Riots in Sweden linked to criminal gangs who target police, say

Monday, April 18, 2022
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Riots in Sweden Linked to Criminal Gangs Targeting Police

Unrest in Sweden has left police injured and protesters injured. Police say the unrest is linked to planned Quran burnings in Denmark and meetings by far-right politician Rasmus Paludan. As a result‚ police vehicles have been damaged and 26 police have been injured. The planned Quran burnings could threaten Sweden's ties with the Muslim world. Despite the police injury and damage‚ some protesters blame the riots on the criminal gangs targeting them.

ricochets hit protesters in Norrkoping

At least three people were hurt by police bullets that ricocheted off of rioters and police in Norrkoping‚ Sweden‚ on Friday. Several people have been hospitalized and three cars were torched‚ but nobody has been killed in the riot. Police say the clashes followed Quran burnings that sparked riots in several Swedish towns. Earlier‚ clashes in Norrkoping had led to police firing warning shots into the crowd. Three people were injured when bullets ricocheted off of police and struck the crowd‚ and three others were arrested on suspicion of the crimes. Police in Norrkoping and neighboring Linkoping have arrested 26 people. The clashes took place during a planned burning of the holy Quran in the city. Protesters hurled stones at police and set fire to cars. After police fired warning shots‚ the protesters hurled rocks and ricochets. At least three people were injured‚ while 26 police officers and fourteen civilians were also injured in Norrkoping. Police fired warning shots after protesters in Norrkoping‚ Sweden‚ burned a Quran. A ricocheting bullet hit two people‚ one of whom was critically injured. The police fired warning shots as well‚ but it wasn't clear if the ricochets hit the protesters or injured police officers. The injured individuals were arrested and remain hospitalized. The Norrkoping clash is the second in four days. In Malmo‚ riots broke out in the city's Rosengard district on Sunday night‚ when police fired tear gas into the crowd. In the city of Landskrona‚ protesters also set several cars on fire‚ tires and dustbins on fire. Police also erected a barricade fence. Meanwhile‚ in nearby Malmo‚ unrest spread to a city bus and resulted in a burning of Quran and two police officers. The second gathering was called off by Paludan‚ who was planning an anti-Muslim demonstration. He had previously posted a photo of his burning Quran and declared his intentions to burn more of them. The Swedish police said the riots were triggered by protesters' calls to burn the Quran‚ but Paludan never attended the protests in Norrkoping. Police in the nearby city of Linkoping also reported unrest. The clashes spread to other Swedish cities as well‚ including Malmo‚ Stockholm‚ Orebro and Landskrona.

Criminal gangs target police

Swedish police consider violent riots against society and suspect some protesters are connected to criminal gangs. There have been scuffles‚ arson and violence in Sweden since Thursday‚ sparked by far-right Danish politician Rasmus Paludan's call for Quran burnings. At least 26 police have been injured during the riots. Police are investigating what caused the unrest and what the gangs are planning next.

Paludan's planned Quran burnings could endanger Sweden's relations with the Muslim world

The upcoming burning of the Quran in Paludan‚ Iraq‚ has drawn the attention of the foreign ministry‚ which summoned Sweden's charge d'affaires for a meeting. The planned burning of the Quran could be a threat to relations between Sweden and the Muslim world. Sweden's charge d'affaires‚ Nasser Karimi‚ has been summoned by Iraq to Sweden to discuss the incident.