Real Madrid vs Barcelona: Predictions, odds betting tips

Sunday, March 20, 2022
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If you're betting on this game‚ you'll want to check out the latest odds and predictions from Goalcom. Both teams have a good record against each other this season. Both are card-happy‚ so make sure you take this into account when placing your bet. Alternatively‚ you can also use our team disciplinary records to determine your chances of winning. If you're going to bet on this match‚ make sure you do so early. While this game isn't crucial for LaLiga title race‚ it does have a heated rivalry and is the last chance for both sides to put on a show. The betting odds from Caesars suggest that both teams will score this week. The draw is at 45/1. In addition‚ we've got a tip for over 2.5 goals. In terms of predictions‚ we'd advise taking both teams to score‚ which is offered at a 1.91 odds. The best team to win this game is Real Madrid. The visitors have a slightly better goal differential‚ but the visitors' defense is the key factor. Barcelona averages 73.3 points per game‚ while Real Madrid averages seven1.3. For the match to be a stalemate‚ the teams must win at least one of their games to reach the final. However‚ there's a chance that both teams can win this game‚ and the odds are on Real Madrid to win. Barcelona have improved dramatically since their last meeting with Real Madrid. Although the odds are slightly higher for Barcelona‚ the home side is still very good. The Catalans have scored five goals in four of their last six games in LaLiga. The team's defensive shackles will prove to be the difference in this match. Nevertheless‚ the odds are still not good enough to back the away team‚ and Real Madrid should win the match. After a disastrous run in the Balearic Islands‚ Real Madrid has returned to their best form. Xavi has helped the team's fortunes in recent months and has won eight of their last four La Liga games. In addition to Xavi's emergence‚ a few of the team's other stars have made a huge impact in the league. In the last few months‚ they have climbed to third place. On Thursday‚ they secured a spot in the Europa League's quarterfinals. Although this game isn't critical to the LaLiga title race‚ it is a highly competitive encounter. Barca is on a six-game winning streak and will be looking to end it against the Spanish giants. Benzema is injured‚ and Real Madrid will be relying on Vinicius Junior and Cristiano Ronaldo. But a draw is a possibility as well. At the time of writing‚ Real Madrid are 11/10 (2.10) favourites to win the league.

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In contrast‚ Barcelona are nine/4 (3.25) favorites to win the league. If you bet on the game‚ Real Madrid are the better choice. Neither team is expected to win this game. You can bet on the draw at 11/4. In case of a draw‚ you can choose the draw at the first leg at half-time. At this stage‚ the odds aren't too strong. However‚ the two sides are in a good position to win. At the time of writing‚ both teams are on a winning streak. While both teams are in good form‚ the odds may not be as high as they were during the previous season. This could be a decisive match. Besides‚ a draw will give the advantage to the visitors. The team that is in the top four should win this match. If both teams score‚ the game will likely be close. The odds for both teams to score are both 1.2 and 1.5. But it is also important to note that both teams have been playing attractive football in recent weeks. In fact‚ they've scored twenty goals in their last six league matches‚ with 12 different players scoring in each. Then again‚ Barcelona have just three wins this season‚ both of which were away from home.