Police 10 shot, 2 more injured in shooting at South Carolinas

Sunday, April 17, 2022
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10 Shot‚ 2 More Injured in Shooting at South Carolinas Palmetto Moon

At least 10 people have been shot by Police in a shooting in downtown Columbia‚ South Carolina‚ according to the New York Times. Eight were taken to local hospitals. The suspect has been arrested and charged with unlawful carrying of a pistol. The incident is still under investigation‚ but the Police say they are certain that the shooting was the result of a dispute between people who knew each other. Earlier‚ two people had been critically wounded in the shooting.

10 people shot

Police have identified the ten people who were shot during a shooting in a shopping mall in South Carolina. The shooting happened about two hours ago in Columbia‚ South Carolina. Authorities say the incident was not a random attack and that three people were detained‚ two of whom were critically injured. The victims‚ who ranged in age from 15 to 73‚ were shot after a confrontation between armed individuals. Police are investigating the motive for the shooting and are seeking additional suspects. The victims ranged in age from 15 to 73 years old and were hospitalized. Police initially reported that two people were in critical condition. The victims included nine people shot during the shooting‚ five of them while fleeing the scene. All have since been treated and released from the hospital. Investigators believe that there were two shooters‚ who opened fire inside the mall. One of the suspects‚ a 22-year-old man‚ was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a pistol. He has not yet been identified or hired an attorney. The victims are all black and were not wearing any type of gang clothing. The shooter has been identified as Cindy Rectenwald. The incident took place in Columbiana Centre‚ a shopping mall about ten miles north of the state capitol. The Columbiana Centre issued a statement in response to the shooting. The mall closed Harbison Boulevard and set up a reunification site at the Fairfield Inn.

2 others injured

A gunman opened fire inside a shopping mall in Columbia‚ South Carolina‚ on Saturday afternoon. Nine people were shot and two were injured while trying to flee the chaotic scene. No one was killed and nine people were treated at Prisma Health hospitals. Three persons of interest were taken into custody. Police are still sorting out the details of the shooting. But Holbrook said the shooting appeared to have been the result of a fight between two known people. At least ten people were shot and two others were injured in the incident. The shooting occurred at the Columbiana Center shopping mall in South Carolina's capital‚ and authorities have evacuated the area and are working to determine what happened. Columbia Police are urging anyone who is still inside the mall to call 911. There are no further details on the suspects. But Columbia Police say they believe the shooting occurred due to a conflict between two armed individuals. Initially‚ authorities said that 12 people were injured‚ but they've since revised that number to 14. At least nine people were shot; five others were injured in a stampede to safety. Those injured ranged in age from 15 to 73. Authorities recovered one firearm‚ but the two suspects allegedly used two other firearms. Whether all of them fired or not remains to be seen.

8 transported to local hospitals

At least eight people were injured in a shooting at a South Carolina nightclub early Sunday morning. Two people were killed and the rest were transported to local hospitals. The shooting occurred shortly before 2 a.m.‚ before a live concert was scheduled to begin. The victims' ages ranged from 15 to 73. The shooting occurred while the crowd was crowded inside a nightclub called the Palmetto Moon. The incident was caught on surveillance video and a person wearing a hoodie was seen on a surveillance camera on a security camera inside the store. According to Columbia Police Department‚ there are 10 people who were shot during the attack. Two were in critical condition‚ while the other six are in stable conditions. At least three people were detained and have been identified as persons of interest. Police did not give details about the suspects‚ but have emphasized that they are still in the process of investigating the crime. In addition to the gunfire‚ three people have been arrested as suspects. The eight injured were all transported to area hospitals. A 73-year-old man remains in critical condition after being shot. Two other victims were rushed to local hospitals. An investigation into the shooting continues. Authorities are trying to determine how many shots were fired. Witnesses said they saw people running and yelling as the shooting broke out. When the shooting started‚ witnesses said they thought they were hearing the sounds of rain‚ but then realized they were being shot.

Suspect charged with unlawful carrying of a pistol

One of the three people initially detained as a person of interest has been identified as Jewayne M. Price. He remains in Police custody. Police expect to charge him with unlawful carrying of a pistol. Police are also investigating whether other firearms were discharged during the incident. In all‚ 14 people were injured in the shooting at the Columbiana Centre. In addition to Price‚ two other males were also arrested for questioning. The victims ranged in age from fifteen to seventy. Of the victims‚ nine sustained gunshot wounds‚ while the rest were injured in the process of escaping the violence. While initially saying two people were in critical condition‚ Police have since changed that report. Holbrook said that the shooting appeared to be the result of a dispute between known individuals. However‚ it is unclear whether the suspect was armed or unarmed at the time of the shooting.

Mall is 10 miles from downtown Columbiana

Near downtown Columbiana‚ the Columbiana Centre Mall is the site of a reunification site‚ according to the Lexington County Sheriff's Department. The Lexington County Sheriff's Department tweeted about the reunification site‚ which is near the Fairfield Inn on 320 Columbiana Drive. It is approximately 10 miles from downtown Columbia. In an earlier version of this story‚ we incorrectly stated the status of three people connected to the shooting. All three people are now detained by police. The mall's main entrance is closed‚ according to CNN affiliate WIS‚ while parts of I-26 in Harbison‚ South Carolina‚ were closed as a result of the shooting. Columbia Police asked employees to shelter in place and alert law enforcement if necessary. The mall was evacuated at around 2 p.m.‚ and Police were working to determine what the motive behind the shooting was. Currently‚ no other details of the shooting have been released. The shooting took place Saturday‚ causing the Columbiana Center mall to close temporarily. Columbia Police have not identified the victims. The number of victims ranged in age from 15 to 73‚ with two of the people injured in critical condition. The Police have detained three people as people of interest and are investigating the incident. Three of the suspects were known to each other and fired shots during the incident‚ according to authorities.

Victims range in age from 15 to 73

The Columbiana Centre mall was struck by gunfire Tuesday afternoon‚ injuring at least 12 people. At least three people were arrested‚ but no one was killed. A Police chief said three people were in custody with guns. The injured ranged in age from 15 to 73. Two victims are in critical condition. Seven others are in stable condition. According to authorities‚ the shooting began around 2 p.m. The shooter's gunfire injured 10 people‚ with eight of them being transported to hospitals. Of those who were shot‚ two were in critical condition. Six others were in stable condition. The shooting also injured two bystanders who scrambled for safety. The suspects who were detained are believed to know each other and had multiple firearms. Police are unable to say what motivated the shooter's actions. The mall was evacuated store-by-store as the Police attempted to rescue people. Residents were instructed to call 911 if they were still inside the stores. They were escorted out by Police officers. The shooter‚ Cindy Rectenwald‚ had shot two people as they were eating lunch. Both Rachel Turney and a child were shot. The shooting took place about 10 miles away from downtown Columbia. Police combed through surveillance video and interviewed witnesses. They believe that three people had firearms in their possession at the time of the incident. They are attempting to identify two others who also had guns.