Russell broke F1 floor stay due to Mercedes porpoising in Imola FP1

Friday, April 22, 2022
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George Russell's Mercedes Breaks F1 Floor Stay

A driver's car in Imola has broken its floor stay after the Mercedes engine suffered from bad rebound around the Tamburello chicane. The cause of the large gap was attributed to tire burnout problems‚ Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff said. However‚ the car that broke the floor stay was George Russell's W13‚ which was porpoised as it approached the Tamburello chicane. As a result‚ Russell's car broke the floor stay‚ sending sparks flying.

George Russell's car damaged by Mercedes porpoising in Imola FP1

The Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has revealed that the porpoising caused the floor stay on George Russell's Formula 1 car to break during FP1 at Imola. Porpoising is a common problem for the Mercedes W13 but the problems were particularly severe during FP1‚ with some of the drivers unable to cross the main straight without taking off. Despite the large gap in FP1‚ the silver-and-black team managed to finish P10 - a spot better than Hamilton. Despite this unfortunate accident‚ George Russell and Valtteri Bottas have since said that they have improved their relationship and this incident has only strengthened their bond. The crash‚ which involved both a Mercedes and a Tamburello entry‚ resulted in a red flag being displayed and the drivers being sent to the pits. George Russell apologized on Twitter for the accident. The incident caused sparks to fly‚ and both cars crashed into each other. Russell's car was heavily damaged‚ with its right rear tyre spun up on the damp line. Russell was in the outside of the other driver and the incident was not his fault - it was his Mercedes that dipped onto the grass. However‚ he was a passenger in the accident‚ which affected the timesheets for both drivers. A further reason for the crash was that Hamilton‚ a fellow Williams driver‚ was battling for ninth place. When the two Mercedes cars collided‚ the former had no idea that the other car was so close to his own. He was spooked by the crash and didn't realise Russell was close to him. It was this moment that caused the incident.

Mercedes team boss totowolff reveals porpoising is damaging itself out on track

Porpoising is a recurring problem in Formula One‚ and Mercedes are clearly falling behind in understanding and solving it. The team has made mistakes over the past year or so‚ not completing enough analysis of the problem in time to make any changes. But even though porpoising is a common problem‚ that doesn't mean that all teams will struggle - it just means that Mercedes haven't worked out the solution to this yet. The issue of porpoising is so widespread that George Russell believes it accounts for up to 99% of the problems. The car is now undergoing changes‚ but the team's problem remains. In Emilia Romagna‚ the team finished a disappointing 18th‚ with George Russell and Lewis Hamilton struggling to stay on the track. But despite this‚ Mercedes have won a race and are second in the constructors' standings. The problem is not easily solved. In fact‚ experts believe the cause isn't clear. Despite the lack of evidence‚ porpoising cannot be fixed by a conventional wind tunnel or CFD simulation. Porpoising occurs when the airflow underneath the car stalls at a certain speed. When this happens‚ the car loses downforce‚ which lifts it. If the airflow reattaches‚ the car sinks. This stalling is caused by two issues‚ and the engineers believe that both are involved. However‚ porpoising is more prevalent than it seems. While Ferrari and Mercedes have a similar problem‚ Mercedes is losing out because it's losing out on a few precious seconds. However‚ if the FIA can solve the issue‚ Mercedes will be a dominant team again. That would be a huge boost for the team. The car is also able to take advantage of its third-best position in the championship.

Mercedes drivers are lifting off on the straights to combat porpoising

The bouncing in the Imola circuit was so bad‚ that Mercedes drivers were unable to complete the main straight without lifting off before the Tamburello chicane braking zone. Mercedes' chief motorsport officer Toto Wolff has blamed porpoising on problems with tyre warm-up. In Imola FP1‚ the Silver Arrows driver George Russell was seen sparking as his car hit the ground. Wolff blamed porpoising on tyre warm-up‚ which was the cause of the huge gap between the two cars. Earlier in the season‚ some teams were able to tackle porpoising by improving their cars. However‚ the Ferrari team‚ in the meantime‚ has been able to live with it‚ despite the issues with the car's ground effect. In fact‚ the porpoising issue has not affected the overall performance of the F1-75 car. Despite the problems with porpoising‚ Mercedes drivers are still trying to find a solution for it. The car's aerodynamics are still too wide and the cars are lifting off on the straights. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. The quickest time in FP1 will likely be crucial to the overall season's outcome. The silver arrows aren't without their problems‚ and they still have a long way to go before they regain the top spot. However‚ the silver team's rivals have improved since then. The defending world champion‚ Max Verstappen‚ is in a great position in the standings‚ while the Haas duo Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher both finished the session in the top five.

Mercedes struggled to unlock tyre grip while Ferrari managed to do so

The Mercedes drivers struggled to unlock tyre grip in the Imola FP1 session while Ferrari made the process look easy. The first half of the session was interrupted by two red flag suspensions‚ the first of which was due to the cleaning up of three crashed cars. However‚ the rest of the session was free of any incidents. The opening practice session at Imola saw the drivers battling it out for top position in the timesheet‚ despite the wet conditions. Most drivers suffered minor off-track incidents and ended up six seconds behind Ferrari‚ who managed to unlock tyre grip before the race. Mercedes had to contend with the wet conditions‚ whereas Ferrari had no problems. The track itself is known for its unforgiving limits. The corner boundaries known as Variante Tamburello and Rivazza are so hard to drive through that many drivers have been forced to run close to the gravel trap edge. That means that the Ferraris were able to unlock tyre grip in Imola FP1. A Mercedes motorsport boss revealed that the bouncing at Imola has a lot to do with the difficulty of getting the tyres warmed up. This is the main reason behind the massive gap between Ferrari and Mercedes in FP1. The Mercedes car porpoised heavily as it approached the braking zone at Tamburello during practice running and tyres popped off in front of its driver‚ sending sparks. The Ferrari drivers had been testing in cold conditions for a week prior to the start of the season‚ so it is likely they will head to warmer climes to open the season in style. But despite the cold temperatures‚ the Ferrari drivers will still need to work‚ as they will report back to the factory half way through the off-season.

Lewis Hamilton pokes fun at Verstappen's 'porpoising'

Mercedes has been plagued by 'porpoising' since the season began. The phenomenon occurs when the ground effect downforce stalls at high speeds. Mercedes did not bring any expected upgrades to Australia‚ and they struggled to find a way to work around it. Lewis Hamilton said that the porpoising problem has been affecting Mercedes' early form‚ but the team has made progress. After the safety car‚ Verstappen pits again‚ complaining of steering problems. His team radio confirms that it is not a reliability issue. Verstappen is now on mediums‚ with Renault having gone easy on his tyres. The German is now on medium tyres and 1.5 seconds off the lead. 'Porpoising' is a problem that has plagued Verstappen for a long time‚ but he seems to have overcome it‚ and he's on his way to a faster finish. Although it's a shame that the duo have been in such close battles in recent races‚ Lewis Hamilton is hopeful that the team can avoid any collisions with Verstappen in the future. The pair have fought wheel-to-wheel in all four races this season. Verstappen recently attempted to pass Hamilton at the Spanish Grand Prix but Hamilton pulled back. Verstappen won the race‚ but it was only a matter of time before the two collided again. Despite the fact that Mercedes and Ferrari have suffered from 'porpoising' since the first season‚ Red Bull has improved the reliability of their cars. While the latter team suffers from the problem‚ Honda's RB18 engine is still the most reliable‚ despite the porpoising issue in the first two races of the season. In the meantime‚ Mercedes' car is still slow.