Russia-Ukraine war what we know on day 45 of the invasion

Saturday, April 9, 2022
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What We Know on Day 45 of the Ukraine War

In this article‚ we'll cover the end game of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine‚ the arrival of Russian tanks‚ and what this means for the Ukrainian resistance. We'll also look at what's driving Putin's decision to launch a military campaign in Ukraine. So‚ what do we know on day 45? This is not an easy task‚ but we'll do our best. In the meantime‚ let's get some perspective on the current situation.

Russia's goal in Ukraine

Putin's goal for his military campaign in Ukraine is to push NATO back to the pre-1997) posture. In a televised address‚ Putin said that the offensive was necessary to protect the civilian population of eastern Ukraine‚ an accusation the U.S. had predicted would happen. Putin blamed the United States for not listening to his concerns over Russian security. The Russian military forces have now carried out several major airstrikes in Ukraine‚ killing dozens of civilians and causing a humanitarian crisis. The Russian military is launching its operations from different directions. They have isolated Mariupol in the south‚ and are advancing in the north. But they have had little success capturing Kyiv. The Ukrainians have fought back resolutely and successfully defended the cities of Chernihiv and Kharkiv. Russia's plan to conquer the capital and take Kiev is proving unworkable. In a speech with CBS News' Pamela Falk‚ the ambassador to the U.N. of Ukraine told the reporter that Russia has been claiming Crimea as its own since the 2014 invasion. Yet the Ukrainian president has resisted the Russian demand and says that he will not cede the region. He also said that Russia has legacy issues on its mind‚ and that Russia needs to make sure it does not end up making common cause with Europe in the future.

Putin's endgame

As the Russian war on Ukraine enters its fourth week‚ many are asking what Putin's ultimate goal is. There have been hundreds of casualties in less than a week‚ and the question of whether Russia is pursuing an ideologically motivated conflict against Ukraine is a legitimate one. According to a lecturer at Loughborough University London‚ Vladimir Putin's endgame is to achieve parity with the West and influence its smaller neighbors. But the Russians' offensive on Ukraine has stalled‚ with the Russians' advances slowing. The unexpected delay is expected to teach Putin a lesson about the costs of escalating the war. And as a result‚ the Russians still have considerable forces in reserve. Indeed‚ 75 percent of Russian forces are currently in the Ukraine. And if Ukraine is not quickly conquered‚ it will be too large for Putin to control through a puppet regime or occupation. If the Russian invasion of Ukraine fails‚ what should the world do? The world must respond firmly to prevent Russian aggression in the region and hold Russia accountable. The world has to resist authoritarian aggression by adopting a new approach to war. Carl von Clausewitz famously wrote that war is continuation of policy through another means. And he was right. Against the backdrop of the crisis in Ukraine‚ Europe will be forced to take measures to deter the Russian invasion.

Russian tanks' arrival

As the war continues in Ukraine‚ Russia has continued to shell Kyiv and its suburbs. Increasing fears that Russian forces will overwhelm the capital have prompted residents to prepare homemade bombs. In a video filmed by a Belarussian journalist‚ Russian tanks are surrounded by Ukrainian troops. Another footage shows an explosion over the city that the New York Times verified was caused by cluster munitions. The Russians have largely wasted the potential of their tanks. They have been wasting their potential‚ outrunning infantry and outrunning their range. A tank's range is about 600 miles and it gets less than one mile per gallon. In Ukraine‚ however‚ Russian tanks have been stuck on the city's roads and have largely avoided concealment positions. It has been a frustrating and unproductive war. On day 44 of the war‚ the Russian military launched an amphibious assault near the Ukrainian city of Mariupol‚ only 30 miles outside the city. The attack prevented about 200‚000 people from evacuating the city on Sunday. In a similar attack‚ the Russian Navy unblocked water flows from a canal in annexed Crimea. The US and EU have condemned the atrocities and branded the Romanians' actions as war crimes. The Italian embassy in Kiev is planning to reopen after Easter. As the Russian military continues to withdraw from eastern Ukraine‚ the Kremlin's expectations for an early victory were blown out of the water. Western officials and analysts initially skepticism about the Russian retreat‚ believing it was a mere repositioning of forces for new attacks. Now‚ signs of Russian retreat are showing up‚ including Ukrainian military accounts of retaking towns‚ satellite images and social media videos.

