Saharan dust cloud moving across Europe could hit UK by afternoon

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
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Video/image source : youtube, iguimco
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A cloud of Saharan dust has moved across Europe and may hit the UK by the afternoon. The Met Office is predicting that a cloud of the dust will be 2km above ground level and fall in southern UK during afternoon showers. The sand from Africa has been turning the skies orange and red for days now and has blanketed parts of southern Spain. Satellite images show that the mud cloud is affecting France and the south of England. It will probably be most noticeable during the evening and sunset when the sun is most intense. The cloud of dust is a few kilometres above ground level and has the potential to affect the UK on Wednesday. The Met Office said the dust cloud will mostly affect cloudscapes and rainfall on Wednesday. Although the overall impact of the cloud is not thought to be significant‚ residents in the south of the UK will likely experience a reddish-orange tinge in the sky‚ which will be visible until sunset. The Saharan dust cloud is currently moving across southern Europe and may hit the UK today.

saharan dust cloud moving across europe could hit uk by afternoon
Image source : iguimco

The cloud will be around 2km above ground level and may fall in the UK as a cloudscape at sunset. The Met Office says the effects will be minimal in the UK‚ with temperatures reaching as high as 17C in the south by Saturday. But the high concentration of Saharan dust could cause respiratory issues and lead to respiratory issues.