Paul Heckingbottoms scoreline claim on Blackpool draw as

Thursday, March 17, 2022
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Sheffield United manager Paul Heckingbottom has spoken out about the two goals that were ruled out in the 2-2 draw with Blackpool at Bloomfield Road. The former England international has played for several English clubs including Darlington and Norwich City. He has also captained Mansfield Town‚ Bradford City and Sheffield Wednesday. It is the manager's opinion that both goals should have been allowed. Despite the bad offside decision‚ Sheffield United manager Paul Heckingbottom has still argued that the game could have been won. After all‚ Oliver Norwood thought he had scored the winning goal for the Blades‚ but the linesman waved away the effort after it was deflected inside the box. Afterwards‚ the home side were unable to find a winner and remained ninth in the table. After the game‚ Heckingbottom explained that he had made a scoreline claim on the game‚ after it was awarded to the visitors.

paul heckingbottoms scoreline claim on blackpool draw as
Image source : lancslive

It is a fair argument given that both sides were denied a win by a poor offside decision. The 1-0 result has not boosted the confidence of either team‚ and neither team is likely to bounce back after this loss. But the good news for both sides is that they remain in the Premier League.