Pi Day deals are here: Where to get $3.14 pizza, pie savings, plus

Monday, March 14, 2022
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It's the hottest day of the year‚ and that means a number of pizza and pie deals. March 14 is Pi Day. This mathematical holiday honors the first three digits of pi‚ and since the date itself sounds like a pie‚ there are plenty of options. Of course‚ the best deal on a pizza pie isn't going to be in a box. It's in your local pizzeria‚ where they make a unique dough pie made to order. If you're celebrating Pi Day this year‚ you can find a great whole pizza for $3.14 at 7-Eleven‚ Speedway‚ and many other participating restaurants. Or‚ you can use the 7NOW app to order a pizza to take home and enjoy for only $3.14. Some locations require you to download an app or sign up for their email newsletters to receive these deals. Several 7-Elevens and Speedways will offer a three-piece whole pizza for $3.14 for those who subscribe to their loyalty programs. If you're looking for the best Pi Day deals‚ look no further.

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Many restaurants are offering deep discounts and freebies for Pi Day. Take advantage of these savings to enjoy a pizza pie for less. Remember that the more pizza you order‚ the more savings you'll have! When you combine savings on a pie‚ you can get a free gift! And if you're looking for freebies‚ check out the pi day coupons‚ which offer discounts on several items.