s Alex Beresford announces engagement to girlfriend he met

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
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S Alex Beresford Announces Engagement to Girlfriend He Met on a Blind Date

S Alex Beresford has announced his engagement to the girl he met on a blind date. The 41-year-old singer is now engaged to girlfriend McKay‚ who is also his son's ring bearer. Both grew up in California and met on a blind date. Beresford previously dated Natalia Natkaniec.

Beresford's son Cruz will act as ring bearer and best man

The eldest son of Beresford's ex-wife‚ Natalia‚ is a ring bearer and best man in his father's wedding. Cruz‚ who is 12 years old‚ is acting as the best man and ring bearer. He will also serve as a pageboy in the wedding‚ as a way to pay tribute to his father. Alex Beresford's engagement to Imogen McKay was first revealed by the couple on New Year's Day in Majorca. The two have been dating since August 2020. They currently live in a stunning home in Bristol‚ where they have a son‚ Cruz‚ and a dog‚ Peaches. Alex Beresford spends his time working out at his home gym and posing for selfies. Alex and Meghan will tie the knot on a beautiful island in Majorca in September. Cruz‚ 12‚ will act as ring bearer and mini best man. Watch Good Morning Britain weekdays on ITV or the ITV hub. And don't forget to catch the rest of the cast on their next appearance on Good Morning Britain. You'll never miss a moment!

Beresford's fiance is 41 years old

Good Morning Britain star Alex Beresford has proposed to his girlfriend Imogen McKay on New Year's Day in Majorca‚ Spain. The couple have been dating for three years and met on a blind date. Beresford is currently in the middle of a three-week vacation in the Mediterranean island. Imogen is originally from Australia‚ where she studied at the University of Western Australia. After graduation‚ she worked in e-commerce for three years before meeting her future wife. Beresford proposed to McKay on a beach in Majorica. He described it as an amazing moment. It was sunny‚ warm and clear‚ and he thought‚ 'this is it.' The pair plan to tie the knot in September‚ and their 12-year-old son will be the ring bearer and best man. Despite their age difference‚ the couple have revealed that they have a son named Cruz. The couple had a son together before their split up‚ which is an interesting coincidence‚ considering they met through mutual friends. Natalia Natkaniec was an interior designer and a fitness enthusiast. They also shared an 11-year-old daughter‚ Cruz‚ together. Natalia was a fitness enthusiast and a model. She met Beresford at a fitness conference and later went on to marry Cruz‚ a former model.

Beresford and McKay met on a blind date

They were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend‚ and have been dating ever since. The pair had never met each other before and didn't even look at each other's profiles. The blind date worked out well for both of them‚ but Beresford was determined to meet someone he liked. The two hit it off from the get-go‚ and began dating soon after. They married in August‚ and have been together for five years. Imogen McKay‚ 29‚ is an Australian who works in e-commerce operations for a London restaurant. She met Beresford on a blind date three years ago and said that they were in love for ages after their first date. The couple did not check each other's profiles‚ and their relationship developed from there. After a long-distance romance‚ they met on a blind date in Majorca‚ where Beresford proposed. Despite their public profiles‚ Beresford's private life has been kept under wraps for a long time. He was married to Natalia Natkaniec‚ an interior designer and fitness fanatic. The couple lived together in Bristol until their split in 2020‚ though they continued to live together for their son Cruz. However‚ their relationship was cut short when Beresford developed Covid-19 and had to be separated from her. Their relationship began with a blind date‚ and now they're engaged! The pair‚ who met at a charity event in August 2020‚ kept their romance low-key. They started courting in August 2020 and got engaged on New Year's Day in Majorca. Imogen‚ who was dating her ex-husband‚ was shocked when she learned about the couple. The couple have a son‚ Cruz‚ who will be the ring bearer and the best man.

Beresford has dated Natalia Natkaniec in the past

Alex Beresford and Natalia natkaniec were once a couple. However‚ their relationship lasted for a long time‚ until Natalia moved out in June 2020. They shared a son named Cruz. Natalia's bio also lists a hair extension business‚ as well as a page dedicated to her art. While the two never married‚ they did share a love for fitness. Natalia has since started dating other men‚ but they are still not engaged. While Beresford's marriage to Natalia Natkaniec is over‚ the pair remain friends and still live together in Bristol. They were often photographed together‚ especially during their holiday to Cyprus. Beresford and Natalia have a son named Cruz together. Natalia is an interior designer and fitness enthusiast. She also maintains a separate Instagram account for her dog‚ Cruz. Beresford has dated other women before‚ but this time it was the rumours that were most popular. While Natalia and Natkaniec had a whirlwind romance‚ they were still together for a long time. The two split in August 2019‚ but they remain friends. Natalia Beresford and Imogen McKay have dated in the past. Alex Beresford is currently engaged to Imogen McKey‚ a 29-year-old Australian. The couple met on a blind date in August 2020. Their romance has been kept low-key. The pair reportedly engaged on New Year's Day in Majorca. Imogen was previously single‚ but the couple didn't let her go on dating apps.

Beresford and McKay have been together for over a year

Alex Beresford has gotten engaged to Imogen McKey‚ who is 29 years old and works in e-commerce at a top London restaurant. The couple first met on a blind date in June 2018 and got engaged the next year. Beresford had been married before and is currently divorced from his first wife Natalia Natkaniec. Both have a 12-year-old daughter named Cruz. They both worked in the restaurant industry before meeting and settling down. The couple has kept their romance very low-key. Alex Beresford proposed on New Year's Day in Majorca‚ where the two met on a blind date. The couple has been dating for over a year and recently announced their wedding date in September. They have been together for over a year‚ and their relationship is still very private. Both have said they are happy and will marry soon. Alex Beresford has been a weathercaster for the ITV channel for 14 years and was recently engaged to longtime girlfriend Imogen McCkay. Beresford's career in broadcasting spans more than 14 years. He has earned numerous awards for his work and commitment to his craft. Beresford and McKay have been together for over a year and have announced their engagement.