkins was a two-time All-America wide receiver who was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2014. He was a top pick in the NFL Draft‚ and the Bills traded up to get him in 2014. His rookie year with the Bills was his best‚ catching 153 passes for 2‚459 yards and 17 touchdowns. In his time with the Bills‚ Watkins has improved in every area of his game‚ from running routes to blocking. He also learned the importance of teammates‚ and now plays for the team instead of himself. Despite his injury problems‚ Sammy Watkins has been a productive player throughout his career. Last season‚ he caught 27 passes for 394 yards and one touchdown. Despite missing 30 games‚ he has played well in other roles. After the Bills released him from the team at the end of his rookie year‚ he went on to play for the Los Angeles Rams‚ Kansas City Chiefs‚ and Baltimore Ravens. The Buffalo Bills have traded Sammy Watkins to the Los Angeles Rams. The deal was made to acquire Watkins in exchange for a third-round draft pick. Watkins's release will open up the position for other receivers‚ including Anquan Boldin. Watkins will join the Los Angeles Rams‚ who recently signed Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods.

He played for the Ravens in free agency

The Baltimore Ravens are expected to be interested in signing wide receiver Sammy Watkins in free agency. He had been expected to sign a larger deal‚ but he likely wants to wait until the cap increases in 2022 to get a larger one. Right now‚ the wide receiver market is relatively dry. While the Cincinnati Bengals have expressed interest in Sammy Watkins‚ other teams have not been as interested. As a free agent‚ Watkins is expected to look for another team‚ but if the Ravens are not willing to spend a lot of money‚ they could retain Bynes‚ Fort‚ Board and Alaka. They also could re-sign Sharpe and Alaka‚ but they will likely spend more on their offensive line. While Watkins played well for the Ravens in free agency‚ the team should be able to find a better contract for someone else in the draft. Last season‚ Watkins caught 49 passes in Baltimore. However‚ he is no longer regarded as the top pass-catcher. If he can prove he is still a productive player in Green Bay‚ he will be able to help the Packers reach their goal of winning the NFC North title. And it's not unlikely that the Packers could make a trade for him in free agency.