Rebel Wilson raises middle finger to Russian President Vladimir

Monday, March 14, 2022
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Video/image source : youtube, nmecom/ne
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A UK host raised a middle finger at Russian President Vladimir Putin in an award show in London. During the BAFTA awards‚ Rebel Wilson introduced a musical performance by Emilia Jones‚ who stars in the film CODA. She explained that two sign language interpreters were on stage to help Jones‚ who is deaf. The audience erupted in applause as she raised her hand in a mocking gesture. On the night of the BAFTA Awards‚ Rebel Wilson criticized the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As the number of refugees increases‚ the BAFTA awards ceremony in London has been cast in a shadow. Many guests in attendance wore Ukrainian flag accessories. As a result‚ the British Academy Film Awards were plagued by controversy‚ and the Russian invasion of Ukraine has not helped the situation. But the BAFTAs went ahead despite the controversy surrounding the award ceremony. The controversy involving the BAFTAs has also thrown the spotlight on Russia's actions in Ukraine.

rebel wilson raises middle finger to russian president vladimir
Image source : nmecom/ne

In response to the situation‚ the British Academy Awards were cancelled. The events in Ukraine‚ where thousands of people died fighting for their country‚ left a dark shadow over the ceremony. In addition to the incident with Rebel Wilson‚ many guests wore Ukraine flag-themed accessories. Nevertheless‚ many people questioned whether the BAFTAs were the best time for a BAFTAs-related controversy.