Pure evil At least 10 dead, 3 injured in racially motivated shooting

Saturday, May 14, 2022
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Mass Shooting in Buffalo‚ New York‚ Leaves 10 Dead and Three Injured

Erie County sheriff John Garcia called the shooting a vicious act of pure evil and described the suspect as armed with a high-powered rifle. He reportedly traveled hours to carry out the attack. The attack was live-streamed on Twitch‚ which gave Gendron a chance to show the world what he had done. He has been charged with first degree murder.

Payton Gendron is charged with 1st degree murder

Police have identified the suspect in a mass shooting in Conklin‚ New York as 18-year-old Payton Gendron. He was armed with a military-grade rifle and fired 60 shots at the supermarket in which eleven people were killed and two others were injured. Gendron pleaded not guilty to a single first degree murder charge. It remains unclear if he will face other charges. State police have identified Gendron as the suspected gunman and have referred him for counseling and mental health evaluation. Federal and state police agencies raided Gendron's home on Saturday. He reportedly used a GoPro video camera attached to his tactical helmet to livestream his violent acts. Police have also impounded Gendron's parents' car‚ which was discovered near Tops Market. Police have closed a street lined with spectators and surrounded a parking lot with yellow police tape. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown were among those who attended the scene. Gendron has reportedly uploaded a racist manifesto to his website‚ which details his planned attack. The manifesto is filled with anti-Semitic and racist references. The suspected gunman‚ a white 18-year-old man‚ was heavily armed when he opened fire inside a supermarket in Buffalo‚ killing 10 people and wounding two others. The gunman has been identified as Payton Gendron‚ a Conklin‚ New York‚ resident‚ and has pleaded not guilty to the charges. The forensic examination will help determine if Gendron acted out of hatred. The FBI is investigating this incident as a racially motivated mass shooting. The FBI Director Christopher Wray has repeatedly warned of the threat posed by racial extremists. In fact‚ the FBI Director recently told Congress that racial extremists comprise the largest percentage of his investigations. The investigation is continuing. It is unclear whether Gendron will be tried for a hate crime‚ but it appears he will have to face his peers in jail.

He was armed with a high-powered rifle

In a manifesto authored by the 18-year-old white suspect‚ Payton S. Gendron‚ he explained his plan to kill as many Black people as possible. The document included the parking space‚ meal plans‚ livestream location‚ layout of the grocery store‚ and the specific method of shooting Black shoppers in the chest. The manifesto also claimed that Gendron was motivated by racial hatred and that he chose the city because of the high percentage of black people living there. The suspect‚ wearing an assault-style rifle‚ drove from New York state several hours away to commit this act of pure evil. He broadcast his attack on social media before the attack‚ and 11 of the 13 victims were black and two were white. The FBI's Buffalo field office director‚ Stephen Belongia‚ told the press conference that the attack is being investigated as a racially motivated violent extremism and a hate crime. The suspect opened fire inside the store‚ shooting 12 people. Eleven were black and two were white. This shooting took place in a largely Black neighborhood. After the shooting‚ Buffalo police confronted the suspect in a parking lot and found him with a rifle. When the police confronted him‚ he dropped the gun and took off his tactical gear. The shooter then surrendered. After the confrontation‚ the suspect was put in a police car and taken into custody. The Buffalo police department has identified the suspect‚ Payton Gendron‚ as a white 18-year-old. The shooter wore military-style gear and carried an assault-style rifle. His livestreamed attack is being investigated by FBI agents. The suspect is a white male who travelled from Conklin‚ New York. Authorities said that the attacker‚ who was heavily armed‚ was an ex-convict.

