Recap Mexico, United States

Friday, March 25, 2022
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The USA took the lead early in the second half and held off Mexico to earn a 0-0 draw at TQL Stadium. With the score 1-0‚ the USA is on a four-game winning streak against Mexico. The US also has a four-game unbeaten run against the Mexicans. However‚ the USA's first goal came on the 88th minute and wasn't even close to being a goal. The US failed to create a clear chance to score from set pieces. The Americans were also not as comfortable in creating chances to score. In the 45th minute‚ Uriel Antuna's effort beat the USA's line of defense and went past David Ochoa. The USA tried to come out of the stalemate in the second half‚ and they began passing the ball out to their wingers. This resulted in several corners and crosses‚ but none of them led to a goal. Both sides had rocky starts. The US started off well and pressed the Mexicans up the pitch with Giovani dos Santos‚ but were unable to convert their opening chances. While the US dominated the possession game‚ the Mexicans struggled to create chances. In addition to missing their first two chances‚ they also failed to make the most of their possession. On one occasion‚ a US free kick caused injury to Luis Malagon. The goalless tie is still a disappointing result for both sides. The US struggled to create chances from set pieces‚ which left them with little time to make chances. The Americans' defense was not strong enough to create any clear opportunities. Although they created numerous chances‚ the US's attack was lacking in quality and consistency. After the hour‚ both teams began playing more physically and the US had a few good shots. Chaka Rodriguez grabbed Aaronson and then appeared to take it as a goal‚ but the Americans were unable to convert them. The US struggled to create chances with set pieces and struggled to control the ball. The US also struggled to create goals on the counterattack. They also missed a good chance to open the scoring. They did manage to score one but not enough. Fortunately‚ they did not let the United States score‚ and the game ended 0-0. It was a great match for the US. The US was unable to win the first game but were still in the top three for the second half. Despite the rocky start‚ Mexico continued to put pressure on the US in the second half. The team has some quality players‚ including Giovani dos Santos‚ but the Mexicans were lacking cohesion. The US was able to control the ball‚ but it was not enough to create a clear shot.

recap mexico 0 united states
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As a result‚ the US won. They will meet Mexico in the semi-final. In the second half‚ Mexico attempted to push up the pitch through Hector Herrera and Pedro. But‚ the US did not create enough scoring opportunities. The game ended 0-0 after a free kick by Carlos Salcido. But‚ after a shaky start‚ the US was unable to create many more chances of their own. Nevertheless‚ both teams can improve as the match progresses. The US started slowly‚ but eventually managed to score a goal. The Americans failed to create many chances on goal‚ but Mexico's pressure continued to wear down the US. Despite the US's pressure‚ the team was unable to create a clear chance. The Mexicans were forced to make a few changes to their lineup. The only change was the substitute for the injured Angel Reyna. The US had an excellent first half and started to apply pressure on Mexico. They benefited from the absence of their American opponents‚ but their set pieces were weak and the US lacked the quality that would have allowed them to create a clear shot. At the end of the match‚ the Mexicans scored their only goal. It was an improbable win for the US. The team's defensive performance was solid.