Police: 3rd victim in alabama church shooting dies

Friday, June 17, 2022
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A VESTAVIA Hills Man Shot and Killed Four People at a Potluck Dinner

A 70-year-old Birmingham man shot and killed four people at a potluck dinner in VESTAVIA Hills on Thursday night. One of the victims was identified as Walter Bartlett Rainey, and the other two were unknown. Both were Alabama faculty members. Police Captain Shane Ware said in a statement that it is hard to believe that a member of the VESTAVIA Hills community would be murdered because of his religious beliefs.

VESTAVIA HIRLS, Ala. (AP), -- Police have confirmed that a third church member was killed when a man pulled out a gun during a dinner potluck. After being taken to hospital by her husband, the 84-year old woman succumbed. Police Capt. Shane Ware said that the suspect was a 71 year-old male who was taken into custody by an individual attending the dinner. This prevented further violence from the congregation. Shane Ware stated. Ware stated that it was crucial in saving lives. I consider the person who subdued him a hero. Ware stated that the suspect as well as the victims were all of white. Unidentified woman died on Friday. VESTAVIA Hills Police stated in a post on Facebook that the woman who died Friday was not being identified because her family wanted privacy. Walter Bartlett Rainey (84), of Irondale, was shot and killed in the church. Sarah Yeager (75) of Pelham also died shortly after she was taken to hospital on Thursday. Rainey's family released a statement on Friday saying that Rainey was killed in the church where he loved, and that it was difficult to believe that he died at that place. Rainey had attended a dinner with his spouse of 61-years. All of us are grateful she survived and that he was able to die in her arms as she whispered comforting words and love into him, according to Melinda Rainey Thompson, Rainey's little girl. Rainey's family shared that they are proud of Rainey for his final act of humanity, which was to extend the hand of fellowship and community to strangers, regardless of what the outcome might be. Ware stated that Police are still looking into the motives of the suspect who attended church services occasionally. The man said that he would not reveal his identity until the capital murder charges are brought to light by prosecutors. According to Rev. John Burruss'messages on Facebook, the event was called a Boomers Potluck. John Burruss was the pastor. According to him, he was on a pilgrimage to Greece with some friends and wanted to return to Alabama. Ashley Curry, VESTAVIA Hills mayor, said to reporters that his tight-knit and resilient community was shaken by the senseless violence. This bedroom community, which is home to many lawyers, doctors, and businesspeople who live in Birmingham, Alabama, is among the most wealthy in Alabama. VESTAVIA Hills has top-flight schools, a suburban family lifestyle and is well-known. Nearly 40,000 people live here, with the majority of them being white. The Rev. The church's associate pastor, Rebecca Bridges led an online prayer session on Friday morning. She offered prayers for both the victims of the shooting and the church members that witnessed it. Bridges stated that we pray for your intervention in the heart of that person. We also pray for forgiveness. Bridges is currently on her way to London and referred to recent mass shootings. She prayed for Washington and Alabama's elected officials. She also said that culture and laws would change to protect everyone. There have been several high-profile shootings In May and June, beginning with a racist attack On May 14, 10 Black men were killed in a Buffalo supermarket. A gunman killed 19 children and 2 adults in an elementary school the following week. In Uvalde, Texas. The shooting occurred Thursday, just over one month after a gunman opened fire at Taiwanese parishioners. Southern California church This is almost seven years after an avowed white supremacist murdered nine people at Emanuel AME Church during Bible Study. Charleston, South Carolina. U.S. agents with the FBI and U.S. Marshals Service. The FBI, U.S. Marshals Service and Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives were present at the scene. It was cordoned off with yellow Police tape and Police cars with flashing lights. On Saturday, thousands of people rallied In the U.S., and on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., for renewed calls to tighter gun control laws. Legislators were lobbied by survivors of gun violence and mass shootings. Testified on Capitol Hill earlier this month. Alabama Gov. Late Thursday, Kay Ivey released a statement in which she lamented what she described as a shocking and tragic loss. She said that she was happy to see the suspect in custody but she also wrote, "This should not happen in a city, in a shop, or anywhere else."