Princess Haya triumphs over Sheikh Mohammed in legal battle for

Friday, March 25, 2022
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Princess Haya triumphs over Sheikh Mohammed as she gets the divorce ruling she needs. The emir of Abu Dhabi and his ex-wife have reportedly been at odds over the custody of their children for years. The royal couple have been married for 18 years and are now preparing for their third child. The children are still being kept under strict guard. The marriage is on shaky ground and the two have had a number of disagreements. Fortunately‚ however‚ the judge was sympathetic to Haya's cause and found that she was entitled to a fair divorce settlement. In the High Court‚ Haya's lawyers claimed that Prince Charles had used public funds to pay blackmailers in the past. But the court was not convinced by that claim and ruled that she had misused the money for other reasons. Although she admitted to paying 6.7 million pounds to the blackmailers‚ she said she did it because she was frightened and needed to pay her bills. In the ruling‚ the court said that Haya had abused the children's funds‚ but the prince has denied these claims and praised Haya's compassion and dedication in the face of her abusers. The prince's lawyer has also argued that the alleged blackmailers did not act maliciously. It is unclear what is the future of the royal couple and their two daughters. Prince Charles' lawyer‚ sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum‚ accused Haya of using public funds to fund blackmailers. But in the end‚ Haya said she paid the money to the blackmailers because she was afraid of losing the custody of her children. Earlier in the case‚ Prince Charles argued that Haya used the children's funds to pay the blackmailers. The case between Haya and Mohammed is a rare instance of a court of law. Her marriage has lasted for more than five years‚ but the royal couple did not get divorced. She had been living in Dubai for two years and later fled to Britain. The royals denied her a divorce because the couple had been cheating on her. They had no children. Sheikh Mohammed and his family are also not allowed to see them. Prince Mohammed VI of Dubai was ordered to pay Princess Haya and her children seven million pounds each year as security expenses. Sheikh Mohammed's wife also had to pay 11 million pounds per year in order to keep her safe. The royal couple shares their love of horses and he was the only person in the world to marry the two. The prince's ex-wife‚ who married the ruler of the UAE in 2004‚ has been claiming that the emirates had not agreed to the divorce. Sheikh Mohammed's ex-wife is awarded $734 million in a divorce.

princess haya triumphs over sheikh mohammed in legal battle for
Image source : boringbuzz

Previously‚ he was accused of misusing the children's funds to pay blackmailers. But the court said that Haya was unable to afford the monetary damages. In other words‚ the prince used the children's funds to protect himself from blackmail. The ruling came as a shock to the sheikh‚ who was previously believed to have imprisoned the two girls in a private jail. The high court ordered that Prince Mohammed pay seven hundred and twenty five million pounds to his ex-wife and the children. But the prince's lawyer argued that the ruling did not allow him to be responsible for the financial crimes committed by Haya. The emir of Abu Dhabi denied the charges against him‚ but he did pay her ten million pounds in maintenance‚ and the court ruled that she had committed the crime. The ruling will mean a major change for the royal family‚ which is largely the result of a bitter divorce. The ruling also will help the emir to save the children from possible abuse. Sheikh Mohammed had refused to pay the seven million pounds. The British judge‚ in fact‚ ordered him to pay up to eight million pounds to his ex-wife. The ruling will require the former duo to share their children.