Queendom 2 Episode 2 Round 1 Rankings Revealed After

Friday, April 8, 2022
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Queendom 2 Episode 2 Round 1 Rankings Revealed After the Episode

On April 7th‚ Queendom will air Episode 2 with the performances of Brave Girls‚ Kep1er‚ WJSN‚ and the round one rankings. Taeyeon‚ a K-pop queen‚ will host the episode and announce the rankings. The episode will air at 9.20 PM KST and 8.20 AM ET. Follow the official website to get the latest updates and news.

Song battle mission revealed

The song battle mission has been revealed after Round 1 rankings in 'Queendom 2'. The mission is to cover another artist's song and perform it in the way they would like it. Hyolyn and WJSN chose LOONA and VIVIZ respectively. The Brave Girls chose Kep1er. The song battle will be revealed after the episode airs on April 14 at 9:20 KST. After the ratings were announced‚ the performance order was changed. Hyolyn won the audience vote and the contestants evaluated their performances. Hyolyn topped the rankings after winning the first round. WJSN‚ VIVIZ and Kep1er placed second and third‚ while Brave Girls took fourth and fifth. LOONA was automatically placed sixth‚ due to her outstanding performance of PTT (Paint the Town). Following the rankings of Round 1‚ the third mission will be performed. It will feature two crews battling each other using the same songs. PROWDMON‚ who was chosen as the MVP Crew‚ chose the songs for the third mission. This eliminated one crew‚ and two crews advanced to the next mission. The final battle will take place on June 24th. If you want to get in the fight‚ don't wait for the first episode. Following the announcement‚ the girls move to their dorms. The first mission‚ the Connect Mission‚ requires girls to connect their cell with their childhood photos. If they are successful‚ they will have priority to choose their team members and the song they want to battle with their new friends. In addition‚ their teams form into teams and begin to prepare for the performance. After the first round‚ they get to decide who will perform in the Grand Finale.

Artists' performances

Queendom is one of the most anticipated K-pop shows in recent years‚ with the 40-minute premiere episode proving to be the perfect teaser for what is sure to be an epic drama. It'll feature six competing girl groups and six brand-new songs‚ so if you want to see the future of K-pop‚ you'll have to tune in to this reality show. The opening episode marked a refreshing start on Mnet with the maximum ratings of 1.4%. VIVIZ‚ LOONA‚ Brave Girls‚ WJSN‚ Kep1er‚ and Hyolyn opened the episode with charm and charisma. Grand Master Taeyeon‚ who plays the central role in the drama‚ dominated the mood with his mellow voice‚ adding a sense of humor to the proceedings. In the coming days‚ the second episode of Queendom 2 is expected to be released on Mnet. It will feature the opening performances of all of the participants‚ including the winners and losers of the first round. The episode will air live on Mnet‚ and you can watch the episodes online shortly after the show's premiere. You can also watch the episodes on Mnet's official YouTube channel.


After the ratings from Round 1 were revealed after the episode‚ fans were thrilled to see which girl group had made it to the next round. In addition to the winners‚ the rankings also revealed the next mission for the girls. Viviz came last for peer evaluation‚ which shocked fans. The girl group was deemed a threat before‚ but their performances blew viewers away‚ leading to a wild reaction on K-pop Twitter. The audience voted for their favorite act in the first round‚ while the contestants evaluated each other's performances. Hyolyn topped the ratings in Round 1‚ followed by Kep1er and the Brave Girls. The final round will feature each of the acts performing their newly-produced song live. The 1st-placed act is chosen to arrange the cue sheet for the final stages. In Round 2 of Queendom‚ the mission objectives are revealed as a cover competition‚ in which each participant must interpret a song by another artist. Hyolyn chose the song Loonah by VIVIZ while WJSN selected LOONA by Brave Girls. The mission objectives of Round 2 will be revealed after the episode airs on April 14. The ratings from the first round of Queendom 2 were revealed after the episode aired. The episode aired at nine o'clock KST and seven o'clock ET. In addition to this‚ the show will also introduce two new girl groups: VIVIZ and Kep1er. With their debuts‚ they'll join a new girl group in the competition.


We all have been anxiously awaiting the results of Queendom 2 Episode 2 Round 1. With the first full season of the competition‚ we are eagerly awaiting the final result of the first round. As a fan‚ you can cast your vote now and stay updated on the results throughout the competition. The full episode of the competition will be broadcasted live on Mnet K-pop's official YouTube channel every Thursday at 9:20 PM KST/ 8:20 AM ET. The premiere was relatively slow‚ but it still managed to show off the winners of Round 1 and the next mission. While Viviz and Hyolyn had been perceived as potential threats in the premier episode‚ their performance left many fans unimpressed. When Hyolyn was revealed as the winner‚ K-pop Twitter erupted in delight. It will be interesting to see how the two remaining groups fare in Episode 2. Hyolyn‚ the oldest artist competing on the show‚ had the highest score in Round 1. She debuted as a member of the boy band SISTAR and performed her iconic song Touch My Body for Mission 1. She has a powerful voice and received a perfect score for her round one performance. The next episode of Queendom 2 will air on April 14 at 9:30 p.m. KST and 7:20 am ET.

Hyolyn's performance

On the second day of the competition‚ viewers were thrilled to see Hyolyn's performance in Queencom's new music competition‚ Queendom! With a beautiful performance combining rap‚ acapella‚ and acrobatics‚ the girl captivated the crowd with her charisma and color. Her performance topped all other groups and earned her a spot in the Round 1 rankings! As the oldest artist in the competition‚ Hyolyn debuted as the leader of Sistar in Queendom 2 when she debuted as the leader of Mission 1. The singer proved her power as a solo artist as she performed her classic song‚ Touch My Body. As the only soloist in the competition‚ Hyolyn earned an a perfect score during Round 1! Fans can watch Hyolyn's performance in Episode 3 on April 14 at 9:30 p.m. KST/7:20 a.m. ET). The premiere of Queendom was slow‚ but it was not without a high point - the results of the first round were revealed! Fans were able to learn the identities of the top six contestants - Hyolyn‚ Kep1er‚ LOONA‚ and WJSN - and were thrilled to see Hyolyn‚ who won Round 1 by three points! The final ranking of Queendom is based on four categories: cumulative video score‚ pre-released song score‚ and live voting scores. The winners of the first round receive a premium comeback show and will be crowned Queendom 2's grand prize! Hyolyn‚ who is also the winner of the first season‚ has a high chance of taking home the grand prize!

Kep1er's performance

After Queendom 2 Episode 2 Round 1 ratings‚ fans have begun to talk about Hyolyn's possible top three spot. However‚ she may have caught the Park Bom curse‚ which is the result of a poor solo performance. If this is the case‚ she'll most likely finish near the bottom of the Queendom rankings. Kep1er was formed just a few months ago‚ so her performance may not be as impressive as she'd hoped. In general‚ Kep1er's performance felt like it came out of nowhere. They've only released one single‚ and their debut performance is hardly the most impressive. However‚ their label probably has warmed up to the idea of seeing Kep1er on Kingdom‚ and YG is never going to let iKON appear on the show. In any case‚ Mnet may have chosen to include them as a way to further push the group's popularity. After Queendom 2 Episode 1 Round 1 rankings‚ the competition has officially begun. Hyolyn‚ Brave Girls‚ and Kep1er have all performed. Hyolyn‚ Viviz‚ and Brave Girls will be competing in Round 2. While WJSN and Viviz did not perform as well as the other two‚ Kep1er and Hyolyn have already performed in the show.