Ukrainian resistance

The Russian Federation has escalated its military intervention in Ukraine‚ with the protests taking center stage. In February‚ Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is forced from office after months of protest. A pro-Western interim government is installed‚ but pro-Russian separatists seize government buildings in Crimea and declare independence from Kiev. In March‚ Russia officially annexes Crimea and the activities of these separatists spread throughout eastern Ukraine. In the face of the Russian aggression‚ the Ukrainian government is weighing the option of a military response against the possibility of further Russian invasion. The government has begun systematically reclaiming contested territory ahead of the presidential elections in May 2014. The United States‚ the European Union‚ and NATO have stepped up sanctions against Russia and its citizens. The conflict has been a defining feature of the Obama administration's foreign policy. As Russian military forces continue their attacks on the civilian areas of Ukraine's biggest cities‚ Ukrainian leaders vow to repel the invading troops. Meanwhile‚ the Ukrainian population joins in the defense of their country. Meanwhile‚ the United Nations General Assembly votes to call on Russia to end the war‚ a move that prompts concern from the US. And as a final sign of the international community's commitment to Ukraine‚ US President Joe Biden says that the international community is committed to helping Ukraine and exerting pressure on Russia.

Death toll

The Russian military has admitted to losing at least 5‚840 soldiers during the conflict with the Ukrainian government on day 45 of the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine. The number is higher than the official Russian figures‚ which are much lower. However‚ Ukraine has tried to inflate its losses to increase domestic pressure on President Putin. Meanwhile‚ Russia is relying on numbers to control protests. In addition‚ the government is waging an information war with Russia and wants to minimize its losses. A number of videos from the battlefield have emerged‚ indicating that the Ukrainian military has suffered a high death toll. The woman also mentions acquaintances who had been killed in the conflict. She refers to a former military service-member named Evgeniy Zhilin‚ who was buried near the Orthodox Church in Bucha. The Russian military did not reveal his identity‚ and the Ukrainian military claimed he was taken. However‚ the death toll has not been confirmed as of yet. Hundreds of other bodies have been discovered‚ but if he had been buried with his comrades‚ the death toll would be much higher. According to reports‚ Russia has fired 160 missiles into eastern Ukraine. While it was a limited attack‚ the military has claimed more than 7‚500 soldiers have died. The international criminal court has confirmed an investigation into possible war crimes‚ and it has begun collecting evidence. Other countries like the US have publicly denounced Russia and declared their support for Ukraine. While the alleged war crimes have yet to be proven‚ the international community has taken measures to help the country recover.

U.S. interests in rebuffing Russia's aggression

The United States has its interests in rebuffing Russia'e aggression‚ as its allies have done in the past‚ and it should do so again. The Russian government is a fascist dictator‚ and its invasion of Ukraine is not on the same level of war crimes the United States has committed against other nations‚ including Vietnam‚ Korea and Iraq in the past century‚ and Afghanistan in the present. The Russian ruler has already killed thousands of Ukrainian civilians‚ including hundreds of children. But is this enough to sway the U.S. to join the war? In the current situation‚ the primary issues in the Ukraine war are sovereignty and territorial integrity‚ and whether to align with Washington or Moscow. It is clear that the United States is more enmity-oriented than Moscow‚ but the escalation of the Russian war in Ukraine has put our interests in the spotlight. However‚ Mearsheimer's argument is not entirely convincing. In fact‚ the argument against the U.S.-led alliance with Russia is largely based on his own characterization of Moscow's motivations. Despite this‚ the United States and most of its European allies have avoided direct conflict with Russia and Putin‚ and instead have opted to provide military hardware‚ cash‚ and diplomatic support. The U.S.'s interest in rebuffing Russia's aggression in the Ukraine war is hard to measure in terms of American lives and goods‚ but it should be clear that our interests are directly affected by the situation.