Peter Kay fans overjoyed as comedian makes live tour return for first

Saturday, April 16, 2022
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Peter Kay Makes Live Tour Return For First Time in 11 Years

After 11 years without a live show‚ Peter Kay is returning to the stage! He has been away from the stage since his 14-month stand-up tour was cancelled in 2017‚ but now fans have the chance to catch him again! He is expected to perform two Q & As in Manchester on Aug. 7 and 21 in aid of Laura Nuttall. The show will also raise money for Cancer Research UK. The comedian is estimated to be worth around $70 million‚ and fans have been sharing pictures of him on stage. His 80s-inspired outfit has fans ecstatic.

Peter Kay to perform two special Q & A's in aid of Laura Nuttall at Manchester O2 Apollo on 7th Aug 21

A charity page set up by Laura's family and friends has already raised £42‚000 for the cause. Laura was diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme‚ a cancer of the brain‚ at the age of 18. A year and a half ago‚ she was still in university‚ studying Politics‚ Philosophy and Economics‚ when she received a shocking phone call. Her parents‚ Mark and Kate Nuttall‚ met Laura when they worked together for Granada Television two decades ago. Laura had been suffering from a brain tumour since she was diagnosed with the cancer‚ and had been hoping to join the Royal Navy once she had completed her studies. Laura's parents had just been contacted by the news‚ and the renowned actor had made a video message The news that Peter Kay is returning to the stage is a huge relief for fans. Laura Nuttall's battle with cancer has inspired Peter Kay to make his return. The comedian's return to the stage after three years was welcomed by fans after announcing a world tour cancellation last year. Laura's diagnosis‚ of Glioblastoma multiforme‚ means she has between 12 and 18 months to live. The comedy star will take part in two charity events at the Apollo in Manchester on 7th August. All proceeds from the show will be donated to Laura's charity. Laura's parents have set up a fundraising page for her‚ and the comedian's official Twitter account has announced the dates. The show will also be an opportunity for fans to meet the star‚ who has been absent from the stage for over three years.

Fundraising will be in aid of Cancer Research UK

By supporting Cancer Research UK‚ you will be helping to accelerate progress in the fight against cancer. They aim to triple the survival rate of cancer patients by the year 2034. By raising money‚ you can help them achieve their ambitious goal and save more lives. There are many ways to support their fundraising efforts. Depending on the campaign‚ different calls to action are used. You can donate money‚ pledge a gift in your will‚ or volunteer to help fight cancer. Once you have chosen a charity‚ you need to choose the type of fundraising activity you will undertake. Local charities will be more likely to benefit from local events and activities. National charities may benefit from a wider audience. Alternatively‚ you can choose to hold a virtual fundraiser or a crowdfunding event. You can choose to fundraise for local or national cancer charities. Whatever you choose‚ be sure to select a charity with which you're familiar. While governments around the world provide support for cancer charities‚ others rely more on the work of third-party organizations to carry out cancer research. In the UK‚ the government has pledged 750 million GBPs (£825 million Euro) to charity organisations‚ including Cancer Research UK. Last year‚ it also matched the amount of money raised during the BBC Big Night In and collected over PS70 million. This is a significant amount of money and may not be available for all charities.

Comedy legend's net worth estimated to be around $70 million

Actor‚ comedian‚ and writer Peter Kay has earned an estimated net worth of $70 million. His career has taken him across various genres‚ from TV shows to movies‚ and he is often considered one of the world's most successful comedians. Whether he is on stage or behind the camera‚ Peter Kay has been the talk of the town. In fact‚ he's won so many awards that he has a net worth of around $70 million. Born in Lancashire‚ England‚ Peter Kay is a celebrated British comedian with a net worth estimated to be around $70 million. He is an English national and Irish ancestor. His astrological sign is Cancer and he is married to Susan Gargan. Their children are named Peter‚ Benjamin‚ and Thomas. In addition to his successful career‚ Peter Kay is a proud father and happily married to Susan Gargan. Peter and Susan met at a nightclub in Bolton‚ England‚ where Kay was working in a local cinema. Before becoming a celebrity‚ Kay studied media and performance at the University of Salford. After graduation‚ he worked part-time as a comedian. He won the North West Comedian of the Year award in 1996‚ and was nominated for the prestigious So You Think You're Funny contest in 1997. He went on to win the Perrier Award for his Edinburgh Fringe Festival show. In 2000‚ Kay also wrote a stand-up comedy show titled The Peter Kay Thing for Channel 4.

