Real Madrid Isnt Getting The Eden Hazard It Paid For

Thursday, April 21, 2022
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Real Madrid Isnt Getting The Eden Hazard It Paid For

If Chelsea are willing to pay PS34 million for Eden Hazard to return to Stamford Bridge this summer‚ it's hard to see them making the move. Meanwhile‚ Real Madrid are open to loan offers. Hazard wants to stay at Real Madrid‚ and Real are reportedly ready to make a loan deal. Here's why. The Belgian star has been out of form since joining Real Madrid in the summer.

Eden Hazard has been a bit-part player since joining Real Madrid in the summer of 2019

It was a bizarre moment when Real Madrid's president‚ Florentino Perez‚ welcomed Eden Hazard to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. Hazard was juggling a football on his foot as he was introduced to the crowd. It was a typical soccer presentation‚ but as it unfolded‚ the situation became more intriguing. Eden had been the best player in the Premier League for many years‚ but he was only there for his broadcast status. After leaving Chelsea‚ Eden Hazard moved to Real Madrid in the summer of 2019. He has since been benched in five consecutive games‚ with his last start coming against Alaves on February 19. The Belgian has also failed to play in all seven Clasicos. Eden Hazard has become an increasingly distant figure in the Real Madrid team. Despite his talented skills and reputation‚ he has struggled to make an impact in the Spanish capital. His performances are hampered by injuries‚ which have prevented him from playing a full 90 minutes. Hazard is currently out until May‚ and had already missed four games due to a hamstring injury during the summer break. After recovering‚ he was allowed to return to Madrid. Hazard has played 22 games so far this season‚ despite his fitness issues. If this doesn't make you feel good‚ consider these other factors.

Chelsea aren't prepared to pay PS34 million to bring him back to Stamford Bridge

Rumours are rife that Hazard has been told by Chelsea to leave the club and is not prepared to be paid PS34 million by the Blues. The Belgian has been a target for Real Madrid‚ who are keen to cut ties with Hazard. Hazard has already angered Chelsea fans with his incessant joking during the Champions League semi-finals. Hazard is also not prepared to return to Stamford Bridge. Although Hazard has struggled with injuries‚ the Belgian could return to the Blues after a long injury-filled spell in Spain. If Real Madrid were to pay Hazard‚ it would be as much as PS150 million. Hazard's recent form has prompted questions about his suitability for Chelsea‚ but Opta statistics show that he has created plenty of opportunities in the Spanish league. Real Madrid are keen to sell Hazard and the club have started informal talks with Chelsea. Hazard was sold to Real for EUR115 million and Chelsea are trying to recover part of the money. If Real were to sell Hazard‚ Chelsea would not be able to recoup all of the money. Therefore‚ the deal would be a win-win for both parties.

Real Madrid are open to loan offers for Hazard

Real Madrid have reportedly opened the door to loan offers for Eden Hazard after the Belgian forward failed to impress at the Bernabeu last season. The club has also been linked with a deal for Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe‚ who are both underperforming. But Hazard's current wages are too high for the club to consider such a deal‚ and the club would prefer to sell him for a profit. The Belgian has struggled to live up to his PS89m price tag since joining the club from Chelsea. After joining the Spanish capital to replace Cristiano Ronaldo‚ Hazard has been plagued by injuries. Currently‚ he has played just 877 minutes in 22 appearances and has managed only one goal and two assists. Hazard's contract with Madrid runs until 2024‚ but the club is keen to arrange a loan deal for the forward in 2022-23. The Belgian has not been able to play regularly since arriving at Real Madrid in the summer of 2019. Having missed five games in a row‚ Hazard has only played a handful of matches this season. Hazard has also missed four games through injury and muscular problems. In addition‚ he has not started a game since 6 November‚ when he played only six minutes against Alaves. The manager's patience with Hazard has worn thin.

