Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 20 of the Russian invasion

Monday, March 14, 2022
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The war in Ukraine has left more than 27‚000 people dead‚ including dozens of Ukrainian military personnel‚ and is threatening the world's economy. A report by the Associated Press claims that Russia has used vacuum and cluster weapons in the conflict. There have been several reports that suggest the conflict may have a global economic impact‚ including the rise in gas prices and shifting trade decisions. Censorship in Russia has severely curtailed online access and diplomatic staff have been evacuated from the country. While Russian forces have moved forward toward Kyiv‚ a senior U.S. defense official told CNBC on Friday that they are still about 15 kilometers outside of the city center. The official said that the Russian government had requested comment from Ukrainian officials over the weekend‚ but no response had yet been received. According to the official‚ Russia uses unguided dumb munitions to target its adversary‚ which increases the risk of civilian casualties. In the United States‚ there are no plans to send combat troops to Ukraine‚ but other Nato allies have offered their support for the nation.

russia ukraine war what we know on day 20 of the russian invasion <strong>Russia</strong> ukraine war
Image source : hipmodesre

President Donald Trump put an additional 8‚500 combat-ready troop on alert‚ and the Pentagon has added 3‚000 soldiers to Poland‚ Romania‚ and Germany. The main tools in the West's armoury appear to be sanctions and military assistance in the form of advisers. Meanwhile‚ the Ukraine's nuclear regulator began reporting unusual rates of disconnection. By Tuesday‚ most reactors at the Zaporizhzhia facility had been shut down.