Pro wrestling legend and Hall of Famer Scott Hall on life support

Monday, March 14, 2022
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WWE legend and Hall of Famer Scott The King of the Ring is on life support. He recently underwent hip surgery after experiencing a blood clot. Unfortunately‚ the clot got loose during surgery and caused major complications. This resulted in three heart attacks and has put the Hall on life support. While the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident are unknown‚ we wish him a speedy recovery. It is unclear what caused the clot to break‚ but Hall's family is saying that it is not a heart attack. The cause of the heart attack is unknown. However‚ the heart problem was caused by the dislodged blood clot. The clot is causing the series of attacks. It has been revealed that a heart condition has resulted in the death of Hall. It was announced on Sunday by Kevin Nash‚ who posted a touching message about the news on his Instagram account.

pro wrestling legend and hall of famer scott on life support
Image source : sportshub

In the wake of the news‚ many other pro wrestlers have expressed their condolences for the Hall family and have shared fond memories of the Hall's life. The loss of a beloved pro wrestler is very hard to face‚ and it's difficult to know what to say.