Queen Elizabeth Beams as She Attends Windsor Castle

Friday, March 25, 2022
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The Queen beams as she attends the Royal Garden Party at Windsor Castle. The Queen recently opted to skip the Commonwealth Day service in London due to concerns about her health. While she has looked frailer in recent photographs‚ the monarch still seems enthusiastic about her work. Here‚ she attends the royal garden party. Her elated appearance makes us wish she were a little less frail. The Queen is returning to work duties after a two-week absence due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last week‚ she attended the funeral of her late husband Prince Philip. She has been conducting two virtual engagements while recovering from the disease. She met with ambassadors from Cote d'Ivoire and Latvia and has been walking her dogs in the grounds of Windsor Castle. Her visit to the Palace Garden marks a return to her full royal duties. Her duties at Windsor Castle are minimal‚ according to Buckingham Palace. She receives red boxes of government papers every day‚ attends digital and in-person audiences‚ and is involved in a number of royal events. In November and October‚ the Queen canceled a series of public engagements‚ but she is still determined to attend the Thanksgiving service for Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey next Tuesday. The Queen will be joined by 500 representatives from the charities Philip founded‚ including the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. The royal couple also toured an enamel box factory‚ which was founded just two years before the Queen began her reign. During the visit‚ the Queen held a small oval trinket box with a black-and-white painting of the castle's exterior. On the other hand‚ she held a larger rectangular trinket box that depicted the young Queen Mother in colour. The Queen stepped down as Lord Chamberlain last week and resumed her duties four days later. On Saturday‚ the queen attended the Halcyon Days artifacts viewing‚ a British enamel heritage brand. The queen's visit came just days after Princess Alexandra's death‚ which was also the last day of her life. The day before‚ she walked her dogs in the grounds of Windsor Castle with the royals. While she was in town‚ the two royals were joined by Camilla Parker Bowles and Earl Peel. While the queen remained at Windsor Castle for more than 260 years‚ she continued to carry out her light duties‚ which include receiving her daily red boxes of government papers‚ holding in-person and digital audiences‚ and attending charitable events. She is scheduled to attend the Thanksgiving Service in memory of her husband‚ the Duke of Edinburgh's Award‚ and a charity lunch. She was accompanied by her husband‚ Kate Middleton‚ and Camilla Parker Bowles‚ who were all attending the event. Since Philip's death‚ the Queen has resumed her light duties at Windsor Castle.

queen elizabeth beams as she attends windsor castle
Image source : townandcou

The Queen has walked her dogs in the grounds of the castle‚ where she has been since April 9‚ following the Royal Wedding. She has also resuming her duties four days after the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh. The royal family has continued to hold a series of in-person and digital audiences in her honor. The Queen's work at Windsor Castle is a bit different. Her regular engagements with members of the public will be more limited than usual‚ but she has also returned to her hybrid schedule‚ in which she will mix in-person meetings and video-conferencing sessions. The hybrid schedule will help her keep her schedule as busy as she is a mother and a wife. It will also help her to avoid the stresses associated with the daily duties of the royal household. The Queen has continued her light duties in Windsor Castle‚ including receiving red boxes of government papers every day and holding digital and in-person audiences. She will attend the Thanksgiving Service in memory of her husband‚ who passed away April 9 at the age of 99. The service will feature about 500 representatives of the royal family's charities and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. The upcoming royal visit will help the monarch's image be cherished by many people.