Pamela Anderson's affair with Tommy Lees was an astrological nightmare

Thursday, February 3, 2022
author picture Hugo Bertrand
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The love affair between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee was a tale of astrological hell. The two stars, both in fixed signs, were destined for each other, but the planetary placements between them were not compatible. Leo rules the relationship, while Scorpio rules marriage. The pairing of Leo and Scorpio is a tough combination to break. The two have a history of on-again, off-again relationships, frequent reconciliations, and constant anger. In addition, the falling planet invited control of a sphere, namely the emotional response and conflict resolution areas. The case between the two actors was ruled by astrology and has been widely covered. The stars of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were incompatible. Their planetary configurations were so similar that they posed a significant challenge for their relationship. While they were not meant to be together, they did have one thing in common - both were born in the same year. The two had the same birthday, and both were single when they got together.

They also had the same natal chart, so the planetary positions of Lee and Anderson made it possible for them to be lovers. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's love affair was a rocky one. The pair split in 2008, but rekindled their relationship in 2010 and 2013. However, in 2012, they divorced, and in 2017, Anderson called Lee a sociopath and a narcissist. The pair later reconciled, and Lee and their son Dylan have been together since 2011.