Rapper Lil Meech stole luxurious Richard Mille es, cops say

Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Rapper Lil Meech and Rapper Flenory 'Stole' a Richard Mille Edition

Rapper Flenory‚ along with fellow Atlantans‚ has been accused of stealing a $250‚000 Richard Mille edition. Rapper Lil Meech‚ meanwhile‚ was arrested on a similar charge and was subsequently released on bond the same day. Although he has not publicly responded to the allegations‚ he has been posting photos on Instagram and is reportedly filming season 2 of 'BMF' in Atlanta.

Flenory allegedly stole a $250‚000 Richard Mille Yohan Blake edition

Lil Meech‚ 29‚ of Miami‚ Florida‚ borrowed a $250‚000 Richard Mille watch from a competitor jeweler‚ Timepiece Trading‚ on Valentine's Day. Meech signed a contract to return the watch within three days. After he never returned the watch‚ he decided to visit another jeweler and agreed to trade in the stolen watch for a $350‚000 one he had borrowed on consignment. After three days passed‚ Meech never returned the watch. The jeweler contacted authorities and Flenory Jr. was arrested. Besides being an actor and a rapper‚ Lil Meech has a large following on social media. He is known for starring in the BMF movie adaptation and was also a customer on HBO's Euphoria. After being arrested for the theft‚ Lil Meech flipped right into a social media star. With over 1.7 million Instagram followers‚ Lil Meech became an instant celebrity. According to the rapper's lawsuit‚ he lent the expensive watch to a rival jeweler for a photo shoot. The rapper signed a memorandum promising to return the watch‚ but never did. During the shoot‚ Meech was at Timepiece Trading‚ where he found the stolen watch. He then visited a competing jeweler who agreed to trade it for a $350‚000 Richard Mille Yohan Blake edition. Once he realized that the watch had disappeared‚ he quickly contacted authorities. He was also producing a show alongside Lil Meech in the next few years. Fortunately‚ the watch is safe‚ but it isn't as easy as stealing it. A $250‚000 Richard Mille watch isn't going to be worth much if the jeweler doesn't know who it belongs to. The theft of a $250‚000 Richard Mille watch was reported on Valentine's Day. Nevertheless‚ the police were able to trace the watch and arrest Lil on February 4 at Haimov Jewelers on Northeast First Street.

Lil Meech allegedly stole a $250‚000 Richard Mille Roberto Mancini edition

The singer‚ real name Demetrius Felnory Jr.‚ rose to fame under the alias 50 Cent. A Florida jeweler agreed to lend him a $250‚000 Richard Mille Roberto Mancini edition for a GQ photo shoot‚ but Meech never returned the watch. Instead‚ he hung up on police when they asked him to turn himself in‚ and Miami police eventually wrote an arrest warrant. After Mr. Meech was arrested‚ he was taken to a police station‚ where he was interrogated and charged with stealing the edition. During the interrogation‚ police found the necklace on a bench. Apparently‚ Meech was in the mood for a night out and found the Richard Mille Roberto Mancini edition. This allegedly inspired him to start stealing rare‚ vintage items. The alleged theft took place during a party held by T.E. Osmun‚ better known as Lil Meech‚ on Nov. 4. He also stole the necklace of Hippomenes‚ a Prince of Wales. He was arrested and released on Dec. 7. The felony case against him will be resolved soon. However‚ the theft of the Richard Mille Roberto Mancini edition is not the first one to affect his career.

Rapper Lil Meech allegedly stole a $250‚000 Richard Mille Yohan Blake edition

The rapper‚ whose real name is Demetrius Felnory Jr.‚ rose to fame under the name 50 Cent. According to the New York Daily News‚ Lil Meech tricked a Florida jeweler into lending him a $275‚000 Richard Mille watch‚ which he then traded to another jeweler. When the jeweler asked him to turn himself in‚ he allegedly hung up on police officers. Timepiece Trading said Lil Meech borrowed the watch from them on Valentine's Day‚ but failed to return it. The rapper instead went to a rival jeweler‚ Timepiece Trading‚ and asked to trade the watch for the $350‚000 Richard Mille he had previously borrowed on consignment. The jeweler contacted authorities and Flenory Jr.‚ the jeweler who reported the theft. A Miami police warrant was issued for Lil Meech before May 14 and he was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree grand theft and a scheme to defraud. His bail was set at $150‚000‚ and he is currently free. According to court documents‚ the rapper visited the store on Feb. 4 and agreed to pay Moshe Haimov $80‚000 for the watch. Lil later returned to Haimov's store on Valentine's Day and allegedly stole the $350‚000 watch. The rapper was arrested on February 18 and was not represented by a lawyer during the time of his arrest. The alleged theft will cost the rapper $250‚000 and could damage his career. Lil Meech has pleaded not guilty to the charge. While the charges are serious‚ the rapper's actions are a testament to his'reputation' as a talented artist.