Hazard wants to stay at Real Madrid

Despite the recent reports that Hazard is set to leave Real Madrid‚ the Belgian forward seems set to remain. Hazard has not played well in recent seasons and Real Madrid have been rumoured to cut their losses this summer. Hazard‚ however‚ wants to stay in the Spanish capital as his contract is up in 2024. The striker earns EUR15million net a year and is currently happy at the club. Although there are a few reasons why Hazard would want to stay at Real Madrid‚ the player himself has a compelling case for staying. Hazard spent seven years at Chelsea and believes that he can help the club be successful. With Mikel Arteta on the move to Barcelona‚ Real are keen to loan Hazard out to further enhance his value. This means that Hazard could leave Real Madrid in 2023 if he fails to make it at the Nou Camp. While the club are keen to offload Hazard‚ the Belgian has a difficult season ahead of him. The Belgian failed to live up to expectations when he joined the Spanish club in 2019. While he was able to regain his full fitness at the start of the season‚ he has struggled to make a name for himself in the starting XI. In fact‚ he has started just seven games this season‚ and only contributed two goals. Real Madrid chiefs have been desperate to get rid of Hazard.

Hazard is unhappy with his playing situation at Real Madrid

Eden Hazard is unhappy with his playing situation at the Spanish giants. The Belgian has struggled to reproduce his Chelsea form and was overweight when he arrived at Real Madrid. The player is now in the best physical shape of his career‚ but has not been able to replicate his form at the club. Real Madrid's sources have called Hazard's behavior intolerable and said he would get a slap on the wrist for his behaviour. Eden Hazard has become a father again and is not keen on leaving his family mid-season. His playing options at Real Madrid have been reduced since the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo‚ with Rodrygo and Marco Asensio ahead of him on the right flank. Hazard is also not enjoying his first-team role this season‚ and he may leave in January if he cannot recover his investment. Other reports suggest that Chelsea‚ Newcastle United‚ Juventus and an unnamed English side are interested in signing Hazard. While Chelsea viewed him as a valuable player‚ Hazard has failed to make the impact he had hoped since his summer move to Spain. While Real Madrid were keen to sign him for EUR100m‚ injuries have limited his opportunities to shine in the first team. With only one year left on his contract‚ Eden Hazard has not been able to make the impact he had expected since his move. However‚ the Belgian has insisted that he remains very happy at the Santiago Bernabeu and that he is committed to the club.

Hazard has suffered a long list of injuries

Hazard's injury history at Real Madrid is anything but rosy. Since joining the Spanish giants last summer‚ he has been hit by a series of niggling injuries. In his debut season‚ he made 22 appearances but has failed to make a single one this term. His recent groin injury is the latest in a long list of problems. The former Chelsea and Belgium international has missed five matches so far this season because of injury. However‚ since the New Year‚ he has played every game for Madrid. In 2017‚ he broke his ankle while on international duty with Belgium. After undergoing treatment‚ a small metal plate was implanted to aid his recovery. In November 2019‚ he was forced to undergo another operation after being tackled by Thomas Meunier. In February of 2020‚ Hazard was diagnosed with a micro-fracture in his fibula. A larger metal plate was inserted after two weeks. After joining Real Madrid‚ Hazard was expected to fit into their left wing role and give the team some much-needed fresh blood. Unfortunately‚ the Belgian's injury history has landed him in rehab more than on the pitch. In 2015-16‚ Hazard missed over half of the team's games‚ averaging only 60 minutes a game. However‚ since joining Real Madrid‚ the Belgian has scored four goals and contributed to another seven.

Hazard hasn't played as much as he should at Real Madrid

The Belgian international hasn't played as much as hoped at Real Madrid this season after suffering from injury. Although he has returned to the first team‚ Eden Hazard has struggled to regain his form and fitness. During the international break‚ he managed to get 63 minutes of game time for his country. That's a far cry from the 180 minutes he managed during his first season. During the last seven games in the Spanish league‚ Eden Hazard has only managed to play 51 minutes. After his ankle injury‚ Hazard has been unable to replicate his excellent Chelsea form. He has been unable to reproduce the form that he showed during the 2016-17 season‚ when he played around half the games. Hazard's performances have been poor this year‚ and his tally of touches has declined. Although his team has struggled in the league‚ he still has the potential to be a star. But it's hard to say whether he is the best player in the world. Despite his talent‚ Hazard has failed to live up to expectations at Real Madrid. Despite his high wage and position as one of the highest earners at the club‚ he has only made 65 appearances in two seasons‚ and has only scored six goals and provided 10 assists. Real Madrid want to avoid another Mario Diaz or Gareth Bale situation. Moreover‚ Hazard hasn't even played 1000 minutes in the last seven games against Barcelona.