Queen attends Prince Philip thanksgiving service

Tuesday, March 29, 2022
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The Queen attended the memorial service for her beloved late husband Prince Philip on Friday. She arrived on the arm of Prince Andrew‚ her second son‚ and was later joined by their father-in-law's brother‚ Prince Andrew. The Duke of York is currently serving a prison sentence for sexual assault‚ and his family wished to pay their respects to their late father. The two royals are expected to attend a private funeral for Philip‚ which is not a traditional royal practice. The service was larger than Prince Philip's funeral‚ which took place at St. George's Chapel in Windsor. Due to a coronavirus pandemic‚ the royal family had to modify the original plans for the service. However‚ the Queen was involved in the planning and made sure that the ceremony reflected the late prince's wishes. The Queen and Prince Bruce were also in attendance‚ and the two women shared their fondest memories of their late husband. The royal family will be represented by members of the armed forces and the government. Representatives of the royal households in Scotland‚ Wales‚ and Northern Ireland will attend. Additionally‚ the duke's regimental associations will send representatives to attend the service. The top leaders of the Church of England will be in attendance‚ as are religious and civic representatives. Despite the fact that the service falls a few days before his birthday‚ the Queen will not be absent. The service also featured a tribute to the late prince. As in his life‚ the duke had an engaging sense of humor and was active in managing his royal estates. The Queen was a constant companion for the prince‚ and sat beside him during the funeral. At the service‚ her children and other members of the royal family were present. The Duke's close friends and relatives also attended the service. The Queen was actively involved in the planning of the service. Several elements of the service were tailored to the late prince's wishes. The service had a more intimate atmosphere than the funeral of her husband. In addition to his four children‚ the Queen also attended the service. The King also spoke to his wife‚ her eldest son‚ and Prince Philip's two daughters. The Duke's surviving wife and four children‚ Bruce‚ and Prince Andrew‚ a devoted friend of the royal family‚ are present. The service will be attended by members of the royal family. The Queen was actively involved in the planning of the service‚ which is a reflection of her late husband's wishes. The Duke of Edinburgh was also a member of the Royal Family for more than 70 years‚ and the service of Thanksgiving was held on his birthday. His death last year led to restrictions on the size of the funeral‚ but the Duke's funeral was smaller than expected. Other members of the royal family attended the service to pay tribute to the late Prince Philip.

queen attends prince philip thanksgiving service
Image source : theguardia

During the service‚ the Chapel Royal choir sang and the Band of Royal Marines played. The audience was also entertained by the choirs of Westminster Abbey and Chapel Royal. The Queen's attendance at the memorial was a great honor for the late prince. They are also honored by the service of the Duke of Edinburgh. The event will also honor the royals' beloved pet‚ the Duchess of Edinburgh. At the memorial service‚ the Queen was accompanied by her second son‚ Prince Andrew. The Queen attended the Prince Philip thanksgiving service by the side door of Westminster Abbey. The escorts escorted the Prince. Afterwards‚ the Queen stood by her sons' side. The escorts were the King's four children and eight grandchildren. In addition to the royals‚ the Duke's close friends and family were present at the memorial service. The service was larger than the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral. The service was held at St. George's Chapel in Windsor‚ although it was shortened due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Queen actively participated in the planning of the memorial‚ and the Queen's wishes were reflected in the memorial. During the memorial‚ her husband was surrounded by his family. They were accompanied by his wife‚ four children‚ and eight grandchildren.