Pete Davidson stopped SNL from making jokes about Kanye West

Monday, March 14, 2022
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When Kanye West insulted Pete Davidson in a series of deleted Instagram posts over the weekend‚ he had to stop SNL's joke makers in their tracks. Kim Kardashian unfollowed him on social media after the remarks were made. The couple filed for divorce almost a year ago. After that‚ West's social media presence took a serious hit. According to an Instagram post by comedian Dave Sirus‚ Davidson called West the worst parent I've ever met and said that he had done everything in my power to make his children happy. Davidson claimed that he had prevented SNL from making jokes about West for months and referred to his mental health issues when he made the post. While Davidson has been open about his mental health struggles‚ the recent tweets about West's illness and lack of discipline have raised eyebrows. The ex-wife of rapper Kanye West has since apologized to her children. The show's producers and cast members have been contacted for comment. The show's social media accounts have been shut down. Earlier this year‚ Davidson had also been open about his struggle with his mental health. The message Davidson sent to West is said to be an apology for defending Donald Trump on stage.

pete davidson stopped snl from making jokes about kanye west
Image source : mediavani

In the same text‚ Davidson called Ye Skete and said that he had never met his children. But‚ as the screenshots show‚ the text exchange between West and Davidson was more complicated. Apparently‚ Davidson asked the rapper to tell him where he was‚ and West replied that he was in bed with your wife. While he was defending his stance against West's insensitive posts‚ he was also making light of his recent mental health troubles.