Pete Davidson jokes target Kanye West AIDS claim, Will Smith slap

Monday, May 2, 2022
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Chris Chappelle and Pete Davidson's Netflix Special Makes the News

Chris Chappelle and Pete Davidson's Netflix special is making the news‚ and they have been making headlines for their topics. Kanye West's recent public harassment of Pete Davidson‚ including his beheading of a caricature of Pete in the Eazy music video‚ and the claim that Will Smith slapped him with a microphone are just a few topics that are making the news these days. Pete Davidson also addressed the recent news that Jack Harlow collaborated with Ye on the Donda 2 album. In fact‚ he didn't mind the collaboration‚ and said that he wouldn't care if Bill Burr attended the Sunday Service with Ye.

Chris Chappelle's Netflix special

The internet is divided on what exactly the Will Smith slap was. Will Smith defended himself on social media after the Oscars joke‚ but many are still baffled as to the AIDS claim. While the joke was probably intended as a light-hearted joke‚ some people are upset about the whole situation. Some have called it a class issue and are now questioning whether Chappelle was right to make the joke. The video depicts a black-on-black crime and fuels racism‚ stereotyping‚ and fear. It is so powerful that it will never truly disappear from the internet. Even if it is deleted‚ it's still burned into the minds of those who saw it. Those who watched it have already deemed Will Smith to be more important than Chris. In response‚ Will Smith is now seeking legal advice. In the meantime‚ he returns to the Boston area to deliver his comedy act. On Thursday night‚ he was dressed in an all-white outfit and began his act to a sold-out crowd. Earlier‚ he was a bit actor and didn't make a name for himself in the entertainment industry. In addition to the allegations of AIDS‚ the new Eazy video mocks West's alleged slap on Will Smith. In fact‚ the video even includes a claymation of the rapper decapitating Davidson and a cast of Jack Harlow and Invoice Burr. There is no evidence that this was actually the slap‚ but it is enough to stoke the controversy.

Pete Davidson's feud with Kanye West

While the feud between Kanye West and Pete Davidson has been on the rise‚ many fans are questioning the actions of both men. It's not clear how each individual handled the situation‚ but fans are generally supportive of Pete's pleas to resolve the situation privately. After all‚ Pete has been the target of online abuse for months‚ and his fans are defending him. However‚ fans have also been criticizing the actions of Kanye for making fun of the mental health problems of his longtime friend. The conflict involving the two artists grew after Davidson met Kardashian during an appearance on SNL last year. While West's actions were widely disapproved of‚ Davidson responded by posting a text message that mocked West. Davidson has also been criticised for standing by his girlfriend Kim Kardashian and for being supportive of her career. But despite the backlash‚ Davidson has remained quiet. However‚ Kanye West's latest public drama appears to be more damaging than ever. He's known for being public and indulging in drama‚ which could be both pointless and dangerous. The public shaming is probably a subliminal marketing tool for Ye's music‚ and the Calvin Klein model does not deserve it. As such‚ Pete has reacted by creating a new Instagram account‚ and Kanye Yang followed it immediately. However‚ he later deleted his account. While the rumors of Kanye West's new video have been circulating since Kanye began dumping on Davidson‚ the fact that he made it so public shows that he had no other choice but to release it. The video makes the whole beef look pathetic. This is why Kanye West's feud with Pete Davidson has never been good for the public.

