Patriots trade back with Chiefs, select impressive reach Cole Strange

Friday, April 29, 2022
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Patriots Trade Back With Chiefs to Select Odell Strange

While the Patriots may not have intended to draft Devin Strange‚ their draft strategy was clearly geared toward drafting him. Bill Belichick reportedly mulled taking him at No. 21. In the meantime‚ they moved Jameson Williams‚ a former Alabama wide receiver‚ to the slot‚ picked up DeVante Parker‚ and moved Nelson Agholor back to the outside. Meanwhile‚ Zion Johnson and Trevor Penning were dealt away.

Cole Strange

In a surprising move‚ the Patriots traded back with the Chiefs to select Chattanooga guard Odell Strange with the 29th overall pick in the NFL Draft. The move makes Bill Belichick look foolish‚ and the Los Angeles Rams' coaches and general manager mocked the move‚ projecting Strange to go late in the third round. Strange may have a chance to make his New England debut sooner than later‚ but it could end up being the most important move of the Patriots' draft. The pick is an interesting one for the Patriots‚ who have a desperate need for offensive guards. Strange should compete with the current Patriots' guards‚ while Ted Karras and Mason are in their final years of their deals. While Strange's upside is high‚ he could also be a liability at guard. Strange's a great fit to fill that need for New England‚ which may not have had a lot of other options. Odell Strange has great physical tools‚ including excellent foot speed‚ excellent pad level‚ and excellent knee bend. He's fluid in space‚ and his deadening grip strength and quick feet help him reset his leverage when he gives up ground. This is a good thing. Odell Strange should become a valuable member of the Patriots' offense‚ so the trade back with the Chiefs may help them achieve their goal of drafting a top quarterback. The selection of Strange was a big surprise for many people‚ including Belichick himself. Although the Patriots had the No. 54 pick‚ Strange had no chance of being the Patriots' next pick. Bill Belichick‚ however‚ said that the team looked at Strange at the No. 21 overall pick. But the pick was worth it. This is a great value‚ and one of the most exciting drafts in recent history.

Michael Onwenu

Compared to his offensive line counterparts‚ Mike Onwenu is an intimidating presence at 370 pounds. However‚ his impressive reach and footwork are not enough to stop his opponents. His body fat percentage is the lowest among all NFL guards‚ which makes him an excellent choice for the right scheme. If he can continue to play with his incredible strength and athleticism‚ he could eventually replace the 49ers' Terrell Owens. The Patriots are in need of help along the interior of their offensive line. Shaq Mason and Joe Thuney have been lost to injuries‚ and Ted Karras is a key piece of that line. But Strange‚ a former small-school star‚ could slot into that vacant guard spot. He could be part of the plan to protect Mac Jones‚ and he could step in for Ted Karras this summer. In college‚ Onwenu was one of the best pass protectors in the country. He was arguably the best interior lineman since Taylor Lewan. Onwenu's play looks bad in this clip‚ but the offensive line was calling on him to play pin and pull looks to get through the LOS. It is hard to tell what the defensive line might do without his help. As for Higdon‚ he had to play well at every position to help the offense succeed. After signing Odell Strange‚ the Patriots also added another important position on their defensive line: guard. The Patriots had two needs at guard in the past year. One was at center while the other was at right guard. The Patriots had three players in this position at the end of the last season‚ so Odell Strange fills that need. But that did not stop New England from drafting a cornerback.