He live-streamed the attack on Twitch

Buffalo‚ New York‚ is rocked by the mass shooting that left at least 10 people dead and three others wounded at a supermarket. The 18-year-old man who opened fire was dressed in military-style clothing and body armor. He broadcast his attack live on a helmet camera. While the shooter won't say if the attack was racially motivated‚ he has made it clear that he hated Black people. The suspect in this horrific attack was armed with a heavy-duty assault weapon and wore body armor. He also had a helmet-mounted video camera‚ streaming the entire attack live online. The attack was reportedly inspired by racial hatred and other recent massacres. The shooting was carried out in a predominantly Black neighborhood about three miles north of downtown Buffalo. The shooting took place near a fire station and Family Dollar store. The attacker‚ Payton S. Gendron‚ 18‚ was wearing tactical gear and a helmet camera to live-stream his attack. A source said he wore body armor and was dressed in a combat vest. Police are investigating the shooting as a hate crime and a case of racially motivated violence. FBI Director Christopher Wray has repeatedly warned the public about the threat of racially motivated violent extremists and told lawmakers that racial violence constituted a largest chunk of domestic terrorism investigations. Meanwhile‚ local police departments are working to provide immediate relief for those impacted by the shooting. The video stream of the shooting has been circulating online. The gunman left behind a manifesto that promoted white supremacist conspiracy theories‚ which is why he was targeting people of color. However‚ police have yet to confirm the content of the livestream and have suspended Gendron's account. It's unclear if the gunman's video will be re-broadcast on Twitch or the rest of the internet.

He traveled hours to carry out the attack

Police say a racially motivated shooting has left at least 10 people dead and three injured in a Buffalo‚ New York‚ supermarket. The suspect‚ a white male in his late teens or early 20s‚ wore full camouflage gear and carried an assault-style rifle. He broadcast his plan to the internet. Investigators have identified the suspect as 18-year-old Payton Gendron. He drove from Conklin‚ New York‚ to commit the attack. He was wearing body armor and tactical gear when he stepped out of his car. Local and state officials have said that they are closely monitoring the situation. Erie County District Attorney John Flynn refused to confirm if the suspect wrote a manifesto‚ but said the suspect is in custody and would be arraigned within an hour. Authorities are investigating the attack as a hate crime and an act of violent extremism. According to reports‚ the suspect may have posted a racist manifesto on the internet. The suspect was arrested for murder and was wearing tactical gear when he entered the Tops supermarket. The retired Buffalo police officer‚ Aaron Salter‚ fatally shot Gendron and died in the exchange of fire. The gunman was wearing a camera helmet and was live-streaming his murder spree. As a police officer‚ he was unable to stop Gendron due to his tactical gear. The suspect is identified as 18-year-old Payton S. Gendron‚ who has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. The alleged shooter had posted his manifesto on the messaging service Discord‚ using a similar username as his Twitch channel. In addition‚ federal investigators are investigating whether Gendron live-streamed his attack and whether he posted it online. The FBI has said that the shooting was an act of hate and radically motivated violence.

He is a White supremacist

Buffalo‚ New York‚ is dealing with a racially motivated shooting that has left at least ten dead and three injured. The shooter‚ who wore a helmet camera and military-style clothing‚ opened fire at a crowded supermarket‚ killing 10 people and injuring three others. The Erie County Sheriff‚ John Garcia‚ described the shooting as pure evil. Police have arrested the suspect‚ Payton Gendron‚ and are investigating the case as a hate crime. The killer's instructions were shared on social media‚ including messaging service Discord. He used the same user name as his Twitch channel. Authorities are studying a manifesto that Gendron posted online. It was rife with racist opinions and promoted the great replacement theory. Federal authorities are investigating the statement. The statement is also inscribed on the barrel of the gun. The shooter was arrested shortly after the attack. The man wore a military-style rifle and livestreamed his actions online. The suspect is currently in custody and will face first-degree murder charges. The shooting occurred at a supermarket in Buffalo‚ New York‚ that is predominantly Black. The shooter was a white 18-year-old who traveled several hours from his home in New York and then shot 11 people inside the store. He was heavily armed and he was wearing a helmet and tactical gear. Erie County district attorney John Flynn said he's monitoring the case and will be updated on the situation. The FBI is investigating the case as a hate crime and a violent act. New York State Governor Kathy Hochul said she is monitoring the situation and has offered assistance to local law enforcement officials. But no one knows for sure if the suspect was aware of the manifesto beforehand.