Pregnant Sophie Turner calls baby No. 2 the best blessing ever

Wednesday, May 4, 2022
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Pregnant Sophie Turner Calls Baby No 2 the Best Blessing Ever

While the world is abuzz about the arrival of her daughter Willa‚ the actress has also confirmed she is expecting a second child. Sophie shared the news with Elle UK. The actress looked gorgeous as she cradled her baby bump during the Met Gala while posing with her husband of three years‚ Joe Wright. She paired her dress with earrings from the Louis Vuitton High Jewelry collection. Sophie Turner and her husband Joe Wright tied the knot in a secret ceremony in May 2019‚ and later married in a formal ceremony in France in June. Willa will be born in July 2020.

Sophie Turner

Earlier this month‚ actress Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas announced they are expecting baby No. 2. The actress and singer‚ who recently announced her engagement to singer Joe Jonas‚ announced they were expecting in a Met Gala interview. The couple‚ who have been married since 2015‚ have also been open about their feelings regarding their growing family. While Sophie Turner has been vocal about the paparazzi's constant photos of Willa and her sister‚ she has been open about her feelings about the photo opps taken at various events. While her excitement about becoming a mom is undeniable‚ the actress also admitted that she has sacrificed her cool factor in the process. She previously admitted that she waived my cool quotient when she married Joe Jonas at a chapel in Las Vegas‚ despite being very excited about the idea. In the magazine‚ she described raising Willa‚ her one-year-old daughter‚ and how adding a second child to her family would make her happy. In her Met Gala interview‚ Sophie revealed that she is pregnant with her second child. She also shared the news with fans by cradling her tummy. The actress looked gorgeous in a sculpted Louis Vuitton gown‚ which she paired with earrings from the high-fashion line. In May 2019‚ the actress married Joe Wright in a surprise ceremony in Las Vegas. The couple married again in France in June. The couple will welcome their daughter Willa in July 2020.

Joe Jonas

In May‚ Sophie Turner married Tom Cruise in an Elvis Presley impersonator-style ceremony. The couple also married in a more formal ceremony in Sarrians‚ France. While the ceremony was a success‚ the actress has also spoken of her desire to settle down in her native England‚ where she lives with Joe. She admitted that it may take some convincing for Joe to come along with her. The pregnant actress has shared throwback pictures from her first pregnancy with a fan. She showed off her bump in a photo in front of a bathroom mirror with the caption: Pregnant Sophie Turner calls baby No 2 the best blessing ever. She also showed off another tattoo on her leg for her daughter‚ Willa. The actress is proud to show off her new ink in a photo of herself on the cover of the ELLE UK magazine.

Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas announced their pregnancy in December‚ but the pair aren't yet ready to announce when they're expecting their second child. Earlier‚ Priyanka had told Us Weekly that she'd like to have two kids with her husband. In a February 2022 Vanity Fair cover story‚ Chopra said that she agreed with Nick's desire for a large family. The couple recently announced that they are expecting their second child through surrogacy. While the gender of the child hasn't been revealed‚ Nick Jonas calls it the best blessing ever. The couple has a large fan following thanks to their success in conceiving their first child together. In the past few years‚ surrogacy has become a popular way for celebrities to conceive a child‚ and the couple's recent announcement of their second baby was no different. In fact‚ the Jonas' surrogate mother Priyanka Chopra conceived the couple's daughter via surrogate. In December 2018‚ Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas tied the knot. They were married in India and became parents in December 2018. After getting engaged in 2017‚ the couple were married in December 2017. Their first child was a son‚ and a few months later‚ they announced that they had decided to have another one through surrogacy. Priyanka also commented on her husband's pregnancy with baby No 2 via an Instagram post. Sophie Turner's pregnancy is no surprise. The couple already have a 20-month-old daughter named Willa. Sophie Turner's pregnancy has lowered her cool factor‚ but she's proud of her new baby. The couple married after the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas‚ and Diplo and their friends livestreamed the event‚ complete with an Elvis impersonator! This news makes the new couple even happier than before!

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are holding off on having their first child because of their hectic schedules. Although Priyanka recently revealed that she hopes to have more than one child‚ the actor-turned-model is still not quite ready to put off having a family. I don't want to put it off any longer‚ she says. Priyanka Chopra Jonases and Nick have been spotted spending quality time together. In Oman‚ the couple carved their initials in the sand for an engagement photo. Earlier‚ the couple watched Elf together. And they shared a photo of their new addition on social media. Nick's outfit was a sharp gray suit and Priyanka's was a royal blue dress. The couple welcomed their first child via surrogacy in late 2018. The couple first met online two years ago‚ through Twitter. Nick and Priyanka Jonas were first introduced in the Vanity Fair Oscars Party in 2017. Priyanka Chopra Jonases had been texting for months before they met. The two had started dating in 2016 and had a whirlwind romance in 2017. In the months prior‚ the actress and Nick were still working and texting. And‚ despite their busy work schedules‚ they were still able to spend time together. And while they were spending their time with their new family‚ the pair met and became friends. The happy couple will now focus on a second baby. Baby No 2 is expected to arrive in late May‚ but the couple is still planning to celebrate their first anniversary. Chopra has already signed a deal with producer Jimmy Iovine for a Hollywood project with Mindy Kaling. Interestingly‚ the movie will be shot in India. There's nothing like a second child to make everything even more perfect.

Their surrogate

They had just celebrated their wedding and they thought the surrogacy process was complete. After all‚ they are Chinese‚ white and black! But the DNA test revealed that one of their surrogates was not related to the intended parents. Fortunately‚ the baby was Allen's son! The two of them could not be more grateful. Their surrogate baby No 2 is the best blessing ever! The whole experience has been one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives! Amanda Allen signed up to be a surrogate‚ and Omega Family Global matched her with a couple from China. The couple‚ who have two grown children‚ identified themselves as Lius. In April 2016‚ Allen became pregnant and conceived a baby for Lius and the couple. At the time‚ Allen thought she would just carry one of their babies. But when she went in for her follow-up scan‚ she discovered that the babies were identical twins! The couple also have two children via surrogate. Their surrogate baby Sloane was born in April 2022. They named her sunshine and have vowed to have a surrogate baby for their next child. This second child is the best blessing ever for the couple. This is a very common scenario for celebrities. Jennifer Atkin‚ Dwyane Wade and Anderson Cooper are just some of the famous celebrity couples who have had the opportunity to have children through surrogate.