Will Smith's cancellation of the Oscars

A few weeks ago‚ Pete Davidson returned to the stage for the first time in over three years for a Netflix Is a Joke Festival. While there‚ he joked about his beef with Kanye West‚ the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian. Kanye was known for his tirades on social media against Kanye‚ which were meant to scare Pete. During one of his jokes‚ he said that Kanye's recent AIDS claim was a taboo. Pete compared Kanye's social media attacks on him to Will Smith's Academy Awards slap and Chris Rock's AIDS jokingly claimed that Kanye slapped him in the face. Davidson was seen at a basketball game with Chris Rock and Jon Stewart in December with Kanye West's claymation head in the video Eazy. In addition‚ Davidson joked that he would be hurt if Bill Burr attended Kanye's Sunday service. Despite the backlash‚ he has since apologized for his jokes. The infamous Eazy music video has also become the subject of a Twitter war between Kanye West and Davidson. After Davidson addressed the controversy‚ he mentioned the photo from December 2021 with Chris Rock and Jon Stewart. Kanye West also slapped Davidson and mentioned the beheading line in his new song‚ Eazy. While Davidson didn't bring up his relationship with Kim Kardashian during his stand-up comedy set in Los Angeles‚ he has appeared on a red carpet in Washington‚ D.C. This event was attended by President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. Kim Kardashian has shared photos of herself holding hands with Davidson. Pete Davidson wore black Vans and sunglasses.

Pete Davidson's AIDS claim

A comic‚ Pete Davidson‚ made a surprise return to stand-up comedy last Thursday at the Hollywood Bowl. The comedian‚ who has been dating Kim Kardashian for a few months‚ has been a major topic of conversation on social media over the past few years. One of his jokes referenced his bitter relationship with Kanye West‚ referring to his claims that West had AIDS. Davidson also joked that he would have believed if he was a genius if he could see the truth. During a recent episode of his Netflix show‚ Davidson poked fun at a video starring Kanye. Davidson compared the Oscars slap to the video Eazy‚ which features West decapitating a claymation of James Davidson. Davidson subsequently jabbed West and the actor's legal name change to Ye. Another of Pete Davidson's jokes targeted Kanye West's AIDS claim‚ and was a reference to the controversial rapper's recent slap on Chris Rock. The rapper has been criticized for publicly harassing the comedian‚ and Kanye West's music video Eazy featured a caricature of Pete. During the set‚ he also addressed Kanye's collaboration with Jack Harlow on Donda 2 and his recent rebuking of the singer. However‚ he didn't take issue with Bill Burr going to Kanye's Sunday Service. During the Netflix Comedy Festival‚ Davidson did not bring up his relationship with Kim Kardashian. However‚ the two have recently been spotted leaving Trevor Noah's White House correspondents dinner. While the jokes about Kim Kardashian were aimed at Kanye West's Eazy music video‚ they weren't intended to mock the former president or the rapper's Chicken Little music video.

Sediuk's pranks on Leo DiCaprio

The comedian is making headlines again after comparing Will Smith's Oscars slap with Kanye West's Eazy video. The AIDS-aware comedian is also a frequent guest on the Netflix Is a Joke podcast. He was spotted at a basketball game with comedian Chris Rock in December. Later that month‚ he joked that West looked like a claymation character in his music video. In the same interview‚ he also said his friendship with Bill Burr would end if he attended Kanye West's Sunday service. The comedian then joked about Jack Harlow's collaboration with Kanye on the Donda 2 film. Later in the week‚ he also joked that Jack Harlow will be attending Ye's Sunday service. In another segment‚ he said he wouldn't mind if Bill Burr went to Kanye West's Sunday service. Another bit of humor targeted the rapper's AIDS-awareness and claim. Netflix's Is A Joke festival brought Davidson back to the stage for the first time in three years. The comedian performed stand-up comedy about his relationship with Kim Kardashian. Later‚ he also poked fun of Kanye West's claim that Will Smith slapped him at the Oscars. Despite his absence‚ Davidson still managed to make audiences laugh with his new material and references to his hectic schedule as the boyfriend of Kim Kardashian. Despite the controversy over Will Smith's slap with Kim Kardashian‚ Davidson continued to perform at the Netflix comedy festival. The festival featured special guests Carly Aquilino‚ Giulio Gallarotti‚ Joey Gay‚ Jordan Rock‚ Dave Sirus‚ Big Wet‚ Neko White‚ and Machine Gun Kelly. In addition‚ Davidson attended a White House correspondents dinner hosted by Trevor Noah.