Phil Foden gets into ugly fight during high profile boxing match in

Sunday, February 20, 2022
author picture Lucas Simon
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This week the Englishman had another nip and tuck. In a very public and highly anticipated boxing match he got into a scuffle. As he was making his way to the ring, scousers hurl abuse at him. He looks pretty wound up and dives into the ring, where he lands a jab. The crowd boos him and his mum runs out the ring and smacks one of the lads. The lad is seen grappling with the men and dragging them back inside the ring. The big lad in the cap then starts delivering haymakers and kicks at the men who are scuffled. The Manchester United striker was watching the Amir Khan vs Kell Brook fight on Sunday night when he was caught in a bar brawl. The video shows a group of three men verbally abusing Foden. A staff member walked him into a private room to escape the violence. The women and Foden's mother then confront the men outside the box. After the fight, Foden's mother approached Foden's group and confronted them.

Luckily, the men eventually left the room and the woman later walked out of the club. The incident has prompted a nationwide outcry. The pair have been slammed by fans and subsequently relegated to a sideline. Fortunately, the two men have since reconciled.