Prince Charles repeatedly sought Jimmy Saviles advice

Thursday, April 7, 2022
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Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story

The British media and culture have long been dominated by the story of Prince Charles and Jimmy Savile. The predatory sex offender was once a cultural icon who had links to the royal family‚ including the royals themselves. Prince Charles had met Savile and declared him to be one of the nicest people he had ever met. Nevertheless‚ Savile persuaded the royal to pose for a photograph with him at a local post office.

Jimmy Savile was a cultural icon in the UK

From 1968 to 1979‚ Jimmy was a regular presence on BBC Radio. In the mid-1950s‚ Jimmy Savile began his career as a disc jockey and freelancing on different radio stations. His career as a disc jockey and host soon progressed to full-time positions at BBC Radio 1 and Radio Luxembourg. Later‚ he also became a successful TV host‚ parlaying his broadcast skills into lucrative TV hosting gigs. Throughout his career‚ Jimmy Savile became widely admired for his blending of humour and physical comedy. He had several recurring appearances on the BBC's Radio 1 show‚ Jimmy Savile: An Interview With Mark Lawson Born in Leeds‚ Yorkshire‚ Jimmy Savile went on to become a high-profile figure in the United Kingdom. He was knighted in 1990 for his charitable work and set up his own trust to support various causes. During his life‚ he volunteered for various charities and worked as a hospital porter. During his time at Broadmoor‚ he helped out countless patients‚ and the hospital staff even gave him his own room. After a decade of silence‚ accusations of sexual abuse against the renowned British TV presenter emerged. In 1971‚ Caroline Moore was a 13-year-old patient of Jimmy Savile's and suffered an attack while in hospital. After the attack‚ the Jimmy's Cafe and its surrounding charity raised over PS40 million ($64 million). The establishment was located in Stoke Mandeville‚ a town in the West Midlands. The hospital was an institution for incarcerated dangerous men. The accusations were covered up when he was still alive. The British culture protects predators‚ and Jimmy Savile had close ties to Prince Charles. The scandal involving Savile is the most significant one. Newsnight's decision not to air the story is much bigger than the fiasco surrounding the children's home in North Wales. This story is not about exposing the flaws of celebrity‚ but the fallout from the scandal is still far from over. Savile was a cultural icon‚ but the BBC missed a golden opportunity.

He was a prolific and predatory sex offender

The National Health Service is investigating allegations of sexual abuse by former radio presenter Jimmy Savile. Police say that Savile sexually assaulted children and adults spanning a span of 47 years‚ including an eight-year-old boy who was seeking an autograph from the broadcaster. Savile's abuse was so widespread that it spanned over 328 separate incidents in which he victimized children and adults. Investigators say that Savile had access to the Leeds General Infirmary‚ where he repeatedly raped children. They have also alleged that he performed sex acts on dead bodies and told hospital staff he made jewelry out of eyeballs. Savile was a sex offender who was convicted in 2005 of 58 sex offences‚ including sexual assaults on children. The report by the Kate Lampard committee said Savile's personality‚ behaviour and access to NHS hospitals was unusual. He abused his victims on an unprecedented scale. The prosecution described his behaviour as cunning and devious and unpredictable. A wide-ranging inquiry into the widespread abuse of children was launched after the scandal erupted. The Prime Minister‚ Theresa May‚ announced the inquiry in July 2014 and it was reconfigured as a statutory inquiry in February 2015. Justice Lowell Goddard will chair the statutory inquiry. In 2012‚ a television documentary called Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile‚ starring Mark Williams-Thomas‚ was broadcast in the UK. The former Conservative MP was a prolific and predatory sextor for many years. His most prolific years of abuse were between 1965 and 1976. His crimes included abusing a fourteen-year-old girl and groping a 12-year-old boy during a break in a Top of the Pops recording. Another alleged victim‚ a teenage boy who was a regular visitor to the Savile's office‚ told police he had raped a 14-year-old girl. Savile even took a 14-year-old schoolgirl for a drive‚ where she was sexually assaulted by two of his female friends. The allegations against Jimmy Savile were made public when the BBC launched Operation Yewtree‚ which was prompted by the allegations against him. The BBC said it was appalled by some of the offences committed on its premises and apologized to victims. In the ITV documentary‚ it was revealed that Savile had committed 16 of the alleged crimes in the Leeds General Infirmary and 22 at the Stoke Mandeville hospital in London between 1965 and 1988.

He was a figure in the royal circle

A TV personality‚ comedian‚ and philanthropist‚ Jimmy Saviles was a figure in many circles‚ including the royal circle. He was so popular that Margaret Thatcher even wrote letters to Queen Elizabeth on his behalf‚ securing his knighthood in 1990. Prince Charles‚ too‚ sought Savile's advice on royal matters. In a new biography‚ Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story‚ James Deacon assembles his portrait from interviews with journalists and archival materials. The prince was also close to Jimmy Savile‚ a notorious figure in the royal circle‚ and sought his advice about public relations. The late media personality had written a media relations handbook for Prince Charles‚ which he incorporated into a memorandum he presented to the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. While the memo wasn't published‚ it was a major source of royal sex abuse. Savile's close friendship with the royal family raised questions about the prince's behavior. A senior aide to the royal family had expressed concerns about the scandal‚ but no formal charges have been brought against the former TV host. However‚ Savile had no criminal record on the royal property and had frequent contact with the prince. In fact‚ Savile was often associated with Prince Charles‚ which has led to questions about the royal relationship. Despite his fame and position in the royal circle‚ Jimmy Savile was a paedophile who courted many high profile friends‚ including Prince Charles. His relationship with the royal family ensured that his reputation and career of abuse would not be exposed. As a result‚ he became virtually untouchable while close to power. But as with any close relationship‚ Jimmy Savile's behavior was not perfect‚ and he was untouchable when he got too close to power. Despite his scandalous past‚ Savile was knighted in 1990 and was a figure in the royal circle. During the late eighties‚ Savile served as personal counsel to the prince. He helped the Duchess of York keep her profile down. But despite his connections to royalty‚ Savile continued to flaunt his celebrity and charm. A gruesome scandal erupted in his death.

He advised Fergie on how to avoid disastrous publicity

During the 1970s‚ a friend of Fergie's who had been exposed to her own sex life sought advice from comedian Jimmy Savile. Jimmy slammed Fergie for promoting a new book in which she cited an incident where she found a severed hand hidden inside a glove. Fergie decided to change her story‚ and she consulted Jimmy. But the book was hardly the only thing Fergie and Savile did wrong. They had an argument over who was more evil or respectable. Prince Charles sought advice from Savile as well‚ and the Prince was spotted reading some of his letters. Fergie's behavior at the Lockerbie memorial was blamed by the British press. Prince Charles and the Queen‚ who both consulted Jimmy Savile for public image advice‚ were not amused. Prince Andrew and Prince Phillip later met Savile and viewed the plans. The Prince and Duchess of York were heading for divorce as their relationship began to crumble. Despite the Duke and Duchess' efforts to get public approval‚ Fergie's tin ear and numerous gaffes were ruining their relationship. Charles sought the advice of Savile‚ who was a friend of the duchesses. A year later‚ the secret recording of Diana and James Gilbey's conversation was published in the Squidgygate scandal. In addition to advising the royals‚ Prince Charles and Fergie also sought the advice of the twisted paedophile. Prince Andrew and Fergie sought his advice on how to handle disasters. Prince Andrew was then sent to the Pan Am Flight 103 crash site to advise the British Royals. The Prince later suffered huge criticism after his comments. The Prince subsequently wrote a letter to Jimmy Savile describing the scandal as a sex monster.