Saharan dust cloud makes English skies glow orange

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
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Video/image source : youtube, independen
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A huge cloud of Saharan dust has been sweeping across Europe and the UK‚ making English skies glow orange. The dense‚ white particles sit two kilometres in the air and filter out the sun's rays‚ causing the sky to appear orange. The Met Office has warned that the dust is forecast to fall in southern England this afternoon and evening‚ with the most intense colour seen at sunset. The hot air from the Sahara has been blowing through Europe and the UK‚ dumping clouds of sand onto the UK. In southern France‚ residents reported seeing 'blood rain' as a'soupy layer of sand covered the 18th arrondissement of the city. The Met Office said the cloud was likely to affect southern parts of the country‚ but added that there was no risk to public health. This phenomenon is caused by a cloud of Saharan dust.

saharan dust cloud makes english skies glow orange
Image source : independen

The Saharan dust is being blown across southern England by winds from Africa. The resulting orange haze is due to the scattering of blue light by additional sand in the atmosphere. It is the same process that gives sunsets their characteristic orange colour. The Met Office's Richard Miles said the orange skies were due to the red light effects caused by the additional dust.