Rudy Giuliani reveal on The Masked Singer prompts Ken Jeong to

Thursday, April 21, 2022
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Rudy Giuliani Revealed on The Masked Singer - Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke's Reactions

The Rudy Giuliani unmasking on The Masked Singer has provoked a series of reactions from the Judges and contestants‚ but what was Robin Thicke's reaction? Read on to find out. We also discuss the reaction of Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke to the surprise reveal. Whether you're rooting for Jeong or not‚ he made a great impression on us!

Rudy Giuliani's unmasking on The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer's latest episode featured the unmasking of a controversial contestant: former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. The infamous event caused outrage among the audience and judges alike. It was one of the most dramatic reactions since the show's debut in 2020. Giuliani had already performed in a previously unseen segment. Jeong and Robin Thicke‚ who were the judges at the time‚ left the stage in protest. The judges were also surprised at Giuliani's involvement‚ as he was merely introducing himself as a former associate attorney general. However‚ he was later seen 'bantering' with the rest of the judges. The unmasking of Giuliani on the show prompted some people to question his integrity and history. Giuliani‚ who was New York's mayor from 1994 to 2001‚ has a history of making himself vulnerable in front of the camera. He was also recently cast in the sequel to his 2010 movie Borat. In the film‚ Giuliani's trouser hems were undone‚ and hidden cameras were found in the background. Despite this controversy‚ the former mayor has denied any wrongdoing and claimed he was simply tucking his shirt into his trousers. How could he not have seen it coming? He just had to look at that video. This video is truly amazing. The unmasking video has prompted Ken Jeong to call out Giuliani for being so racist. He doesn't hide his disapproval of the show. This video is a classic example of a celebrity expressing his disapproval of the show.

Judges' reaction to Rudy Giuliani's reveal

The Masked Singer judges' reaction to Rudy Giuliani revealed on The Voice is polarizing. While the reveal episode will air in March‚ many viewers are already wondering what the judges thought of Rudy Giuliani's shocking reveal. The sleazy real estate mogul has become a controversial figure in recent years‚ most notably for his baseless claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. The unmasking of Rudy Giuliani on The Masked Singer has caused a bit of a stir‚ as the former Trump attorney had a hard time hiding his real identity throughout the show. Giuliani had previously attempted to upset the 2016 presidential election and appeared on the singing competition in disguise. Giuliani sang a cover version of Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood‚ and judges' reaction to his reveal has been mixed. During the February episode‚ Jenni McCarthy and Nick Cannon appeared on the show. Giuliani was unmasked by the judges during a performance‚ and they looked stunned. Although Giuliani's reveal left many fans speechless‚ the episode did not end with a tense conclusion. The judges' reaction to Giuliani's unmasking was extremely different from their reactions to the reveal on Season 7. The judges' reaction to Rudy Giuliani reveal on The Masked Singer revealed a surprising twist in the show's finale. Giuliani's disguise was a clever way to make the judges guess who the secret contestant was. They had guessed Robert Duvall‚ Elon Musk‚ and Al Roker as the final four contestants‚ but were surprised to discover the real identity of Giuliani. As he sang Bad to the Bone‚ the judges' shock was palpable. The shock of the show's unmasking resulted in an outpouring of criticism from the judges. Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke walked off the set after Giuliani's reveal‚ while the others were appalled and reportedly upset. Some judges even took off their masks‚ but this reaction was unsurprising.

Ken Jeong's reaction

While some fans of the show are critical of Jeong's walkout‚ the reality star didn't seem to have a problem expressing his thoughts via Twitter. In fact‚ he seemed pleased by the reaction of his followers. Some even thanked him for refusing to take part in the debate. Here are the reactions of other contestants and the cast. During the February season premiere‚ Jeong stormed off stage and walked away‚ while Robin Thicke‚ Nicole Scherzinger and Tom Hanks remained on stage. Although they all left the stage‚ the others remained and continued to applaud the actor. The show's producers did not comment on Jeong's reaction to Rudy Giuliani's reveal. The Masked Singer has been controversial and divisive in recent years‚ and Rudy Giuliani's reveal has raised eyebrows. While some people were surprised to see a politician on the show‚ the revelation of Giuliani's identity was understandable. However‚ there are a few questions that may be raised after the episode. To begin with‚ why did Rudy Giuliani choose the show? While a shocking reveal on The Masked Singer can polarise the viewer‚ Jeong's reaction was a mixed bag. The former New York City mayor has become an important political figure‚ and is often criticized for defending President Donald Trump's big lie and claiming that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. Giuliani was also a controversial guest on a sequel to his movie Borat. It was revealed that a hidden camera caught him undoing his trousers while he was interviewing host Nick Cannon. In the latest episode of The Masked Singer‚ the show revealed the unmasked celebrity. The episode aired on April 20. The episode also introduced the season's final five contestants. During the show's seventh season‚ the show will feature a panel of celebrities as creatures from the year 2022. It is unlikely to have a repeat of this scandal in the near future.

Robin Thicke's reaction

There has been much controversy over the guest appearance of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on The Masked Singer. Giuliani is a notoriously divisive figure‚ and many were surprised when he was revealed on the show. Giuliani was also known for spreading false information about the last presidential election. Robin Thicke's reaction to Giuliani's reveal on the show is a good example of the fact that he has no problem being controversial. The actor Jeong appeared to be upset at Giuliani's reveal on The Mr. America talent show‚ but he wasn't the only one who seemed upset. While many of the other competitors‚ including the other judges‚ were ecstatic with the news‚ some fans were not so excited. During the post-reveal chat with Giuliani‚ Jeong was seen standing with his arms folded‚ but he didn't smile. Afterward‚ Robin Thicke did not remain on the stage after Giuliani revealed himself. Despite the many dramatic moments in Season 7‚ the finale of the episode is likely to go down as one of the most memorable. Giuliani's reveal‚ as well as the fact that it was spoiled ahead of time‚ triggered a heated debate. After all‚ Giuliani's appearance on the show was the most polarizing reveal since the show was created. The judges were stumped by the costume reveal and guessed the masked singer as Al Roker‚ Robert Duvall‚ or Elon Musk. When Giuliani's real identity was revealed‚ the judges were utterly shocked and even left the stage. The show's hosts‚ Ken Jeong and Melissa McCarthy‚ stood motionless and shocked. In a shocking twist‚ two Masked Singer judges left the stage upon the reveal of Rudy Giuliani. Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke were also seen walking off the set after Giuliani's reveal. This shows that the show does not rule out the possibility of controversy for the contestants. Hopefully‚ the reaction to Giuliani's reveal will be a positive one for the rest of us.