Pennsylvanias Key Senate Primary Remains Deadlocked Live

Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Pennsylvania Key Senate Primary Remains Deadlocked Live

The Pennsylvania Key Senate Primary remains deadlocked as a ranked choice federal election continues across the state. Voters are divided between Dr. Mehmet Oz‚ David McCormick‚ and Doug Mastriano. Each is running on different platforms to win the Democratic nomination. Here's a look at their platforms‚ and how their candidates compare. Read on to see who is ahead of the pack.

Morgan McGarvey

After a close race‚ Doug Mastriano is the Republican nominee for governor of Pennsylvania‚ beating out the establishment candidate and trumpeting false claims about voter fraud. The victory boosts the GOPs record in major primaries‚ but raises questions about his ability to reach moderate swing voters. The Republican Governors Association issued a lukewarm statement on the race‚ leaving room for him to pick up support from other GOP governors if he does not win the primary. With tens of thousands of mail-in votes and thousands of disputed ballots‚ the race for Pennsylvanias Republican Senate nomination is still too close to call. Dr. Mehmet Oz has a 0.2 percent lead‚ but a recount will likely take several weeks to complete. In the meantime‚ the two candidates continue campaigning for more than a week. Unless something changes‚ we'll have to wait to see who wins. Doug Mastriano's nomination is a concern for Republican strategists‚ donors‚ and lobbyists. Mastriano has a strong military background and emphasizes his Christian beliefs. He has largely shunned the mainstream media and criticizes the Republican establishment. Mastriano's campaign has not responded to requests for comment. However‚ some Pennsylvanians blame Jeff Yass‚ the state party chairman‚ and Lawrence Tabas‚ the state's top Republican donor. Still‚ others blame Trump's endorsement‚ saying that the president should have stayed out of the race. The key race in Pennsylvania's key Senate primary is an opportunity for the voters to test their commitment to democratic principles. While incumbent Sen. John Fetterman dominated the primary‚ he suffered a stroke just days before the election. While he has gathered enormous amounts of money‚ he has also tapped his personal wealth to run for the Senate. The result is unlikely to be a unanimous outcome‚ but it is clear that Democrats will have an expensive and high-profile race this November. After a tough race‚ Mr. Little is now a likely winner‚ and will go on to win his second term as a statewide office. His surprise endorsement last year lifted the little-known congressman over more well-known rivals. Now‚ he will face Democratic state attorney general Josh Shapiro. The Democratic primary in Pennsylvania has been deadlocked for two weeks.

Dr. Mehmet Oz

The Associated Press reported that the margin of victory for Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvanias Key Senate Primary has narrowed to 2 percent. The election was tight‚ and the candidates are now evenly matched. Oz started the race with a clear lead‚ but McCormick officially announced his candidacy a month and a half ago. Recent polls‚ however‚ show the race as a dead heat. The Associated Press poll shows Oz ahead of McCormick by just over 2‚500 votes. Although Oz has long been associated with conservative politics‚ he has toned down his flowery language in the primary. He's also stepped up his fundraising efforts and will campaign with former President Donald Trump. In the general election‚ he'll face off against Lt. Gov. John Fetterman. But his candidacy isn't all roses. His opponents are concerned that his candidacy will make him look bad in the eyes of voters. Despite the alleged abuse of his wife‚ Trump has endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz. The Pennsylvania Republican party is divided on whether to support Oz. Some believe that he's risking alienating his allies by backing Oz. But the president isn't sure he can back Oz. Jim Worthington‚ who was appointed to Trump's council‚ urged him to support Oz if he wins. Although Mehmet Oz won the endorsement of President Donald Trump in the primary‚ his campaign plans to spend $1 million to inform Republican voters of his endorsement. Oz's primary endorsement has helped his poll numbers‚ but his campaign will need to spend an additional $1 million to make him look better. But the money may be worth it if he's able to make a strong impact on the outcome of the race. There is also a question of the validity of polls and of voter fraud. Some reports estimate that 30‚000 to 50‚000 ballots were left uncounted in Lancaster County. But the campaign did send poll watchers to the county. Oz's adviser‚ however‚ suggested that voter fraud might have been a factor in the Pennsylvania Senate race. Oz also claimed that his opponent would not be able to win in the 2020 election. But that's a claim that was later disproved.

