Pence's January 6th actions: Heroic or the minimum?

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Mike Pence Is More Popular Than You Think

Many people in the United States believe that Mike Pence is one of the most important leaders in the world‚ but the facts tell a different story. Trump supporters are firmly opposed to Pence‚ despite his high-profile role as Indiana governor. However‚ Pence is more popular than you think. In fact‚ he has been the president's running mate for more than four years.

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Jan. 6‚ hearing: Trump pressured Pence into illegally overturning 2020 election

Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-Calif.)‚ presented Thursday's Jan. 6 House Select Committee hearing a passage taken from Robert Costa and Bob Woodward's book Peril. In it‚ then-President Donald Trump summoned Mike Pence to the Oval Office in an attempt to force the vice president to overturn the election of Jan. 6‚ 2021. Trump said to Pence‚ "I don't want you as a friend anymore" after he refused his request.

What’s happening

The congressional committee that investigated the Jan. 6‚ Capitol Riot focused its attention on the efforts of then-President Donald Trump's allies to press Mike Pence to reverse Joe Biden’s win in 2020. Although Pence was not present at the hearing‚ Pence's two closest witnesses testified that the president repeatedly called him to block Biden's victory and make room for Trump's to win. J. Michael Luttig (retired Republican-appointed Federal Judge) told the committee that if Pence had accepted the plan‚ the country would have entered what was tantamount to a revolution in a constitutional crisis. In an effort to prevent Congress from passing Biden's victory‚ a group of Trump supporters attacked the Capitol. As the crowd chanted for Pence's death‚ videos were also shown of Pence sat in a loading dock waiting for the mob from leaving the Capitol. Pence returned to the Senate chamber several hours later to officially certify Biden the new president of the United States. Pence was a strong ally of Trump before Jan. 6. He has largely avoided discussing Jan. 6 in recent years‚ though he occasionally challenged Trump's claim that he could unilaterally alter the election results -- something he called un-American.

Why there’s debate

Pence's actions on January 6th were praised by a variety of members of the committee including some Democrats. We are fortunate for Mr. Pences courage‚. rep benny thompson chairman of the committee d-Miss. said it during the hearing. Many political commentators have echoed this sentiment‚ who expressed appreciation for Pence’s willingness to defend American democracy during times of turmoil in the country. This move was a danger to his safety and probably a blow to his political ambitions. Others disagree with the idea that Pence is lauded simply for performing his duties and refusing to participate in an illegal attempt to subvert voters' will. There are other things to be proud of. some indications They claim that Pence refused to sign the agreement because he believed the plan would fail‚ rather than his loyalty to the Constitution. had to repeatedly tell him There was no way he could have changed the result. Many believe that Pence‚ despite his Jan. 6 actions‚ is complicit in this big lie. He was referring to voter fraud and hasn’t done enough since Trump’s departure. Trump supporters view Pence‚ in general‚ as a coward because he failed to reverse an election that they believed was fraudulent.

What’s next

The Jan. 6 Committee members have indicated their interest in the following:. hearing from pence directly they have indicated that they might use subpoenas to force him to testify but it is not clear if they will issue one. Although Pence has not made formal announcements yet‚ political insiders think he will. Could be preparing for a run for the presidency In 2024. Polls indicate that he will run for the presidency if he chooses. He'll most likely be up against steep odds In a Republican primary‚ Trump supporters were overwhelmingly present and supported his claim that the 2020 election had been stolen.



Mike Pence saved American Democracy Mike Pence's story is what was left unsaid in the investigation of the January 6 Committee. Without Mike Pence‚ this committee might not exist. We might not have this republic without him. Jonathan V. Last atlantic Pence had to show tremendous courage in order to perform his duties under these circumstances. Pence's bravery on January 6th is something I disagree strongly with. Although he did not do his duty‚ we have a tradition of honoring those that perform their duties under severe duress. It is the same as a fireman running into a burning structure. A soldier responding with bravery under fire is also deemed to have done his duty. We should be able to honor them without reservation‚ just as they deserve. We honor those who perform their duties under pressure. Sometimes‚ doing the right thing can require every bit of courage that a woman or man might have. -- David French‚ dispatch Even Pence's political opponents recognize his courage One thing is for certain‚ Vice President Mike Pence believes in the Constitution. He was the unquestioned man in the chaos of January 6‚ standing firm no matter what political price. It was a great honor to be praised by the committee for his courage. -- Editorial‚ wall street journal Pence is credited for his defense of the country‚ but must do more I don't mean to be negative‚ but the ex-vice president deserves recognition for his actions in January 6. His courage in facing legitimate danger deserves recognition. However‚ I felt a bit cold watching the hearing. The proceedings were filled with praise for Vice President Pence and compelling testimony‚ even if it was fawningly‚ from Greg Jacob. It felt as if they had lost a limb. Vice President Pence was there.

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Tim Miller. bulwark Pence showed Republicans there is an alternative to Trump’s anti-democratic attacks. By refusing to follow the Trump rules‚ [Pence] has shown courage which should encourage others within the party. Ambitious Republicans don't need to be able to accept or promote falsehoods regarding 2020. -- Rich Lowry‚ politico To uphold the Constitution‚ he made an immense personal sacrifice He resisted public and private pressure and remained calm. National Review


It's not heroic to decline to participate in a coup The vice president refused to participate in Donald Trump’s power grab. This isn't heroic. He didn't go beyond the bounds of his Constitutional obligations. He chose to not break the law. His actions were in line with what one should expect of a person who is his level. -- Jamelle Bouie‚ new york times Trump is guilty of a number of his worst crimes‚ and Pence has been complicit. Pence may have recognised Trump's obvious ineligibility for the presidency but he kept silent. Maybe he believed that Trump's misdeeds were not worth the Republican-passed tax cut and conservative judicial appointments. He might have hoped that he would one day inherit Trump's faithful following and be his successor. No matter what his mentality‚ he participated in the dysfunctional Trump presidency. -- Eugene Robinson‚ washington post Trump's plans wouldn't work so he refused to accept his offer. Pence fulfilled his duties not only out of moral courage or love for small-d democracy. Pence couldn't make a strong argument for exploiting any loopholes in the law. That alone doesn't make a hero. Hayes Brown msnbc Since Trump's departure‚ Pence has shunned his responsibility to hold Trump responsible Pence didn't respond to efforts to investigate Trump’s failed coup attempt after January 6. Instead‚ he spoke about his plans for moving forward--actions that clearly were intended to protect his Republican Party status. -- Jeet Heer‚ nation Even if Pence agreed to Trump's plan‚ it would not have worked. Pence's inability to act may have prevented the Republic from an even more severe crisis than that we had on January 6. But let's not forget about his heroic efforts to save the Constitution. If Pence had been a toad‚ there would have been other safeguards. Ed Kilgore new york Do you have a favorite topic that The 360 should cover? Send your suggestions to [email protected] Photo illustration: Yahoo News; photos: Erin Schaff-Pool/Getty Images‚ Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images (2)