Russian navy evacuates flagship Moskva in Black Sea. Ukraine

Thursday, April 14, 2022
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Russian Navy Evacuates Flagship Moskva in Black Sea

There is a fire on a Russian cruise missile cruiser in the Black Sea‚ and the crew of a warship with 16 anti-ship cruise missiles has been cursed by a border guard. The crew of the Russian missile cruiser is unsure of their future‚ but they remain hopeful. A Russian border guard curses out the crew of a cruise missile ship. This is just one of the many reasons why Russia should be wary of any attack in the Black Sea.

Russian navy evacuates flagship Mosk

The Russian navy has reportedly evacuated its flagship Moskva from the Black Sea after a missile attack on the ship. Ukraine has claimed the ship was hit by cruise missiles‚ but there is no proof of this. The Ukrainian forces also claimed that two other large Russian warships were hit. There are no details regarding casualties‚ but the incident is believed to be part of a larger battle plan to retake Mariupol. The ship was originally commissioned into the Soviet Navy in the 1980s. Her official name was Slava‚ which means glory‚ but in the mid-1990s‚ she was renamed Moscow. The Moskva is armed with naval guns‚ torpedoes‚ and range-finding missiles. It also has a large stockpile of explosives stored in its ammunition magazines. The crew has little or no recourse to deal with the flames and explosions. Earlier this week‚ the Moskva had called on Ukrainian border troops to surrender‚ but the troops refused. In response‚ Russian navy warships began firing missiles at them‚ killing one and capturing dozens. The border troops were subsequently released in a prisoner exchange with Russia. The Ukrainian government also released a video of Moskva engaging a TB2 drone. However‚ there are some questions about whether the Russian navy can bring more ships to the Black Sea to protect its fleet. The storms covering the Black Sea obscure satellite imagery and sensor satellite data‚ so it is difficult to confirm the exact impact of the ship. CNN has not verified this‚ and neither has the Ukrainian navy. However‚ two experts believe the incident was a disaster for Russia and the Russian navy. They note that if the ship was sunk‚ it could be destroyed in an explosion‚ which would cause more damage and sink the vessel. US embassy in Fiji says the US is committed to locating and confiscating assets owned by oligarchs. In addition to this‚ the embassy also seized a luxury yacht‚ the SY A‚ valued at EUR530 million‚ which is owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. Kerimov is also under sanctions from the United States and the European Union.

Russian border guard curses out crew

Earlier today‚ a video appeared on YouTube of a Russian border guard cursing out the crew of the Russian navy's flagship Moskva in the Black Sea‚ which shelled a Ukrainian island. The crew of the Moskva were killed‚ along with 13 Ukrainian border guards. They had been defending Ukraine's borders and independence for several years. As a result of the incident‚ many Ukrainians and Russians are now making their way to the southern U.S. border to enter the country. However‚ despite the fact that reaching the border with Mexico does not guarantee immediate entry to the U.S.‚ this recent incident will raise more questions than answers. In response‚ Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis for raising $35 million for Ukraine. The 13 Ukrainian border guards killed on the island reportedly refused to surrender to the Russian invaders‚ as a result of which a viral video was created. The video shows the border guards telling the Russian warship to 'fuck you' and has become a symbol of the resistance of Ukraine to Russia. Initially‚ it was believed that the border guards were killed during the confrontation with the Moskva. However‚ they were later found to have survived the attack‚ and have been returned to their homeland in a prison swap. The damage of the ship and the Russian border guards' lack of knowledge of the incident have left both sides confused. Ukraine's government announced the damage to the Moskva‚ but the Russian Defense Ministry has not explained how the Slava-class cruiser sustained damage. Its crew was evacuated and the crew of the ship were cursed by Ukrainian border guards‚ saying the Russians had launched two missiles. The Ukrainian government has argued that the incident involving the three Ukrainian boats in the Kerch Strait was a provocation‚ but the Ukrainian coast guard has denied this. They claim that a Russian coast guard vessel deliberately rammed one of their boats into Ukrainian waters‚ but Russia did not mention that it rammed another tugboat. The incident also drew the attention of the United States‚ which has urged Poroshenko to provoke Russia.

