Real Housewives of Cheshires Dawn Ward issues statement

Sunday, March 27, 2022
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The Real Housewives of Cheshires Dawn‚ a former Premier League footballer‚ issued a statement on Friday after being cleared of two counts of racially abusing a Jewish man and one count of cocaine possession. The 30-year-old has said she does not see race‚ and that she is not a racist. Despite this acquittal‚ she is still facing multiple legal proceedings‚ including one relating to the possession of heroin. Dawn Ward has confirmed her exit from The Real Housewives of Cheshire. The star of the series has been on trial since the show began in 2015 for allegedly abusing a pair of brothers at London's Euston station in 2019. She has been a regular fixture on the ITVBe series since the show's premiere and has been married to Ashley‚ a former professional footballer. The couple live at Warford Hall‚ which is worth an estimated PS15 million. Despite the controversy surrounding her exit‚ Dawn has decided to stay on the show. She has been a regular presence on the show since the show's inception. Whether the couple actually have a loan or not remains a mystery‚ but fans are happy to hear that she has remained a regular fixture. Despite this‚ her absence from the show's premiere has left her reeling from the publicity. The real housewives of Cheshires star has released a statement confirming her departure from the reality TV show. She has been a regular fixture on the show since the show's debut‚ but has since announced her exit via Twitter. She has two children‚ Ashley and Leanne‚ who are both footballers. She lives at Warford Hall‚ which is worth an estimated PS15 million. The Real Housewives of Cheshires star has apologised to her fans after she was accused of abusing a Jewish man in London. The show's newest season has aired since season one‚ and the scandal has prompted fans to react in the same way. The reality star had reportedly been threatening the Jacobs brothers with a lawsuit. The two had allegedly met at a hotel at London's Euston railway station. Despite a statement‚ the controversy has escalated. While the couple had a rocky relationship during the show‚ Dawn and Ashley have been accused of hiding their rift‚ but they have maintained a good relationship despite the controversy. The couple's daughter‚ Taylor‚ married Manchester City football star Riyad Mahrez‚ a Palestinian. Although she is currently out of the spotlight‚ she has been a victim of abuse and harassment online. Despite the controversy surrounding her husband's alleged infidelity‚ Dawn has continued to live her life in a normal manner despite the charges. She and her husband were in the UK for a family visit‚ so it is possible she was avoiding the 'trouble' at this point. However‚ fans have speculated that her husband was not home during the trial‚ but they are at least trying to protect their daughter. Meanwhile‚ a rumor has risen about the marriage of Dawn and her husband.

real housewives of cheshires dawn ward issues statement
Image source : hipshears

The two are linked to the soccer duo Wes Brown and Ashley Ward‚ but the two have remained on good terms. The couple's relationship is reportedly strained but the rumours about their infidelity haven't shaken the couple. While there are legal threats against her‚ the couple are staying together and avoiding events that would bring them closer. The rumours and publicity surrounding her trial have been hard to ignore. Initially‚ she and her husband were thought to be in the UK to enjoy a family vacation. The two did not attend the trip to Dubai‚ but her husband was. Apparently‚ they had a dinner party together‚ and she had a row with her husband. After the two went to Dubai‚ her husband had to fly out and spend time with their kids. Eventually‚ they returned home. Following the news about the arrest of Dawn Ward‚ the Real Housewives of Cheshire star has issued a statement. The actress was arrested in October of last year and was found guilty of racial harassment and possession of cocaine. The incident took place in a London subway and was recorded on video. The show ended its airing in November‚ but it is still showing in the trailer for the May 2019 season.