David McCormick

Despite a narrow lead‚ the Republican Senate Primary in Pennsylvania remains deadlocked after nearly one-half of the ballots were counted. The results are still in question because there are still tens of thousands of mail-in votes to count. While Dr. Mehmet Oz currently holds a slender lead of just over 2‚500 votes‚ or 0.2 percent‚ he must still win the majority of the remaining ballots to secure a victory. A recount will likely take weeks‚ if not months‚ and will be costly. The race to replace retiring Republican Sen. Pat Toomey is being closely watched by election analysts and political pundits. A close election like this can tip the balance of power in the Senate in November. The Republican nominee for Pennsylvania‚ Mehmet Oz‚ has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump‚ while McCormick has a long history of experience in the hedge fund industry. National Republicans are comfortable with either McCormick or Oz. They are relieved that Barnette isn't playing spoiler. On the Democratic side‚ Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (Pa.) has been endorsed by Trump and has been endorsed by him. While there are a few problems in Pennsylvania‚ the national Republicans are generally happy with either candidate. Goldman Sachs execs are writing checks to sway the Pennsylvania Senate primary. More than 60 Goldman Sachs executives have contributed the maximum amount allowed. Former President Donald Trump's advisers have also contributed to McCormick's campaign. His backers in Goldman Sachs include CEO David Solomon and fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. The campaign has received millions of dollars from wealthy donors‚ and is using a $5.9 million loan to pay for his ad. With the GOP primary a deadlock‚ national candidates will continue to focus their attention on state senators. Mehmet Oz‚ a celebrity heart surgeon‚ is backed by national Republicans. The Republican field has more than 20 candidates‚ and the candidates are deciding on the final field. While the race has yet to pick a winner‚ many expect it to remain close. While the Republican field looks stacked‚ Pennsylvanian voters will choose their senators wisely.

Doug Mastriano

In a state where Democrats have controlled every office in the state‚ it's no surprise that a state's key Senate primary remains deadlocked. Republican incumbent Sen. Tom Wolf is term limited and can't run for re-election. Mastriano has long advocated widespread voter fraud‚ and in the run-up to the 2020 election‚ he's ramped up his campaign by claiming Joe Biden was illegally elected. The state's Democratic Party endorsed Doug Mastriano in his bid for governor‚ which he won by more than 30 percentage points. But his endorsement has put him on solid ground heading into Tuesday's primary. But even without the endorsement from the president‚ Mastriano would still be at risk if voters reject his victory. After all‚ he was backed by others during the last week‚ including former President Donald Trump and a conservative entrepreneur named Bill McSwain. While the Shapiro campaign has made false claims about election fraud‚ Democratic state officials say they have little evidence that Mastriano is the culprit. Mastriano's campaign says it's an effort to stop no-excuse mail voting in Pennsylvania and to end contracts with voting machine companies. He also says he would repeal no-excuse mail voting and enact universal voter ID. As secretary of state‚ Mastriano will have considerable influence over the state's elections. While Mastriano and Sanders are deadlocked in the primary‚ there's a lot of speculation on how the election will turn out. A former Army colonel‚ Mastriano is a staunch Christian‚ and his campaign includes a prominent Bible citation. Regardless of his faith‚ he's running for a seat in the U.S. Senate. But the question is whether the Republican candidate's campaign will win the election. While the Democratic race for the seat is a virtual three-way tie‚ one poll suggests a strong Republican nominee. The polling suggests that Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (R-PA) will win by a wide margin‚ but he suffered a stroke days before the election. Both men have raised large sums of money‚ and Dr. Oz and McCormick have tapped their personal fortunes to finance their campaigns. Both candidates are expected to face a high-profile and expensive race.