Ramon Tulfo arrested for cyber libel, says MPD

Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Ramon Tulfo Arrested for Cyber Libel

If you've read one of the newspaper columns in recent days‚ you probably heard about the arrest of newspaper columnist Ramon Tulfo for cyber libel. The former special envoy to China was brought to the Special Mayor's Reaction Team office and charged with violating cyber law. But what is libel‚ and who is protected by it?

Ramon Tulfo's arrest for cyber libel

Former presidential envoy and newspaper columnist Ramon Mon Tulfo was arrested for allegedly violating the law in a recent cyber libel case. Tulfo‚ 75‚ is the brother of senator-elect Rafy Tulfo and TV personalities Erwin and Ben. The Special Mayor's Reaction Team headed by Lt. Col. Rosalino Ibay Jr. served a warrant of arrest on Tulfo on the strength of a complaint filed against him under Republic Act No. 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Acts of 2012‚ which Tulfo was alleged to have violated. According to the presiding judge of the Manila Regional Trial Court Branch 24‚ Tulfo was accused of violating R. A. 10175 or the Villadolid has approved a warrant of arrest for Tulfo‚ who allegedly violated the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. He is currently detained at MPD headquarters‚ where he remains under guard pending the return of his warrant of arrest to the court of origin. The complainant has not yet revealed his name. The libel case he's facing was filed in February 2019 after a former justice secretary accused him of defaming a cabinet official for getting a cut of the pastillas bribery scheme in Manila airport. In a recent decision‚ the Supreme Court held that government officials should not be onion-skinned in their actions. The court ordered that Tulfo and Santiago be held in jail for a week to answer the complaint. Despite their arrest for libel‚ both have a long history of fighting for free speech and defending the press. The arrest of Tulfo is the result of a public outcry against his alleged online libel. The case is still under investigation and may not end anytime soon‚ but it is sure to create a buzz around the country. MPD officials are also urging the public to support the arrest. After all‚ no one is going to want a public apology.

Ramon Tulfo's libel charge

The MPD has filed cyber libel charges against Ramon Mon Tulfo for writing a series of columns for The Manila Times. The complaint was made anonymously by the complainant‚ lawyer Lean Cruz‚ who sought assistance from police. He subsequently asked the MPD to help him arrest the accused. In his response‚ the accused opted to remain silent and was detained at the MPD office pending the return of the warrant to the court of origin. The MPD claims that it has documented 4 libel cases filed against Tulfo in 2019. Villadolid approved a warrant for Mon Tulfo's arrest on Monday. According to Villadolid‚ the broadcaster violated the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 and is now being held at MPD headquarters. The complainant remains anonymous. Tulfo had previously faced four libel charges‚ for accusing former justice secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II of taking a cut of pastilla bribes. Tulfo was detained for alleged cyber libel. His arrest was made at 10 a.m. in the Manila City Hall. MPD officials accompanied him to the Special Mayor's Reaction Team‚ where he was arraigned. Tulfo's lawyer said he would file an urgent motion to release him from custody. While the Special Mayor's Reaction Team alleged that Tulfo violated the Cybercrime Prevention Acts of 2012‚ the court found that his actions violated Tulfo's constitutional rights. The judges assigned the case against Tulfo are Maria Victoria A. Soriano-Villadolida‚ the presiding judge of the Regional Trial Court Branch 24.

Ramon Tulfo's arrest for libel

The Manila Police Department (MPD) announced the arrest of Ramon Tulfo on the strength of an arrest warrant. The arrested man is a prominent Filipino journalist‚ radio and TV personality. He writes for the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Manila Times‚ among other media outlets. According to the MPD‚ Tulfo was arrested over a cyber libel complaint lodged against him. The complaint was filed against Tulfo by former Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre and Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Caesar Dulay in 2019. Both men confirmed to the Philippine News Agency that they are the complainants. They said the case concerns pastillas‚ but declined to identify who the other party is. In a statement‚ Aguirre said the charges were filed against Tulfo for libel. After Tulfo's arrest‚ the MPD is investigating whether he knowingly published false information online. The P13.3 million watch that Franciso Duque wore was the topic of Tulfo's Facebook post on April 6‚ 2021. The netizen said he was offended and that his brother Ben Tulfo stole the P60 million. The MPD‚ however‚ has yet to identify the party that was offended by the tweets. The arrest of Ramon Tulfo could lead to a major event in the Philippines. The Philippine government has repeatedly argued that its officials should be onion-skinned in order to protect their citizens. But the MPD is making an exception and is attempting to hold Tulfo in custody for the sake of the public's safety.