Report: U.S. solar and wind energy met a critical benchmark last month

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Renewable Energy and Offshore Wind Turbines

Renewable power generation capacity will increase by 50% from 2014 to 2024‚ or 1‚200 gigawatts (GW). Solar and onshore wind power will make up about 60% of this growth. Steel will play a critical role in all these energy sources‚ as each new MW of solar and wind power will require 35 to 45 tons of steel. In addition‚ the cost of installing these technologies is falling. The International Energy Agency projects that by 2024‚ the number of wind turbines in operation will reach over 135 gigawatts (GW) globally.

According to Ember‚ a London-based energy think tank‚ wind and solar power accounted for 20% of the total electricity generated in the United States in April. This was an historic milestone for the sector. It is notable because of the 20% number. International Energy Agency calculations To prevent catastrophic climate change‚ solar and wind energy must reach 1/5 of the global energy supply by 2025 to avoid any further disruptions. U.S. solar and wind energy production typically peak in April. Spring is the windiest Time of the year in average sun shines strongest In the spring and summer. The total amount of U.S. electricity generated by wind and solar was 17%. This is the highest figure since last month. Due to falling costs‚ U.S. solar and wind energy has seen a dramatic increase in the last few years. Wind and solar will be the dominant energy sources in 2021. Created 14% U.S. electricity has increased from just 6% in 2015 In 2021‚ solar panels will be installed at Calverton's Sutter Greenworks Solar Site. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) The production of solar energy is lower in the months when there's less sunlight‚ while it increases in summer. Solar and wind also decrease as a percentage because of higher summer demand for air conditioners‚ more coal- or gas-fired peaker power stations are used. America isn't the only country experiencing a wind- and solar boom. Ember reports that in 2021 solar and wind were the fastest growing energy sources worldwide‚ for 17 years consecutive. Between 2015 and 2021‚ global electricity production increased by two-thirds between wind and solar. As part of the climate change agenda‚ the Biden administration enthusiastically promotes wind and solar power production. The Department of the Interior lease offshore wind turbines the president's Build back Better legislative agenda provides billions in subsidy for purchases and production of solar panels. However‚ there are potential obstacles to the project's success. The Midwest's windy plains are where the most recent boom in wind energy has taken place. Local governments concerned about the loss of farmland have begun to take notice. Limit local renewable energy development. The Senate is still blocking President Biden’s energy plan.

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It has been slowed by opposition from Republicans as well as Democratic Senator Joe Manchin (West Virginia). Senator Joe Manchin attending a meeting of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on May 5. (Win McNamee/Getty Images) Trump's tariffs on imports of solar technology are threatening the solar industry. Biden refused to reverse them. Solar Energy Industries Association has cut its forecasts by new solar installation As a result‚ 46% was added for 2022/2023. Renewables continue to grow and they will keep growing. The only problem is how much. Wind was first to be the U.S.'s most active renewable energy source in 24 hours on March 29. On April 3‚ California also set a new record with its short-term power grid. Ember CEO Phil MacDonald stated that solar and wind are setting new records all over the globe. It is now possible to transform the energy system. The 'trilemma of sustainable‚ affordable‚ and reliable energy supplies is solved by solar and wind. They must be used at lightning speed in the next decade.


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