Rapper DaBaby was on a NC property when a man was shot for

Friday, April 15, 2022
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Rapper DaBaby Shot Outside His North Carolina Mansion

Earlier this week‚ a man was shot outside the North Carolina mansion of rapper DaBaby. The suspect was reportedly trying to rap but was also accused of kicking the baby mama. The rapper's attorney did not respond to a request for comment outside business hours. DaBaby was not charged in the incident. According to police chief Josh Watson‚ only DaBaby and the trespasser were at the scene.

a man was shot outside rapper DaBaby's mansion

According to the Troutman‚ North Carolina‚ police‚ a man was shot outside the rapper DaBaby's mansion on Wednesday night. The man‚ identified as Anthony McCulla‚ was shot after scaling the rapper's fence. The rapper's name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk and he was born in Charlotte. A video featuring the rapper's mansion surfaced on YouTube a year ago. According to a 911 call recording released by the police department‚ a man was shot outside of the rapper's Troutman mansion. The rapper was inside the mansion at the time of the shooting‚ but the police chief refused to elaborate on who shot him or why. The rapper was injured‚ but he was not believed to be directly involved. The rapper's representative did not respond to a request for comment. There has been no statement from DaBaby or the rapper's family regarding the shooting. The police report says that the man was shooting an intruder after climbing over the fence surrounding the property. The victim was taken to a local hospital. No charges have been filed yet. The shooting is still ongoing‚ but the shooting has left the public wondering. Despite the shooting‚ DaBaby is not in danger‚ and the police have not charged the rapper. While the shooting is still ongoing‚ the investigation is continuing. Police say a tall chain-link fence and a concrete wall surround the property. The suspects have been questioned‚ and evidence is being collected. Police will present the case to the district attorney to decide whether to file charges. Police say DaBaby‚ real name Jonathan Kirk‚ has been involved in other shootings. In 2018‚ a gun was used in a shooting at a Walmart in Huntersville‚ North Carolina.

a man was shot for rapping

A North Carolina police chief says a 30-year-old rapper was shot in the leg on Wednesday after a trespasser approached his property and started rapping. According to police‚ the shooting was an isolated incident. The rapper's property was surrounded by a high-rise concrete wall‚ and posted signs stating No Trespassing and We Have Guns and Shovels. The rapper was inside the $2.3 million Troutman mansion when the intruder entered. A second person was also inside the house when the shooting took place. The third person was outside‚ near the football field. Both men were treated at nearby hospitals‚ and there was no immediate word on who the shooter was. The shooting caused non-life-threatening injuries to the third man‚ according to authorities. While police have not released the name of the shooter‚ TMZ has quoted unnamed law enforcement sources as saying the man was a convicted felon. It is unknown if the Troutman Police Department believes the man poses a threat to the community‚ but the incident is tragic and shocking. According to a 911 call from the shooter‚ the man was shot in the leg.

a man was shot for kicking his baby mama

The Troutman police department received a 911 call from a woman claiming to be a friend of the man who was shot. They met with the man‚ who left the property shortly afterward‚ but later returned to file a police report. The victim has not been identified by police‚ but he is presumed to be Brandon Bills. According to law enforcement sources‚ DaBaby is under investigation for assault with a deadly weapon. Police say DaBaby was recording the altercation with the baby mama on November 24 after he allegedly kicked her off her property and threatened to call police. She claims the rapper is trying to boot her off the property‚ but she claims that he simply wanted to f-k her. DaniLeigh recorded the altercation on video‚ and the rapper repeatedly says F-k you. Police say the rapper‚ who went by the stage name DaBaby‚ was armed when he shot the intruder. According to a 911 call recording released by local emergency services‚ the rapper is on the phone with an intruder screaming in pain. The rapper then tells the 911 dispatcher that he shot the man in the leg‚ and then asks if it was a justified shooting.