Princess Charlene returns to Monaco after months-long medical

Monday, March 14, 2022
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The news that Princess Charlene returned to Monaco last week is an exciting development for the royal family of Monaco. The Princess had spent six months away from her beloved prince‚ and now she will finally be reunited with her husband and children. However‚ it's not all happy news. The Prince's sister recently returned to Monaco and abruptly left again citing deep public fatigue. She has refused to take part in the national day festivities. In an interview with The Buyline a weekly newsletter‚ Prince Albert addressed rumors about Charlene's extended absence from Monaco. He reiterated that the Princess had been hospitalized for months‚ and that the reason was her health. The Princess was born in Zimbabwe and later moved to South Africa‚ where she swam for the country's national team. She has been undergoing medical treatment since July‚ and her return to the country will be gradual. Despite the speculation surrounding her illness‚ Prince Albert has said that Charlene has now escaped from South Africa‚ where she had been undergoing months of medical treatments and treatment.

princess charlene returns to monaco after months long medical months long
Image source : imagesvcm

The regal couple have also dismissed reports of the illness‚ noting that Charlene is now home. The Princess' health will now be the subject of a long-term period of clinical care‚ but she has remained at the Prince's side.