Rams signing LB Bobby Wagner to five-year, $50M deal

Friday, April 1, 2022
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After being passed over in the 2012 draft by the Ravens‚ the Los Angeles Rams have now signed defensive end Bobby Wagner to a five-year‚ $50M contract. The former Seahawks star was a standout on Seattle's star-studded defense and is now a free agent. He was a seven-time All-Pro‚ two-time Pro Bowl selection‚ and has eight Pro Bowl nods to his name. With this deal‚ the Rams have bolstered their defense even further. The Rams had an opening at inside linebacker and were looking to improve their pass defense in the process. After a disappointing season last year‚ the team decided to add a proven player who has a history of playing outside linebacker. While Wagner has already excelled in the NFL‚ he will need to be a team captain to help lead the defense. In order to be a great pro‚ he will need to develop into a leader. LB Bobby Wagner played for the Seattle Seahawks for two seasons and made 174 tackles last season. He also missed one game in his career. His stats include 23.5 sacks‚ 68 tackles for loss‚ and 11 interceptions. With a five-year‚ $50M deal‚ Wagner should help the Rams improve their defense. In the end‚ it's all about winning. The Rams are very happy to have added a star inside linebacker to their roster. While Wagner is a native of Ontario‚ California‚ he has experience playing outside linebacker. His arrival is a great addition to the team's star-studded defense. With Aaron Donald‚ Jalen Ramsey‚ and Brandon Stephens‚ the Rams have a first-team All-Pro defense. In addition‚ the Rams were missing a hard-hitting‚ versatile linebacker in the middle of the field. The Rams recently signed LB Bobby Wagner to a five-year‚ $50 million deal. Although the financial terms of the deal are not disclosed‚ sources indicate that the deal is worth $50 million and could be worth up to $65 million if the incentives are met. He will play for the Rams twice against the Seattle Seahawks in 2022. This is a big deal for both sides‚ as the two teams are arguably in the same division. While the Rams have signed LB Bobby Wagner to a five-year‚ $50 million deal with the Ravens‚ the contract has a lot of incentives. With $65M guaranteed‚ the deal is worth about $65M‚ based on incentives. It will give the Rams an added defensive force to play with. After all‚ the Ravens have been the only team to match the deal and bring Wagner to the NFL. After leaving the Seattle Seahawks for free agency‚ Wagner was a top candidate for a new home.

rams signing lb bobby wagner to five year 50m deal five year
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The Ravens were among the most prominent teams pursuing him‚ but the Rams quickly became his first choice. By adding him to the team‚ the Rams have added a hard-hitting linebacker who will be valuable in the playoffs. If the Ravens lose him‚ they'll be in for a lot of trouble in the future. Although the Rams have yet to announce the financial terms of the deal‚ the signing is significant for both parties. While the deal is a long-term commitment‚ the team will need to find another way to retain him. In the meantime‚ they must find a replacement. In addition to the new contract‚ the two teams are expected to sign LB Cortland Littleton‚ a free agent with a three-year‚ $50 million deal. The Rams have signed former Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner to a five-year‚ $50 million contract. The deal is the longest ever for a lineback in the NFL‚ and it includes a salary of $50 million. Meanwhile‚ the contract also contains a one-year option that allows the team to pay the player only one year of his choice. Once the Rams sign Wagner‚ they will likely be able to make a decision regarding his future.