Rihanna Says Her Pregnancy Cravings Include Tangerines With Salt

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
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Rihanna Says Her Pregnancy Cravings Include Tangerines With Salt

Normally‚ Rihanna dislikes desserts‚ but she says she's craving chocolate donuts and tangerines with salt while pregnant. The r & b star is also craving tangerines sprinkled with salt. Her pregnancy cravings might be surprising‚ considering Rihanna has previously been linked to Drake and Chris Brown. Although she has said no to both of them‚ it seems that she is much more likely to say yes to a guy's advances during this time.

Chocolate donuts

Pop star Rihanna opens up about her pregnancy in Vogue's May cover story. The singer‚ who is expecting her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky‚ says her cravings during pregnancy include tangerines with salt and chocolate donuts. Although Rihanna usually does not eat sweets‚ she's now craving chocolate donuts and tangerines with salt. The pregnant singer also says she has changed her taste after being pregnant. It's not only Rihanna's pregnancy that's a big deal. She's also a fan of the Real Housewives franchise. The singer said she admires Heather Dubrow and Teresa Giudice‚ and that she hopes to parent like Heather Dubrow. But she's not quite there yet. She's still trying to find a mommy that she can have with A$AP Rocky. Rihanna recently shared a photo of her growing belly with Entertainment Tonight's Rachel Smith. Her green sequined RTW halter top and pink pants are the perfect maternity look. Rihanna complemented the look with Chopard and Messika jewelry. She also joked about her love for donuts. She sported a matching pink pair of pants and a bangle.

Tangerines sprinkled with salt

Rumors have it that Rihanna's maternity cravings include tangerines sprinkled in salt. Rihanna's craving for sweets is nothing new. The pop star used to be averse to desserts‚ but now she craves chocolate-covered donuts and tangerines sprinkled with salt. Luckily‚ this pregnant singer doesn't have to give up her beloved donuts - she can eat them without guilt! The singer has also revealed that her favorite fruits during pregnancy are tangerines and chocolate donuts. Tangerines are a traditional Barbados food and Rihanna's craving for them isn't all that surprising. The singer also said that she is more likely to say 'yes' to offers during her pregnancy because it allows her to relax before tackling the next phase of her life.

Chocolate covered donuts

The singer opened up about her new role as a mom-to-be in Vogue's May cover story‚ revealing that she is eating tangerines by the dozen and sprinkled with salt. Tangerines are a traditional Caribbean food‚ but in her new role as a mother-to-be‚ she's planning to be an overprotective parent. It's no wonder that the pregnant pop star couldn't keep her pregnancy a secret‚ but her strange cravings soon caused others to catch on. This content has been imported from Instagram‚ so you may need to use another browser or visit our website for more information. But we can be certain that her pregnancy is a big deal. It's not uncommon for a pregnant woman's palate to change significantly. The pop star recently revealed that she is currently in her third trimester and is enjoying fashion while her body changes. She also revealed that she loves tangerines with salt and chocolate donuts. However‚ she and A$AP Rocky haven't decided on the gender of the baby yet‚ which has led many fans to think she is expecting a girl. Until then‚ she's waiting until the May 2022 issue of Vogue is released. The singer's pregnancy cravings may be related to her increasing iron level. Many women experience iron deficiency and experience cravings for salty snacks. Other food cravings may be due to the fact that their taste buds have been altered during pregnancy. For this reason‚ pregnant women may crave stronger tasting foods. However‚ tangerines with salt are the preferred food of many women. According to Kate‚ a nanny in Sacramento‚ California‚ tangerines with salt are the singer's latest pregnancy craving. She is a mother to two boys and manages a nanny business. She recently shared her first pregnancy photo on Instagram. Rihanna founded Fenty Beauty in 2017 with luxury goods giant LVMH. The rapper's other products include Fenty Skin and Fenty x Savage.