Queen Elizabeth II says Covid-19 left her exhausted

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
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Queen Elizabeth II Says COVID-19 Left Her Exhausted

The British monarch has been told she has contracted COVID-19‚ a virus which has mild cold-like symptoms. Queen Elizabeth has been quarantined in hospital and is currently recovering in a separate unit. But how does Queen Elizabeth feel? How does she feel without her husband and two children? And what will it take for her to feel better again? Let's find out. Earlier this week‚ she met a patient who had lost family members to the virus.

Queen Elizabeth II was infected with COVID-19

The 95-year-old monarch has opened up about her experience with the virus. She said being infected with COVID-19 was very exhausting. In February‚ she contracted the virus and suffered mild symptoms‚ including a fever and cough. However‚ she quickly recovered and was able to return to official duties. A week later‚ she visited the Royal London Hospital and met with employees and patients. On Wednesday‚ she spoke to staff in the Queen Elizabeth Unit‚ a 155-bed intensive care unit designed to accommodate the increasing number of patients needing oxygen-based treatment. The news broke just as the government prepared to scrap the last restrictions imposed on those with the virus. The government was contemplating whether people should learn to live with the virus. Meanwhile‚ many on the streets of London remained mindful of the queen's illness‚ and her decision to cut back on engagements and attend to her health. The news was enough to make many people in the country concerned. The queen's illness has been causing a ruckus among the royal family‚ including Prince Charles. The Queen‚ Camilla‚ Duchess of Cornwall‚ and Prince Charles all contracted the virus in February. While they were undergoing treatment‚ the royal couple were able to attend a church service at Windsor Castle with the Queen Elizabeth Unit‚ which was built in five weeks during the early days of the pandemic.

She has mild cold-like symptoms

The 95-year-old British monarch has contracted COVID-19. The British government said she's been receiving medical attention for the illness‚ and expects to continue performing light duties at Windsor Castle. A subscription newsletter The Royalist‚ which is delivered weekly to subscribers‚ reports that the queen is showing some mild symptoms. Prince Charles also has a mild cold-like symptom‚ although he is doing well‚ according to the Daily Beast. The Queen has missed several occasions since being diagnosed with Covid‚ including the Cenotaph ceremony. She's also prone to reading documents sent to her on a daily basis and approving them as needed. The newly-approved antiviral drugs could speed up her recovery. This would lower her risk of hospitalization and improve her quality of life. Those who suffer from the virus can take antiviral medication if it appears within three to five days. Fortunately‚ the Queen's infection occurred just as the government was about to remove the last restrictions on Covid. She's still unable to speak or make eye contact‚ but she's expected to resume light duties on Tuesday. She'll be able to carry out light duties (head-of-state responsibilities)‚ including answering correspondence. Further engagements will be announced nearer the time.

She went into quarantine

In her first public speech since the Covid virus outbreak‚ Queen Elizabeth said that she had been extremely tired and run down when the illness struck her. The Queen visited the Royal London Hospital‚ where a new unit was opened to treat the growing number of COVID-19 patients. The Queen visited the Queen Elizabeth Unit‚ which was created to deal with the demand. The monarch is due to turn 96 later this month‚ and her recent illness has restricted her engagement schedule. However‚ she is expected to resume light duties in Windsor as her birthday approaches. After her hospital stay‚ she was advised to rest for several days. The news has been widely reported‚ including in the British press. This article was written by Kate Holton and William Schomberg‚ two journalists who worked for Thomson Reuters. The disease has affected the royal family and several high-profile people around the world. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden is fully vaccinated. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden contracted it in March 2021 and will remain in isolation for five months. King Felipe VI of Spain has also contracted it. The infection has affected many royals‚ including royalty. This disease affects both women and children. The illness is causing a slew of illnesses in high-ranking royals.

She is now in a hospital unit

The Queen's recent illness came as no surprise to those who know her personally. She's 96 and recently contracted the COVID-19 virus. In a hospital video‚ the Queen said that the virus left me feeling very exhausted while I was in a virtual reality. The Queen said she'd be glad to hear that Asef is recovering. The COVID pandemic is horrific and the Queen has been through it herself. She returned to public life after being confined to a hospital unit. She recently attended a celebration of the death of her late husband‚ Prince Philip. He died at age 99‚ and the Queen attended the service. The Queen was also in a hospital unit for a night last October. She is recovering well. She will continue light duties at Windsor. She also visited a hospice and a mental health unit. The Queen also spoke to patients on a video call. She expressed her concern for their mental and physical well-being. The queen's visit coincided with the opening of the Queen Elizabeth Unit‚ a 155-bed wing of the hospital dedicated to patients with breathing problems. Because of the high case counts in London‚ the construction of the unit began earlier than expected. In a normal time‚ a similar project would have taken five months‚ but the rising case count accelerated its completion.

She has canceled engagements

The 95-year-old monarch cancelled her engagements online Tuesday and has been undergoing light duties since being diagnosed with the virus on Sunday. She is currently undergoing treatment and has received a booster shot‚ although she is still experiencing cold-like symptoms. After testing positive for Covid 19 on Sunday‚ the queen has been receiving light duty‚ but if she can go on with any engagements this week‚ she will. The Queen has been carrying out many of her duties virtually since Prince Philip passed away last year‚ but the virus has weakened her immune system‚ forcing her to cancel some engagements. On Wednesday‚ she hosted visitors at Windsor Castle‚ her first in-person engagement since Prince Charles tested positive for the virus. Prince Charles‚ meanwhile‚ has been in touch with the royal family on social media and has been closely monitoring his health and the results of the COVID-19 test. While the outcry about the event will increase the pressure on Buckingham Palace‚ it is worth noting that Her Majesty is able to speak with Mr Johnson. While it was unclear how her health and well-being has been affected‚ the photographer's photo will likely prove a very poignant one. It is not clear whether this was a sign of recovery‚ but it is a positive sign for her future. She has canceled a separate in-person engagement with Mr Johnson.

She thanked health care workers

In December‚ Queen Elizabeth II gave a heartfelt thanks to health care workers who helped her through a terrifying COVID virus outbreak. She also spoke with a patient who had been treated by the same team after her admission five weeks earlier. The queen acknowledged how difficult it was to be confined to bed in a hospital‚ where 650 employees had been treating eight hundred patients. The hospital built a new 155-bed unit in five weeks. During a speech on Wednesday‚ Queen Elizabeth thanked the NHS workers who helped her through her bout with the disease. She also spoke with former patients‚ who spoke to her via video call from Windsor Castle. She met Asef Hussain‚ a nurse at the Queen Elizabeth Unit‚ and his wife Shamin. She thanked them for their care and compassion during her time in the hospital. The Queen spoke to a patient who lost relatives to the Covid virus‚ as she had done. The Queen also asked how patients coped without family support‚ after she was unable to attend engagements. Since her hospitalisation‚ she has cut back on engagements. A call recorded by ABC Audio - a subsidiary of 2022 - has been posted on the Queen's official Twitter account.