His wife Susan Gargan married him for 17 years

Peter Kay's wife‚ Susan Gargan‚ has been by his side throughout his entire career. Together‚ they co-produce comedy shows and work as directors of Goodnight Vienna Productions. In fact‚ they've been married for more than 17 years‚ dating back to their first date. They met in a nightclub in Bolton‚ Lancashire‚ and the relationship is a true love story. Peter Kay and Susan Gargan met in a nightclub in 1998‚ and they later married in 2001. They have one son together‚ Charlie Michael Kay‚ who is a teenager. The couple are also believed to have other children‚ but the couple has not confirmed anything. Nonetheless‚ they are still married and have no plans to divorce. The couple has remained secretive about their lives as a married couple‚ and have kept their love life private. They are said to have a son named Charlie after Susan's late father. Before marrying Peter Kay‚ Susan Gargan was a pharmacist. She worked at Boots Pharmacy in the UK. Similarly‚ Peter Kay was working at a local cinema at the time. They started dating and married after three years. They welcomed their first child‚ Charlie Michael Kay‚ in 2001. Although she is only about a quarter of a foot shorter than her husband‚ she weighs around 170 pounds.

His new sitcom Car Share

Fans of the popular comedy show Car Share will be happy to learn that Peter Kay will be making a return to the small screen in May. After cancelling the sitcom's run at the end of 2016‚ the star revealed that he would make an unscripted special for the show. The unscripted episode of Car Share was described as pure genius‚ a show that blew viewers away. However‚ the show was short-lived‚ and it has since been cancelled. The hit comedy series first aired on BBC Two in 2011‚ and was later followed by three specials. It also starred Paddy McGuinness and was inspired by Alfred Molina's hit film. The comedy series was a success‚ and subsequently made Kay's live tour return possible. The comedy will be shown at venues in London and Manchester. The comedy is also available on BBC iPlayer. After the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK‚ Kay's comedy events were cancelled. But in April‚ he released an audio-only special of Car Share to cheer fans up. The series' last episode will air on May 28‚ and Kay confirmed that there will be no third series. The comedian reportedly wanted to go out on a high note. In fact‚ he even tweeted his first tweet in 15 months. Luckily‚ he posted the tweet shortly before the show aired on BBC Radio.

His dance for life show

Following the news that the comedian was to make a live tour come back‚ Peter Kay fans are celebrating on social media. The comedian had last toured in late 2011 and fans were thrilled to see him return to the stage. A show for Dance For Life was announced for the central convention complex in Manchester‚ where he wore an 80s-inspired ensemble and performed songs and dances. The comedian will make several more appearances in the UK‚ including dates in London and Liverpool. After cancelling his 2017 tour due to family circumstances‚ fans were delighted to learn that the comedian will be performing again. The comedy legend will be performing songs from his classic hit Max & Paddy's Road to Nowhere‚ dancing with an ensemble‚ and interacting with audience members. Fans can also expect incredible light shows and pyrotechnics at the show. The show is free and tickets will go on sale on Friday 30 July. As part of the tour‚ Kay will take part in two Q & A sessions in aid of Laura Nuttall. The comedian's mother‚ Nicola‚ made the announcement on Twitter. Laura has been diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer and has been given 12 to 18 months to live. The comedian will donate all proceeds from these events to Laura Nuttall's treatment.