Pete Davidson Called Kanye West Embarrassing And Begged Him

Monday, March 14, 2022
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Following Kanye West's series of video comments on Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson‚ the comedian has pounced on both of them. In the most recent post‚ Pete Davidson called Kanye West embarrassing and 'begged him to come to him'. While Pete Davidson's comments were not the most original‚ they do appear to be true and show that the two men have a great deal of respect for one another. Despite the fact that their relationship is over‚ the rumors continue to fly. After Kanye's tweet‚ Kim Kardashian has been bashing Kanye for his decision to marry Pete Davidson. The two are still in their relationship‚ but Kanye has also been bashing Pete on Twitter since he announced the relationship with Kim Kardashian. In response‚ Pete Davidson called the rap mogul d***head and sent him a shirtless selfie in bed.

pete davidson called kanye west embarrassing and begged him
Image source : media-cldn

The two exchanged text messages over the weekend. While Pete Davidson was defending his girlfriend Kim Kardashian‚ he defended his alleged affair with Kanye on his Instagram. While defending Kim Kardashian as a mother‚ Kanye's bashing of Pete has led to a heated backlash online. On January 22‚ the couple met in the Lost claymation video to pay tribute to late comedian Bob Saget.