Ryan Garcia drops and dominates Emmanuel Tagoe in successful

Sunday, April 10, 2022
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Ryan Garcia Drops Emmanuel Tagoe in Successful Decision

It's no secret that Ryan Garcia is the superior fighter in this boxing match. The Brazilian fighter dominated Emmanuel Tagoe throughout their bout‚ winning 118-109‚ 119-108‚ and 116-110 on three separate scorecards. During the fight‚ Garcia also knocked Tagoe down twice and disqualified him once for throwing a combination that didn't land well.

Garcia wins on scores of 118-109‚ 119-108‚ and 119-108

After a lengthy layoff from the ring‚ Ryan Garcia returned to boxing with a bang. He quickly dominated Emmanuel Tagoe‚ dropping him in Round 2 and establishing his dominance early on. Tagoe‚ meanwhile‚ stayed in place and circled around the ring with his back to the ropes. Neither man showed much power or speed‚ but Garcia's right hand knocked him out in Round 2. After that‚ the fight settled into the same routine round after round. In this first fight since his break‚ Ryan Garcia was expected to finish Emmanuel Tagoe without much of a struggle. His performance against Tagoe was a welcome sight. The Mexican had his fair share of ring rust and was expected to win by a wide margin. However‚ the Brazilian failed to land any knockout shots and looked very nervous throughout the match. The main event featured three former world champions‚ including a two-time world champion. Other notable contenders included Emmanuel Tagoe‚ a Ghanaian‚ who hasn't lost since 2004. The co-main event featured two super middleweights with no fewer than three fights. The co-main event featured a 10-round super middleweight match between Ryan Garcia and Emmanuel Tagoe.

Garcia knocks down Tagoe

Despite being a relatively unknown prospect‚ Ryan Garcia was able to defeat an experienced opponent and move up into the lightweight division. Though he lacks the name value of a top contender‚ Tagoe is known for his straight-ahead attack and impressive chin. In contrast‚ Garcia is known for his lightning-fast hand speed and power punch. The decision is not surprising considering the size difference between these two fighters. The fight starts on a shaky note. Emmanuel Tagoe's corner has lathered his face with petroleum jelly prior to the fight‚ but it doesn't connect flush. After the left hook misses‚ Garcia continues to pounce and ends the round with another left hook. If Tagoe is going to win this fight‚ he will need to open up his offensive playbook and find ways to score more points. Otherwise‚ he will be stuck in one-way traffic and a glorified sparring match. As the fight progressed‚ Mikey Garcia had been working to put Tagoe away. He pounded the body with his patented left hook‚ and threw a right. Tagoe‚ however‚ knew when to hold on. A right hand in the 10th round nearly stopped Tagoe‚ and his momentum did not last until the final rounds. However‚ Garcia did win the fight on the scorecards.

Garcia disqualifies Tagoe

After a slow start‚ Ryan Garcia comes out aggressively‚ stalking Tagoe from the inside. He lands a left hand to the body‚ followed by a right to the head. Garcia follows up with a right hand upstairs‚ while Tagoe is trying to ride the attack. Tagoe takes a couple punches‚ but doesn't land anything that looks like a knockout. After missing Garcia's lunging left hand‚ Tagoe pulls a punch. Garcia continues to unload‚ landing right hands to Tagoe's body‚ and eventually disqualifies him from the fight. This is an impressive performance by an undefeated lightweight prospect. Garcia beats Emmanuel Tagoe in twelve rounds. While Emmanuel Tagoe didn't put himself in danger in the first two rounds‚ his game plan was to get close and tie him up. As a result‚ Garcia lands a right hand lead in the third round‚ securing a quick knockout. After a slow start for both sides‚ both men begin to tire and lose their focus. However‚ Tagoe hits Garcia's jaw‚ but Garcia responds and lands a right hand in round ten. The scorecards indicate that Garcia won by unanimous decision‚ and the fight moves to round twelve. Garcia also won the WBC flyweight title‚ adding Naoko Fujioka's WBA belt to his WBC one.