Russian missile cruiser damaged by fire in Black Sea

The fire and explosion that damaged a Russian missile cruiser in the Black Sea on Wednesday may form a critical turning point in the conflict. The ship's Russian Ministry of Defense has confirmed that Moskva suffered major damage after being hit by Ukrainian Neptune shore-based cruise missiles. The fire was fueled by an explosion of ammo on board. After the blast‚ the crew of the cruiser had to evacuate. A Russian missile cruiser has been badly damaged in the Black Sea after catching fire. The cause of the fire is unclear‚ but the fire caused serious damage to the cruiser's Neptune missiles‚ according to the Russian Ministry of Defense. The crew complement of a Slava class warship is approximately 510. The cruiser is the flagship of Moscow's Black Sea fleet. As such‚ the loss of this warship could be a major embarrassment for Russian forces‚ but a major tactical military victory for Ukraine. While the exact cause of the blaze is still under investigation‚ Russian authorities have stated that the incident was accidental. However‚ the alleged attackers of the Moskva‚ which was deployed in the Black Sea‚ have claimed to be Russian forces. However‚ they are still denying any involvement. As such‚ Russia is taking no chances with the Moskva's destruction. Even if the fire did not result in a nuclear explosion‚ the damage caused by the fire will still be enormous. The Ukrainian military also claimed to have damaged seven Russian ships during the battle for the Ukraine. Several ships were destroyed‚ but only Moskva is the only major ship to suffer serious damage in this conflict. The previous month‚ Ukraine destroyed the Alligator-class landing support ship Saratov as it docked in the port of Berdyansk. Fuel and ammunition trucks had approached the landing site‚ prompting the Ukrainian military to launch a ballistic missile. The footage shows the destroyed Saratov burning‚ while two others were damaged. This latest incident could also affect the Russian navy's efforts to bring more warships to the region. If the Russian navy doesn't send more ships to the Black Sea‚ they could be vulnerable to attacks of the same kind. A nuclear submarine is another possible target. The US has said that it is committed to finding and seizing assets that belong to Russian oligarchs. It is not clear how the incident began‚ but it is important that Western governments stop sponsoring the Russian military machine.

Russian warship armed with 16 anti-ship cruise missiles

Having been commissioned in 1983‚ the 12‚500-tonne Moskva is one of the most important ships in the Russian Black Sea fleet. The vessel is armed with 16 anti-ship cruise missiles‚ known as Vulkans. As such‚ it is larger and more powerful than comparable US surface combatants. The ship is also capable of taking out an aircraft carrier. According to the news agencies‚ the Moskva‚ which has a crew of 500‚ is equipped with 16 anti-ship cruise missiles with a range of at least 700 km. The warship was formerly known as the Slava during Soviet service‚ but was renamed Moskva in 2000. It has a crew of 500 and typically carries a fuel capacity of 26‚000 tons. The Ukrainian authorities said that the Moskva was involved in the initial exchanges and were forced to surrender by border guards. The explosion occurred near the crew quarters‚ where munitions were stored. While it remains unclear which weapon was responsible for the explosion‚ the Russian Defence Ministry confirmed that the Moskva suffered serious damage. According to the ministry‚ the fire was caused by ammunition that exploded when the ship was hit by fire. The crew was evacuated while the Russian defense ministry investigates the cause of the fire. According to the Odesa state regional administrator‚ the Ukrainian navy had fired 16 Neptune cruise missiles at the Moskva. This would have taken the ship out of action‚ which would have been a significant victory for Kyiv's forces. The governor of Odesa claimed that two Neptune anti-ship missiles struck the ship‚ but the report has not been independently verified. While images of the fire are alarming‚ the ship may have been damaged enough to capsize. While the ship is currently adrift in the Black Sea‚ Russia's activities in the region are vital to land operations in southern Ukraine. The humanitarian corridors‚ which are essential for the evacuation of civilians‚ have been reopened by Ukraine after being closed for a period of time. After Russian violations‚ the Ukrainian government and the EU halted cooperation on three missions to the Moon and the Mars. These are important steps in avoiding war and preserving civilian life. In addition‚ the humanitarian corridors in the eastern Black Sea Ukraine are not operational until the Russian shelling stops.