Christian Barmore

Christian Barmore has emerged as one of the best defensive linemen in the 2019 draft and could be the New England Patriots' first-round pick. Barmore is the cousin of Mac Jones. The Patriots traded back with the Chiefs to get him in exchange for a draft pick. The former Alabama defensive lineman has a high pad level and is a good fit for pass-rushing packages. He also has some upside as a three-down 3-technique‚ though it's still too early to make an educated call on him. With the aging and deteriorating offensive line in the NFL‚ the Patriots knew that they needed a pass rusher who could play at the edge. While they didn't draft the best player in this class‚ they were able to get the most out of Barmore's outstanding college play. His 90.5 PFF grade is a good indication of his future potential. While his collegiate career was marked by injuries‚ he did contribute to Alabama's national championship season. His five tackles and sack in the game earned him Defensive MVP honors. Barmore was a big reason why the Patriots traded back with the Chiefs. His size‚ decision-making skills‚ and accuracy make him a perfect fit to replace Cam Newton. His size and versatility give the Patriots a good floor for a replacement and restores their offense without running the quarterback. He does not have the dual threat that Fields does‚ but he is a good fit for Josh McDaniels' offense. After the Patriots traded back with the Chiefs for Christian Barmore‚ they landed another pass-rush prospect in the form of a second-round pick. The Buffalo Bills stacked up with first-rounder Gregory Rousseau to replace Corey Linsley. They wanted a pass rusher who could disrupt the passing AFC champions. In addition to Barmore‚ the Bills also added another Ohio State product‚ and the two had similar blocking attributes.

Tavon Walker

Tavon Walker's impressive reach was an unexpected bonus for Bill Belichick after he traded back with the Kansas City Chiefs. In exchange for the first overall pick‚ the New England Patriots sent over the 21st overall pick and picks 29 and 94‚ and pick 121. The team will not know the true value of the trade until the draft‚ however. While the move made sense for both sides‚ some may have question marks about the quality of the new incoming defensive lineman. It's hard to argue with the Patriots' move to draft a cornerback in this year's draft‚ but they could have gone for another position. While cornerback was a need for the Patriots before J.C. Jackson was released‚ they could have had two corners listed in the first round. That's a big advantage for them. If they're serious about drafting a cornerback‚ Flowers could be the answer. He'll be a relatively cheap choice‚ but he has the potential to bring back some of the glory from 2016-18. Another potential player that may be worth a look is Josh Hamilton. The former second-round pick flashed some impressive speed in the combine and is worth a $12 million signing bonus. He had a breakout game against the Pats earlier this season‚ going for 11 catches for 125 yards and a touchdown. With that kind of production and value‚ he could be a good fit for the Patriots. Although a local product‚ Walker has the potential to be Jacksonville's top pick. He's a talented run defender with impressive arms and a 4.51 40-yard dash at 272 pounds. He should be a more productive pass rusher at the next level‚ where he'll likely make the difference. You never know what may be in the future.

Charles Hill

The Bengals have a tough decision to make at safety‚ but Hill is a terrific pick at this spot. Although he is more suited to a cornerback role‚ Hill's athleticism has impressed many teams. His combine numbers were impressive‚ ranking second in the 3-cone (6.57) and 20-yard shuttle (4.06). Hill's versatility will make him an ideal fit for the Bengals. The Bengals are likely to select him over a lower-grade CB‚ which would likely lead to a trade down. The cornerback position is a weak area for the Chiefs‚ but McDuffie is a strong playmaker and will help them offset their need for size in the secondary. While he lacks length‚ he plays smart and is aggressive in run support. He limits yards after the catch and can play outside or safety if needed. While he lacks length‚ he makes up for it with excellent short-area quickness‚ fluid hips‚ and an elite tackler's body. If the Chiefs choose to pick Hill‚ the Patriots should keep an eye on him. While the Chiefs aren't in a pressing need‚ they are eager to acquire a top-level talent. However‚ the Patriots should focus on Hill instead of Dotson‚ because the latter will arguably be the better player of the two. The Patriots‚ however‚ have enough experience to see what Hill brings to the table. If Hill is healthy‚ he can replace Tyreek Hill right away‚ but he doesn't have the size to do so. That's a problem‚ because Pickens can't replace Hill right away. But he's a dark horse that could end up being a star playmaker in the NFL. But what makes him a good prospect? Pickens has a strong upside as a deep threat.