Garcia throws combination that doesn't land well

In the seventh round‚ Emmanuel Tagoe connects with a left hook but it doesn't land flush‚ so Garcia stalks Tagoe to line up the punch that ends the fight. Tagoe attempts to stay low‚ but Garcia responds with two hooks downstairs. Garcia then throws a right hand and a left hook with mixed success. Garcia is now staggered and looks for an escape route. It's easy to understand why Garcia wants to win this fight. Having five straight knockouts and more than ninety percent of world champions‚ Garcia is one of the most popular and highly regarded prospects in the sport. He has managed to build a fan base outside of boxing that rivals that of ninety percent of his opponents. His insane hand speed and power has also earned him a following that far exceeds that of the average boxer. As the fight opens‚ Garcia throws a right hand and misses‚ but Campbell counters with a left hand. Garcia follows up with a jab and a right hand. After missing with his right‚ he throws a left to the body. The left hand misses‚ and the right hand from Campbell falls short. During the second round‚ Garcia throws a combination that doesn't land well and misses.

Garcia's timing wasn't great in a live fight

It's no surprise that Garcia's timing wasn't perfect in his live fight against Ghana's Emmanuel Tagoe. The fight ended in a unanimous decision‚ despite Garcia landing a few big shots. However‚ a few key things should have been different. For one‚ Tagoe moved around the ring a lot‚ and Garcia didn't land any big shots. Then again‚ it was not as if Garcia wasn't a great athlete either‚ as he posed for the judges and took shots that could have been a knockout. The fight didn't start well for Garcia‚ who had two previous bouts cancelled. Tagoe showed a good chin‚ but Garcia wasn't the only fighter who struggled with his timing in a live fight. Although Garcia's timing wasn't perfect in the fight against Tagoe‚ the rabid crowd still cheered him on. In a live fight‚ Garcia could have won the fight and shown his fans that he's on par with lightweights. The pace of this fight is fast‚ and the fight doesn't end well for either fighter. Garcia's relentless pursuit of Tagoe in the ring is not showing respect. Despite his ring savvy‚ Garcia is not giving Tagoe any time to get comfortable in the ring. He is having a field day in the ring‚ but Emmanuel Tagoe is not showing him any respect. Despite this‚ Garcia has outlanded Tagoe 33-to-4 in power punches.

Garcia's takedown of Tagoe

The first round was dominated by Garcia‚ who scored two knockdowns in the round. Tagoe was largely on the back foot throughout the fight‚ though he did land a looping left hook that did not connect flush. Once that shot misses‚ Garcia gets aggressive and ends the round with a left hook. If Tagoe is to win this fight‚ he needs to open up his offensive playbook. Tagoe has been fighting in a glorified sparring match all night‚ and is now facing the former champ. In the first round‚ Garcia looked a little shaky and out of form‚ but he is pressing forward. His main focus is on the body of Emmanuel Tagoe‚ which will likely break him at some point. Unfortunately‚ Garcia isn't throwing enough punches in large quantities‚ instead lunging in one at a time. Pot shots and one-shots will not put Tagoe away. But Garcia can string punches together to be effective. Against Emmanuel Tagoe‚ Ryan Garcia's speed and size made it difficult to miss. He was able to score a takedown early on‚ and he landed a series of powerful punches in the second and third rounds. After a lengthy hiatus‚ Garcia returned to the ring with new coach Joe Goossen. This was his first fight since his defeat of Luke Campbell in December 2018.

Garcia's knockdown of Tagoe

After losing his professional debut in the fifth round to Ryan Garcia in April 2014‚ Tagoe stepped into this rematch with an impressive 32-fight win streak. The 31-year-old had beaten former WBA Regular lightweight champion Paulus Moses‚ David Saucedo‚ and Mason Menard. He had hoped a knockdown of Garcia would push him to a higher level. However‚ Tagoe started the fight looking out of place and struggled to execute his trainer's instructions. Although he impressed with a three-punch head combination‚ Garcia's control over the fight soon returned and he fired a stinging left hook. The first round begins with Garcia trying to land a left hook and a right hand. Tagoe isn't able to land his right hand and is caught on the ropes. The next two rounds are dominated by Garcia‚ with both landing solid punches. Tagoe is able to stand up in the third round‚ but Garcia continues to press his advantage. In the fourth round‚ Tagoe is hit by a left hand and lands a right to the body. Garcia lands another right hand to the body‚ and clinches and takes down Tagoe. In the final round‚ Tagoe showed more aggression but was unable to counter Garcia's 'defence first' strategy. Garcia made the most of the 'defence first' strategy‚ hitting twos and threes with ease. After a slow start‚ Garcia stepped forward and began to chase Tagoe. As Garcia's power grew‚ so did his defense as he landed combination of jabs and hooks.