Russia and Ukraine latest news: zelensky asks for russian war compensation

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Ukrainian Prosecutor Finds Evidence of War Crimes in Eastern Ukraine

A Ukrainian prosecutor has found evidence of war crimes in the eastern Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian defense ministry‚ Russian forces attacked a humanitarian corridor that was agreed upon by Ukraine and Russia to allow aid to reach Mariupol. Russia should be held responsible for this‚ the Ukrainian defense ministry says.

Dmytro Mosur‚ 32‚ lost his wife in the shelling at Severodonetsk‚ this week. He holds his twins‚ aged two and one year‚ as they wait for evacuation from Lysychansk‚ eastern Ukraine - ARIS MESSINIS/AFP Volodymyr Zelensky proposed to the allies a formal agreement in order to obtain Russian compensation for damage caused by its troops during World War II. According to the Ukrainian president‚ Russia wants to demolish as much infrastructure of Ukraine as possible. He said that such an agreement would reveal nations who are planning to commit aggressive acts and they would be responsible for paying. He said that we invite all partner countries to sign multilateral agreements and establish a mechanism for ensuring compensation for anyone who has been affected by Russian actions. According to Mr Zelensky‚ Russian property and funds in the signatory countries would be forfeited under this agreement. The funds would be sent to a compensation fund. That would be just. Russia would feel the full weight of each missile‚ bomb and shell it fired at us. Canada already stated that it will amend its sanctions law so foreign assets seized or sanctioned can be distributed as compensation for victims and to aid in the rebuilding of a foreign country after war. Keep checking the site for new updates.

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Liz Truss says we'll provide weapons for Moldova to stop Vladimir Putin's invasion

Liz Truss revealed her desire to ship modern weapons to Moldova in order to defend it. Russia's threat to invade. In  interview with the telegraph according to the Foreign Secretary‚ Vladimir Putin is determined to make Russia stronger despite losing in Kyiv (Ukraine's capital). Moldova is located to the southwest of Ukraine and it's not a member of NATO. There are concerns about its existence. Putin could be Putin’s next target As he pursues his territorial expansion‚ he will be following Ukraine. You can read the complete story by Roland Oliphant and Ben Riley-Smith. Here