s: Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington in physical altercation

Tuesday, March 22, 2022
author picture Liam Lambert
Video/image source : youtube, empirespor
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A video allegedly shows Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal getting into a physical altercation outside Papi Steak in Miami on Monday night. The two former teammates had a long history of animosity and rivalry‚ which has now boiled over into a full-blown fight. Although Covington was the winner of the UFC 271 headliner‚ the former friends are now feuding after their recent matchup. While neither is a professional fighter‚ neither of the two men has fought recently. The UFC has since confirmed the fight‚ which was broadcast live on TMZ. The video shows a physical altercation between the two in the Papi Steak restaurant in Miami Beach. Police responded to the scene and reportedly obtained a video showing the incident. While Masvidal and Covington's identities remain unconfirmed‚ it appears that they are still battling. A police report claims that Covington and Masvidal were involved in a physical altercation outside of a Miami restaurant on Monday. The restaurant is owned by the Nelk Boys‚ a popular podcast group. The two fought in the street after the fight and were surrounded by cops. The Nelk Boys' podcast host Bob Menery was at the restaurant at the time of the incident. The video appears to show cops surrounding the two men outside the restaurant. TMZ reported that Covington and Masvidal had dinner together inside the restaurant. The alleged attack occurred after they had dinner together. The video then shows Covington surrounded by police‚ who took note of the attack and reportedly smashed a mug. This is a troubling situation for both men. In a video posted on Monday night‚ a video of the alleged assault shows Masvidal slapping Covington with a closed fist and kicking him multiple times. Both men are accused of assaulting the other. Regardless of whether or not the videos are real or not‚ the video is an important piece of evidence that may lead to a conviction. The video was released late Monday night after the alleged attack on the UFC welterweight. According to the video‚ Covington was struck twice in the mouth and twice in the eye. The video also reveals that the former welterweight champion was hit in the eye by the sneezing Masvidal. It's unclear what happened‚ but police are investigating. The video of the alleged altercation was tweeted by the police shortly after the fight. Both parties were wearing body cams while speaking to witnesses. The video was uploaded to Twitter a few hours after the incident occurred. However‚ it is still unclear if the video was a legitimate recording of the event. The incident has led to several arrests. After the incident‚ Masvidal and Covington were filmed and their mutual friends were contacted by the police. In addition to the incident between the two UFC fighters‚ Masvidal and Covington were a part of a training camp. They were allegedly friends and training partners and were spotted by police on surveillance cameras in the area. Moreover‚ they were spotted chatting in the restaurant. During the confrontation‚ the two had been talking to each other. The attack occurred in a restaurant in Miami‚ and Covington was allegedly punched twice in the face. The UFC welterweight was wearing a surgical mask and a hoodie‚ which could make it difficult for a police officer to identify his face. A video of the incident emerged on YouTube‚ where both men were surrounded by cops. The incident was caught on video‚ and the two social media personalities were in the restaurant at the time. The video showed Masvidal sucker-punching Covington. He was reportedly wearing a surgical mask and hoodie at the time. The two men remained in the restaurant for some time after the incident‚ but the video was posted online late on Monday night.