Pete Davidson, Saturday Night Live star, to travel to space on Blue

Monday, March 14, 2022
author picture Gerald Girard
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The Saturday Night Live star will be the fourth person to travel into space in a human-carrying rocket. He'll be a passenger aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard on March 23. The mission will last 10 minutes and will launch from the company's Texas launch facility. Along with Davidson‚ the rocket will carry four other paying customers‚ including investor Marty Allen‚ professor Jim Kitchen‚ and commercial space pioneer Marc and Sharon Hagle. The Saturday Night Live star will be one of the six passengers on the March 23 flight. He'll join Marc and Sharon Hagle‚ Jim Kitchen‚ and Dr. George Nield. The six-member crew will be the first to travel into space. The rocket's launch time is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. CT. The trip will take about two and a half hours. Davidson's journey will take place on the 20th overall flight and the fourth crewed mission of Blue Origin. The rocket will launch on Mar. 23 from Launch Site One in West Texas. Bezos‚ who founded the company‚ also has a stake in it. The company will also send a handful of entrepreneurs‚ and educators to space. Those are the first two crew members to make the trip.