Political row erupts over video of Rahul Gandhi at Nepal party

Tuesday, May 3, 2022
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Political Row Erupts Over Rahul Gandhi at Nepal Party

As the country is reeling under the seize of Mumbai‚ Rahul Gandhi was in a nightclub. But‚ he had a friend in Nepal for a party and was questioned on whether the Congress leader had violated the laws of social conduct by being with his friends. Regular parties are not new to the nation‚ and the Congress president is no exception. But Manoj Tiwari‚ the former Delhi unit chief and the MP from North East Delhi‚ had a different opinion and raised questions about the Gandhi family scion's public conduct.

Rahul Gandhi's nightclub video goes viral

In the most shocking development of the week‚ Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has been caught on camera partying at a Kathmandu nightclub. The video went viral after several BJP leaders shared it on Twitter. The MP had reportedly attended a friend's wedding‚ but the video has caused a firestorm in the party‚ with many questioning the timing of his absence from the country. The video was reportedly shot in a nightclub called LOD‚ in Kathmandu. The video was taken by Union minister Giriraj Singh. It is unclear whether the video was a recent one or an old one. But given that Rahul Gandhi is currently in Nepal for a wedding‚ this video may be the last visuals of his trip. The party's leaders are concerned that the video could damage the image of their candidate. The video could affect the T-Congress's hopes of an election-winning Rahul Gandhi tour. The Congress leader's party has denied any wrongdoing in the video. The footage shows Rahul Gandhi kissing a man who is not a friend of his. The video is made to make Political point. The video has been used by various media outlets and has been shared widely. The video was uploaded on social media and has gone viral. The Congress leader's friend Bhim Udas claims to have invited him to his daughter's wedding and has been apologetic for the incident.

BJP slams him for preaching others

In a viral video‚ Rahul Gandhi was seen partying with a group of Nepalese men. In response‚ several BJP leaders shared the video on social media. Some even said that the video was a sign that the party has failed to gain the people's trust and support. Rahul has reacted with surprise. Here's what he had to say. The video of Rahul Gandhi partying in Nepal was posted by a BJP IT cell. The party leaders shared it on Twitter‚ slamming Congress leadership. However‚ it's worth noting that Rahul was in Nepal on a vacation or attending a private party. His presence in the nightclub was in violation of the party's rules‚ since the video shows Rahul Gandhi on his phone. On Tuesday‚ the BJP hit back‚ saying that the Congress leader's preaching others is an unprofessional act. The Congress party quickly clarified that Rahul Gandhi was attending a wedding ceremony when the video was taken. It is important to note that the BJP's troll-in-chief is not above calling out Congress leaders‚ no matter their party affiliation. The video of Rahul Gandhi has gone viral. The Congress leader was invited to attend his friend's wedding in Nepal. His daughter‚ Sumnima Udas‚ a former CNN reporter‚ is marrying Nima Martin Sherpa. However‚ the video has caused a storm online and BJP leaders have been lambasting the senior Congressman for preaching others.

Opposition accuses him of being a part-time politician

The BJP has taken potshots at Congress MP Rahul Gandhi for partying in a nightclub in Nepal. It's not clear if he was attending a wedding or a private party. But his presence in Nepal has been questioned‚ not least because he's a journalist. There is no law in India that makes it a crime for a politician to attend a wedding. Moreover‚ it's not clear whether he was with his wife at the time of her wedding. But what can Rahul do to energise the Congress and put the party's old guard at ease? He has a lot of decisions to make‚ both inside and outside the parliament. Will he drag the old guard with him or retire them? These are the questions that will plague Rahul's Political career in the coming years. And what about his family's legacy? Rahul's mother‚ Indira Gandhi‚ was the first woman to hold the post. The party's founders were all part-time politicians. The Opposition accuses Rahul Gandhi of acting like a part-time politician‚ refusing to engage in substantive debates about important issues. In fact‚ Rahul Gandhi's statements are beneficial for the Pakistani government‚ which shares many of his views. However‚ there's one thing Rahul Gandhi has done to deflect attention from these issues: he's been signing MoUs with the Chinese Communist Party. Rahul Gandhi's remarks at the UPA meeting reflected a shift in his attitude. He was scathing of the government's handling of the Pathankot terror attack and said that his party would back the GST if the conditions were met. In the speech‚ he laced his criticism of Modi with humor and intellectualism. Rahul's comments should teach Arvind Kejriwal a lesson. The new Congress leader's absence during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections raised the question of whether Rahul Gandhi was being shielded from criticism and the resulting problems. The answer is yes. However‚ Rahul did go to the parliament‚ made some verbal latkas jhatkas‚ and engaged in the ecosystem. He should do better when he decides to take a vacation and club it with events in other countries.

Wayanad villagers reveal they have never seen Rahul Gandhi

Many local BJP members were visibly dismayed on Tuesday after Rahul Gandhi's visit to Wayanad. They alleged that the Congress president was insensitive and sexist‚ despite his past associations with the area. BJP chief Amit Shah later defended the Congress chief‚ saying he was merely riding on the Ramayana to become the premier party in India. Yet the BJP has also been accused of spreading a false impression of Islamist terrorism in the region. Despite the high profile of Rahul Gandhi‚ many villagers from Wayanad say they have never seen the Congress president. However‚ it is not surprising considering that Rahul is the MP of Wayanad district‚ which is in the state of Kerala. The UDF has a dedicated social media desk at its Sulthan Bathery office. Meanwhile‚ the Congress has a separate social media presence led by Divya Spandana in New Delhi. The UDF has hundreds of WhatsApp interactions with villagers‚ indicating that Rahul's support in Wayanad has not gone unnoticed. The BJP's election campaign has boosted its focus on the welfare schemes of the state to win votes. But the ruling Left has a different approach. In its poll meetings‚ the Congress leader has made it a point to stress the importance of welfare schemes. It is crucial to note that the ruling Left heavily relies on welfare schemes to garner votes. And Rahul Gandhi's move has sparked a debate that is far from over. The campaign was so successful that the Congress chief has begun visiting rural villages‚ such as Karuvarakkundu in Malappuram district. During his three-day tour of Wayanad‚ the Congress president addressed the crowd‚ following the launch of a science block at the school. The villagers have no idea how Rahul Gandhi has ended up in their midst. However‚ they say that the visit has energized their community and given them a chance to meet Rahul Gandhi. After a public appearance in Kerala‚ the Congress president visited Wayanad and received a warm welcome from the town's residents. The two were accompanied by his sister Priyanka. The three-kilometre route was lined with party workers‚ while villagers in Wayanad showered the Congressman with rose petals. Meanwhile‚ a horse-costumed man danced to the beat of a drum while a brass band played welcoming tunes. While villagers greeted Rahul Gandhi with a warm welcome‚ groups of supporters ran along the convoy shouting slogans and greetings.